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Sandakan mission schools presented with Ethos

SANDAKAN – On 8 Oct 2018 the Board of Governors (BOG) of the five Catholic mission schools here visited the schools with parish priest Fr David Garaman and PPC chairman Pilis Malim.

Mission schools place great emphasis on holistic education, and balancing character development with academic excellence.

In line with the Rukun Negara, it promotes the dignity, self-esteem and full development of the person.

Chairlady of Sandakan Diocesan Education Commission Rose Solibun affirmed the need to preserve the identity of mission schools in maintaining the ethos and special character.

In order to have a sense of ownership, the BOG will play a greater part with active participation in the schools’ affairs.

For a start, the School Heads were made aware of the importance of Ethos in preserving the Mission schools’ special character.

Concise Handbills on Ethos, special character, and tradition were presented to all the Headteachers of SM St Mary Secondary, SM St Cecilia Secondary, SK St Mary Convent and SK St Mary Labuk.

Fr Garaman said that it has been his interest to look into the development of the mission school since being appointed as the rector.

He acknowledged the the importance of having a  sense of belonging through understanding the ethos, character, and traditions of the mission schools, while in the same note, he underlined the importance of cooperation between the BOG, School Heads and teachers to work together in order to realize the ownership of mission schools.

He noted that the schools walkabout was a good start and hoped to have more regular visits to the schools. 

He thanked the Commission for initiating the visits, and the Headteachers for giving their time, especially in helping the Church to realize that the schools are truly mission schools.

He requested that the cooperation and collaboration between the Church, BOG, and school Heads be maintained.

The walkabout session ended with a luncheon hosted by SK St Mary Convent. – Dalius LL

32 attend recollection in preparation for LUC

SANDAKAN – Thirty-two youth facilitators attended a recollection in preparation for the Let’s Unite Camp (LUC) on 29 July 2018 at St John Paul II Room here.

Organised by the Parish Youth Apostolate, the recollection was facilitated by Anna Teresa Amandus.

The participants came from St Mary’s Cathedral, St Mark and St Peter.

LUC (formerly known as Unite Camp), an annual parish youth programme,  will be held on Aug 23-26 at St Mark Mile 12 Sandakan.

The theme is taken from 1 Corinthians 1:10 – I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissension among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment – in line with the Diocesan Vision and Mission.

The objective of the camp is to unite the parish youth through a deepened understanding of the faith and knowledge of God with Mary as model.

The recollection began with acknowledging the reality of the community, family, self followed by Mary’s journey of faith till the journey to Emmaus (Christian vocation).

Through undergoing this recollection, the facilitators will be able to help those who will attend LUC later on.  Moreover, friendships will also be strengthened to help each other to stay committed to make LUC a fruitful one. – Sandakan Diocesan Blog

Sandakan organises marriage enrichment seminar

A section of the couples having communication session with each other at the Marriage Enrichment Seminar organised on 15-16 June 2018, Sandakan Pastoral Centre.

SANDAKAN – Fifty-six couples and 26 singles attended a marriage enrichment seminar organised jointly by the Family Life Commission, Parish Family Life Ministry, and the Catechetical Commission at the Conference Hall, Diocesan Pastoral Centre here on 15-16 June 2018.

The main speaker was Father Barnardinus Prihartana Agung of Semarang Indonesia.  His session touched on family values based the Diocesan Mission.

He emphasised that Christ’s words to Peter in Matthew 16:18-19: “On this rock I will build my church” can also referred to the family as the family is called to be a domestic church.  Therefore, the married couple is the rock upon which the domestic church is built.

  In this context, the key signifies the key of peace, of well-being, of happiness and it is given jointly to the married couple.

Among the activities organised were communication sessions between couples, testimonies, and renewal of marriage vows at the concluding Mass.

