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WMOF: From Disabilty to unique ability

DUBLIN – The World Meeting of Families is well underway at the RDS Conference Centre in Dublin and includes a three day Pastoral Congress which is covering a wide number of themes.

One of the issues under the spotlight  is that of disability.

Speaker and panelist on this topic at the Congress is Cristina Gangemi a disability advisor to the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and the Director of the Kairos Forum which seeks to highlight and respond to the spiritual and religious needs of people with disabilities.

She spoke to Vatican News about her address which is about disability in the family saying, disability should be seen as a gift, a vocation and way of living, “rather than it being something that the family has to put up with or that it’s a tragedy that hit the family.” She added, that there needs to be a shift from “disability to unique abiltiy.”

The Kairo’s Director noted that great strides have been made in the area of disability and said that she was delighted to be part of this meeting because this issue had been included as “part of the general way of thinking about family life.”

Asked what she would like to see coming out of this World Meeting of Families, Cristina Gangemi said, “I would like to see that the World Gathering of Families celebrates the presence of people with disabilities just as part of the Church, not as something special, not as something sentimental, but just as they are, members of the Church that breathe the breath of God and love of Christ into their family; into their parish community and that they have some space to express that love and their faith in a way that’s right for them.” – Lydia O’Kane, Vatican News

Cardinal Farrell launches International Catechesis for WMOF

VATICAN CITY – A press conference was held at the Holy See Press Office on 25 Jan 2018 to launch the International Catechesis in preparation for the World Meeting of Families, in Dublin, Ireland.

There are seven months to go until the World Meeting of Families and on Thursday Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life presented to journalists seven catecheses to help and guide dioceses, parishes and families in the lead up to the Dublin event.

7 Catechetical passages

Journalists were treated to a video montage of Italian singer Andrea Bocelli performing the seven catechetical passages at the Sagrada Famiglia in Barcelona, which are based on the Gospel account of the Finding of Christ in the Temple.

The Irish Cardinal said it was his hope that these seven passages would be a source of dialogue and discussion.. “I would hope that couples, friends and same age groups would get together and discuss these catechesis; I would hope then in parishes they would use them as a method to create a discussion among people and I would hope that dioceses would use them and Bishops would use them also.”


Cardinal Farrell noted that the specific purpose of the gathering, “was to teach what the Church teaches on marriage, you know we are not going to make any excuses for what we believe… that doesn’t mean that we don’t recognise that there are other ways of understanding marriage but we’re talking about the way we understand marriage.”

During the five-day meeting there will be a three-day congress on the “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.”  There will also be a seminar organised by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, President of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Cardinal Farrell expressed the hope that the strong tradition of family life in Ireland would be an example “and become contagious” to the rest of the world during this meeting.

The World Meeting of Families takes place on 21-26 August 2018. – Lydia O’Kane, Vatican News

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