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Photojournalism workshop

Members of SOCCOM Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, with the Photojournalism speakers and workshop participants – Photo credit William Charles Mindus

Kota Kinabalu – A one-day Photojournalism workshop, from 8:30AM till 4:30PM, was held at Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Hall on Saturday 15 December 2018 organized by the Social Communication Commission (SOCCOM) of the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu. The speakers of the workshop, Eddie Angat and Ruben Sario, both have extensive knowledge, gleaned from more than twenty years working experience as photographers and journalists formerly attached to New Sabah Times and The Star respectively.  This workshop had 18 participants coming from SOCCOM members from various parishes in the Archdiocese. They were taught the right skills on how to take photographs using smart phones as well as editing and putting captions to the pictures taken.

One of the participants trying to practice some of the tips given during the workshop – Photo credit Rayner Giun

One of the groups having discussion while selecting photos for evaluation during the workshop – Photo credit Esmeralda Lydia Johnny

The speakers, Eddie Angat and Ruben Sario, sharing some tips to the participants on the right way to capture photos – Photo credit srbbfsp


Most of them are regular contributors of articles and news for Catholic Sabah, the only newspaper intended for the Catholic populations of Sabah. – kkdiocese.net

AECEC organises workshop to improve teaching skills

Participants engrossed in one of the group dynamics organised at the workshop, 2 June 2017, Papar.

PURAK, Papar – The AECEC (Archdiocesan Early Education Committee) organised a three-day workshop for over 40 mission kindergarten teachers at Pace Bene here on 2-5 June 2017.

The workshop was specially designed to impart skills to the teachers on the effective delivery of lessons based on Christian values.

The teachers came from mission kindergartens across the archdiocese, as well as from Nabawan.

Topics presented included understanding the key values and objectives of mission kindergartens, the roles and responsibilities of mission kindergarten teachers, application of phonics, class management, scheme of work, the learning environment, science and mathematics activities applying the critical and creative thinking skills for the different age groups and also daily spiritual input.

What was different from a typical workshop was that with every topic, the teachers gained the knowledge of how to infuse spiritual and moral values based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church in their daily interactions with the children.

The workshop was facilitated by AECEC members, headed by Jennifer Anjek.  In her opening address,  Anjek explained that the design of the workshop was the outcome of taking into consideration parents’ expectations that mission kindergartens need to do more to distinguish them from other kindergartens.

Based on the active and vocal participation of the teachers, it was obvious that the participants enjoyed and benefited from the workshop.

Bibiana, the Head Teacher of Tadika Santo Simon Duvanson said that although she has formal qualifications, the workshop opened her mind to new ideas especially in integrating Christian values in her daily interactions with the children.

Joe of Tadika Kasih Bonda Ranau commented that the workshop was good for teachers and that he has gained new knowledge and experience, especially the method of integrating spiritual and moral values in the daily activities for the different age groups.

Durah of Tadika Sinar Sukacita Inanam has always wanted to do more for the children but did not know how to do it. The workshop made it clear for her.

Cabrinie of Tadika Harmoni Penampang was grateful that she was able to participate in the workshop which gave her lots of ideas from lesson planning to an assessment of the progress of the children.

Franciscan Sister Edana of Tadika Our Lady of Consolata Nabawan said that the workshop clarified for her the role of mission kindergartens.

Overall comment from the participants was that the workshop was well worth the three days that they had to spend away from home and looked forward to more such workshops. – AECEC

SRK St Francis Convent holds simple blessing for workshop

BUKIT PADANG – SRK St Francis Convent here held a simple blessing for its new workshop on 30 June 2016.  Adviser of the School Management Board Archbishop John Wong officiated the blessing in the presence of around thirty people comprising members of the management board, the building committee, Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), current headmistress Mdm Sim Cho Kien, former headmistress Sr Cecilia Liew fsic and other well-wishers.

In her welcoming address, chairperson of the School Management Board Mary Gomez said the workshop good for fifty pupils was one of the priorities of the school.  The workshop was built during the recent May-June school break at the cost of RM83,000 with funds from the government allocation and other sources.  It will also double up as a classroom for the existing “floating” class.