At the final dinner, the head of the PFLM, exhorted the participants to strengthen one another as they have been strengthened by Christ himself (cf Lk 22:32) – Eva Siruno, Sandakan Diocesan Blog

70 attend workshop on ‘Amoris Laetitia’ in Sandakan

The participants pose for the camera after the Joy of Love workshop which took place on 18-19 May 2018, St Mary Sandakan.

SANDAKAN – Around 70 people attended a workshop on Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love) organised jointly by the Family Life Commission and Catechetical Commission at St Mary here on 18-19 May 2018.

In his address, Bishop Julius Gitom explained that the document by Pope Francis was the outcome of the two synods on family in 2014 and 2015.  The 325-word document has 9 chapters touching on the various challenges confronting the family.

The chapters were explained by the following priests and Eva Siruno, head of the Family Life Commission: Chapter 1 (Father Stanley Matakim); Chapter 2 (Father Simon Kontou); Chapter 3 (Father Sunny Chung); Chapter 4 (Father Phillip Muji); Chapter 5 (Father Christopher Ireneus); Chapter 6 (Father David Garaman); Chapter 7 (Father Thomas Makajil); Chapter 8 (Fr Garaman); Chapter 9 (Eva Siruno). – Sandakan Diocesan Blog

STCIJ BEC-SYCC members organise reachout to 19 poor families

The families and reach-outers pose for remembrance during the visit, 7 Apr 2018.

SANDAKAN – Members of the BEC of St Teresa of Calcutta Indah Jaya (STCIJ) and The Star of Yahweh Covenant Community (SYCC) reached out to 19 families living in the periphery to share with them the joy of Easter on 7 Apr 2018.

The mission team was led by Susanna Cordova and Phillip Mosinoh of SYCC and John Tan and Leonnie Degullacion of STCIJ BEC. Together with their members, they handed baskets to each family consisting of basic necessities, such as cooking oil, rice, salt, sugar, biscuits, noodles, etc.  The children were given Easter gifts.

Prior to the outreach mission, a discussion on preparatory work was held at the residence of Susanna Cordova on March 12. They found out this community of 19 families were evicted from their houses cum workplace because the owner had sold the land. They have moved to a further and more secluded new location.

These families rebuilt their houses, mostly a one-room space, cramped with 10-12  members per family. It was heart-breaking to learn of their miserable living conditions, thus the idea of visiting these families was mooted. In less than a month, both communities solicited enough provisions for the affected families

The outreach mission project was quite challenging, walking through difficult terrain. The project has cemented strong ties between members of the BEC of St Teresa of Calcutta Indah Jaya and The Star of Yahweh Covenant Community (SYCC).  – Romeo Barintang, Sandakan Diocesan Blog

St Mark hosts police day celebration

The men in uniform pose with the concelebrants after Mass, 14 Apr 2018, St Mark Sandakan.

SANDAKAN – Saint Mark’s Church at Mile 12 here hosted the 211th Police Day celebration on 14 Apr 2018.

Jointly organised by St Ignatius Mile 10 BEC and Badan Kebajikan Kristian BN 15 PGA, the Mass was presided by Father David Garaman and concelebrated with Father Christopher Ireneus and Father Sunny Chung.

Aside from BN 15 PGA, there were also members from IPD Sandakan, Marine Sandakan and BN 20 PGA Beluran who came with their families.

The police themselves took active part in the Mass as commentator, reader, and presenters of the gifts.

After Mass, all adjourned to the church hall for a potluck lunch fellowship.

ASP Clarence Philip of BN 15 PGA Sandakan welcomed and thanked those present for their presence while ASP Daniel Bansatan presented a souvenir to Fr Garaman. – Eddie Embau, Sandakan Diocesan Blog

Sandakan parish holds briefing for confirmands’ parents

A section of the parents of confirmation students attending a briefing by Fr David Garaman, Fr Mulders Catechetical Centre, 22 Apr 2018.

SANDAKAN – Saint Mary’s Cathedral Parish held a briefing for the parents of English confirmation class at the Fr Mulders Catechetical Centre here on 22 Apr 2018.

Nineteen students will be confirmed this year while 30 will receive the sacrament next year.

