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Adventure camp for Stella Maris Boys’ Brigade

KOKOL, Manggatal – The 11th KK Boys’ Brigade Company of Stella Maris, Tanjung Aru had successfully held a 2-day 1-night camp on 14-15 July 2018, at Natai in Kokol Manggatal, about an hour car drive from the city centre.

A total of 42 members from the Junior Section as young as eight years old as well as the Senior Section and officers attended the camp.

It took about two hours of jungle trekking in beautiful lush green sceneries alongside the tracks and high slopes before reaching the waterfall. Members were excited as soon as they heard the sound of water flowing and with the blend of nature they forget about their tiredness and splashed into the water.

It was an amazing journey where it tested the members’ stamina but nonetheless a worthy experience for all. The fun did not stop as they were allowed once again to have an enjoyable time at the river after the jungle trekking. It was a fun camp day for them especially swimming in the freezing cold Natai River, just next to the campsite.

During night fall, the owner of the campsite prepared a space for the campfire. Members were excited with the lighting of the fire and the campfire started with a charade game led by Captain Neil Mah. Every group presented their interpretation of what they had learnt during the whole day.

Officers joined the fun by singing and doing action songs, the seniors sang our very famous local song ‘Original Sabahan’ and the whole night was filled with joy and laughter. During the Sunday church service on the 15th, members were welcomed by the parishioners of St Irenius, Natai. They were happy to see visitors coming to celebrate service at their chapel where young members were exposed to the village-style chapel.

The camp adjourned with a very special treasure hunt where members hunted for natural treasures such as fishes, frog, grasshopper and the rarest item which is baby shrimp, instead of solving puzzles and body activities. They were not only introduced to living organisms and the environment but also to nature conservation. The camp ended with a birthday celebration for July ‘babies’ with a chocolate cake for all.

“Yes, I would like to join 11th KK Camp again!” said members after returning from the camp. Camping has been a key part of the Boys’ Brigade for a long time, held as part of preserving the tradition started by Sir William Alexander Smith, founder of the Boys’ Brigade, to combine drill and fun activities with Christian values; Discipline, Obedience, Relevance and Self-Respect. They are asking for another adventure camp because for Boys Brigade, “The Adventure Starts Here!”. The 11th KK Company is inviting parishioners to our weekly parade at 1.30pm, Stella Maris Hall or contact 013-8798415 for further inquiries.

For more information on the place, log on to adventureculturalvillage.blogspot.com.  Jeremy Chin and Rachel Natalie Lai

Stella Maris launches first-ever Hymn Festival

TANJUNG ARU – In conjunction with Stewardship Sunday 8 July 2018, Stella Maris Parish (SMP) launched a Hymn Festival where parishioners were invited, for the first time in the parish, to participate in hymn composition.  The parishioners were given the opportunity and freedom to create and compose a new hymn for the Vision and Mission of the parish.

Eighteen entries were received from individuals and ministries.

The battle of the presentations was officiated by parish priest Msgr Primus Jouil, with Ian Baxter as the main judge, and two other judges in the persons of Jessel Yansalang and Pontius Otigil.

Representing the primary level were Tayneisha Jasmine Roeshan, 9, and her sister Sumeisha Jeslyn Roeshan, 10, who also happened to be the youngest contestants.  They had strong support from their parents and grandparents.

Their winning entries were entitled “Children of God’s Delight” and “Christ our Light and Saviour.”  They bagged the 1st and 2nd prizes, the first going to Jasmine for her composition “Christ our Light and Savior”.

All 18 contestants received certificates of participation.

In the English open category, the first place went to the Sacristans led by Sister Carmen Cordova, fsic.  Second place went to Jonathan Juhakim and third to the JWG Lower Level led by Lainie Lamau.

In the Bahasa Malaysia category, the first place was won by the Kerasulan Bahasa led by Jasmine Eve Petrus who was also the overall winner.  The second place was won by KKD St Faustina led by Daniel Anggang and the third went to Eva Stephen.

Contestant Sister Bernardine shared how she was inspired to compose the hymn “Journey Together as Christ-centred Family.” She recalled how the flow of words came to her and with the help of the Holy Spirit she managed to compose a meaningful hymn.

Another contestant Lainie Lamau revealed that she was inspired to compose while ironing her clothes.  Slowly, word by word, the hymn “One vision One mission with Love” was created through her discipline and obedience to listen to the inspiration that welled from within.

Jonathan Johakim also shared how he was fired up to create the hymn entitled “Now as we journey together (reaching our vision),” and was grateful to Neil Mah for his guidance.

The parishioners contributed RM2,600 towards this festival, providing for the first prize at  RM300, second prize at RM200 and the third at RM150.  The overall winner received RM500 with a crystal plaque. – Teresa Alberto


Stella Maris celebrates Unity Kaamatan

Msgr Primus thanks God for his double joy.

TANJUNG ARU – On 27 May 2018, Stella Maris parish here held a 4-in-1 joyous celebration.

The occasion was Trinity Sunday when the parish celebrated Unity Kaamatan, and doubled up with the parish priest Msgr Primus Jouil’s 38th sacredotal anniversary and 69th birthday.

The parish KKDs (Tatana, Lokawi, Putatan, Tanjung Aru and Faustina) joined hands to organise the celebration.

The event kicked off with Mass in Kadazan- Dusun, presided by Msgr Primus.

To add to the cultural flavour of the festivities, everyone turned up wearing their black traditional costume.

Traditional music was performed by the parishioners, complemented by cultural dances and songs.

Unity Kaamatan was officiated by Msgr Primus cutting the padi.  Local delicacies, which were cooked by the organisers, were served.

An anniversary cum birthday cake was cut by Msgr Primus to mark his double joy, and to give thanks to God.

He thanked the organisers for fostering a unity impact on the parish.  He also commended the parishioners for their continuous hunger for the spiritual.. – Teresa Alberto

Stella Maris ministries set up booths to attract new members

A section of the exhibition booths set up by the various parish ministries and groups, Stella Maris Parish Hall Tg Aru, 20 May 2018.

TANJUNG ARU – Stella Maris parish ministries set up booths to attract new members on Pentecost Day, 20 May 2018.

Twenty-four ministries and groups proudly marched into the church with their buntings which were displayed at the sanctuary during the Sunday morning Mass.

The groups set up ‘exhibition’ booths to introduce to parishioners their apostolates, what they have committed to, their upcoming plans and projects. Visitors to their booths were also invited to consider joining them as new members.

To instill and attract interest, some of them have prepared prayer scrolls as gifts, other giveaways, and beautiful displays of artwork and slide shows.

Many parishioners have shown interest and made on the spot decisions to serve, while many were curious as well.

When asked what the exhibitions meant to them, some said the exhibitions have brought awareness so that they could be more active in the parish and contribute in terms of their skills and ideas.

As an added excitement, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) did their raffle draw for the Catholic Center, which sales amounted to RM10,000.

Among those who participated were the Catholic Women’s League (CWL), lectors, Joyful Weekend Gathering Higher Level/Lower Level (JWG HL /LL), Boys Brigade, youths, Divine Mercy, Special Ministry, Komuniti Kristian Dasar (KKDs), Christian Initiation of Children (CIC), Legion of Mary, Children Liturgy, altar servers, RCIA, Eucharistic Adoration Ministry (EAM), Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC), choir, wardens, and matrons.

This is the second year that Stella Maris parish has carried out such an activity during Pentecost. – Teresa Alberto

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