In his turn, Abp Wong assured those present that the needs of the mission schools are part of his pastoral concerns.  This was why he took time out to officiate the function though he had just returned from a meeting in Singapore.  He then officiated the rite of blessing, blessing the workshop and surroundings with holy water, while those present accompanied his movements with prayers.

After the blessing, all adjourned for the fellowship.

The primary school traces its roots to 1922 when Fr Valentine Weber and Mr Tay Bee Chuan built this first school for girls on a piece of land on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (then known as South Road) with Sr Rose Charnley and Sr Gerarda Bonengaar of the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph (“White Sisters”) to manage it.  It had two streams: English and Chinese.

In 1955 a separate block was opened for the secondary school on the same site, to the left of the existing convent.  This building was later used by the primary school from 1965-1993 when the secondary school moved to Jalan Kebajikan (then Harrington Road) in 1961.  The kindergarten moved to its new site on Jalan Kebajikan, directly opposite the secondary school, in 1967.

In 1969, the White Sisters handed over the primary school to the local Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC) with Sr M Cecilia Liew as the new headmistress.  She helmed the school for 14 years.

The kindergarten moved from Jalan Kebajikan to Sacred Heart Cathedral compound together with Shan Tao Kindergarten in 1984.  Shan Tao was previously known as Kung Ming School started by Thomas Lee Yen Chiang in 1938 for the Chinese Catholic pupils.  The pupils in the Chinese section  of St Francis Convent School moved to Kung Ming School after the war.

As termites invaded the primary school, efforts were made to find an alternative location.  The primary school, together with the School Management Board, succeeded in acquiring a 20-acre piece of land in Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu in 1988. Plans were immediately implemented for the construction of the primary school with future plans to re-site the secondary school there.

With funds raised jointly by the school, the PTA, the School Board of Management, and with the financial assistance from the government, the primary school  moved from Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to the new premises at Bukit Padang in 1993.

The primary school has a current population of 698 pupils (over 400 are Christians) and 64 staff with morning and afternoon sessions.

Fondacio Malaysia and SIGNIS Malaysia organise Faith And Media Workshop ‘Beyond the Lens’

One of the groups in session.

One of the groups in session.

PETALING JAYA – Fondacio Malaysia in collaboration with SIGNIS Malaysia organised a five-day Faith and Media Workshop ‘Beyond the Lens’ on 25-30 Oct 2015 at the Council of Churches Malaysia Centre here. The lived-in workshop was facilitated by two experienced media educators: Larry Rich of SIGNIS USA and Michael Ramadan of Maryknoll USA.

The workshop targeted active youth leaders engaged in Church mission with the opportunity to:
Ö     Deepen their faith and understanding of Catholic social teaching on Media
Ö     Grow in basic self-awareness, inter-personal skills and critical thinking; and
Ö     Gain communication skills to engage their faith to promote a culture of peace.

The five-day programme covered several essential topics, including Mass Media, Media and Faith, Presenting Media, Rough Cut Review and Media for Culture of Peace.

A total of 13 young participants from Malaysia and Brunei attended the workshop of which four represented the Diocese of Sandakan.

The entire workshop provided space for the participants to comprehend and understand media, what they entail and their impact on users. Beyond mere news, they are  tools to reach out to the multitude convincingly. Thus media is essential in our mission to reach out to others. Participants were given sessions on the Catholic Social Teaching and how to raise awareness on CST themes using media. Participants were divided into four groups to go out on field trips to places assigned to them. Group members were requested to create a video based on their field trip. In their endeavour to come out with the video, members encountered various challenges. They were advised to hold on to one another in faith, trust, patience and teamwork.

The one-day duration for participants to complete the video was near impossible at the beginning. However with the trust gained and the spirit of teamwork built, the task was eventually achieved. Each group presented their video with much confidence to the organisers and special guests.

On the final day of ‘Beyond the Lens Workshop,’ participants were introduced to SIGNIS, Fondacio, and Maryknoll. Every member in each group acquired the skill and knowledge of creating an impressive video for effective evangelization. They experienced much joy through friendship, teamwork and above all, trust in one other. – DOSPO, Rogena Roger Sining


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