Father David Garaman facilitated the briefing.

He touched on two main clauses from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) dealing with parental responsibility in educating their children in the faith and in Christian virtues (CCC#2223, 2226).

He stressed that parents have a responsibility to give good example to their children and they are the first persons to influence the moral and faith formation of their children.  Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray as a family and to discover their vocation as children of God.   By taking the time to pray, parents show their children the importance of being a holy family which is the vision and mission that the Diocese of Sandakan is striving to realise, ‘to be a Christ centred community, serving one another with love.’

While the priest encouraged the attendees to support their children’s Sunday School activities he also invited them to be facilitators themselves.

Finally, Fr David brought home to the parents the importance of their children’s participation in the pre-Confirmation retreat as a way of helping the teenagers to focus on spiritual matters.  – Evelyn Jock-Lagan, Sandakan diocesan blog

Sandakan cathedral parish welcomes 85 new members

A section of the young neophytes with lighted candles after their baptism, St Mark’s Church Sandakan, 31 Mar 2018.

SANDAKAN – Saint Mary’s Cathedral here welcomed 85 new members into its parish family this Easter.

Sixty of them were baptised during the Easter Vigil, 31 Mar 2018,  at the cathedral while 25 were baptised at St Mark’s Church, 20 km from Sandakan.

Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom presided at the Easter Vigil, concelebrated witb Father David Garaman.  It was attended by some 1500 parishioners.

In his homily, the prelate called on those to be baptised in the resurrection of Jesus to be filled with joy in their hearts, to step out from darkness into the light of Christ with bonds of love through baptism.

The prelate also addressed the faithful on the importance of renewing their Baptismal promises. It is a reminder that Christ has risen and lived among us, to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour, who saves mankind through his unconditional love and sacrifice.

Meanwhile, in his homily at St Mark, Father Christopher Ireneus said:”In life, we have a big rock that weighs us down. What is that big rock? It’s our sins. The resurrection of Jesus has removed the rocks that weigh us down. Believe that even now, He is still able to roll away the stone that weighs us down in our lives.”

145 attend women’s Lenten recollection

SANDAKAN – Around 145 women attended the Lenten recollection for them on 16-17 Mar 2018 at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre here.

Organised by the Diocesan Women’s Apostolate, the participants including three religious sisters, represented the five parishes and one mission centre in the diocese.

Good Shepherd Sister Maria Dipal facilitated the event together with Father Christopher Ireneus, the spiritual adviser to the DWA.

Organising chairperson Cecelia D’Souza welcomed the participants and went through the programme with them.

In his speech, Fr Ireneus reminded the women of their important responsibilities as wife, mother, sister in the family because the family is the “domestic church.”

The programme is one of the initiatives of the Women’s Apostolate to empower the women of the diocese to serve with love in line with the Diocesan Vision and Mission.

The five sessions helped the participants to look into the stage of their life journey – where they are, what are they looking for, the challenges they face, the crises they encounter – in the different aspects of life – and the tools to overcome them, enabling them to live in community and holiness, and so become peacemakers to all they meet.

The programme ended with a prayer-blessing by Fr Ireneus. – Adapted from Sandakan Diocesan Blog

Mary Queen of the Rosary BEC makes two Lenten visits

The members pose with the residents of the Sabah Cheshire Home Sibuga Sandakan, 10 Mar 2018.

SANDAKAN – Some 19 members of the Mary Queen of the Rosary BEC made two Lenten visits on 10 Mar 2018.

They visited the Sri Harapan Senior Citizens Home and Sabah Cheshire Home (SCH) at Mile 5 Jalan Sibuga here.

The visits were headed by Connie Joseph with the aim of opening the hearts of the members to the elderly and the handicapped.

At the senior citizens home, Edin, one of the staff, explained to the visitors how the home is being run and the need to be sensitive to the needs of the residents.

While visiting the Sabah Cheshire Home, the BEC members took time to entertain the residents and distributed provisions to them.

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