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Tawau carollers attend recollection

A section of the 200 carollers at the recollection, 3 Dec 2017, Holy Trinity Tawau.

TAWAU –  Some 200 carollers attended a short recollection on 3 Dec 2017 before the start of the six-day carolling to the families in the parish.

The carolling will be from Dec 10-15 and the carollers comprise 23 groups – 11 from the main parish and 12 from the BECs.

Julita Kantod facilitated the catechesis entitled “Prepare your heart to receive our Saviour and spread the Good News.”

Kantod encouraged the participants to prepare themselves well during Advent so as to welcome Christ when he comes again.

“With an honest and humble preparation, especially during this recollection, one will experience a conversion of the heart where Christ can make His room with us and in our family” she said.

The catechesis ended with some words of encouragement from Andrew Kiat, the Chairman of the Home Carolling Program, as well as the PPC Chairperson, followed by announcements and a closing prayer. – mario domingo, sandakan newsblog

CMI altar servers recollection draws 22 participants

The participants pose for shot with Fr Lo, CMI, 4 Dec 2017.

BUKIT PADANG – Twenty-two altar servers from the English and Chinese ministries joined the one-day recollection on 4 Dec 2017.

The event was held at the Church of Mary Immaculate here.

Pauline Sister Laura Anggie facilitated the team-building dynamics followed by a talk on the theme “I am the Handmaid of the Lord” by Father Paul Lo.  The theme was taken from 2019 World Youth Day theme.

After lunch, many of the participants went for confession and counselling.  The day closed with a Mass presided by Fr Lo.

18 Sandakan DFLC members attend half-day recollection

LAHAD DATU – Eighteen members of the Sandakan Diocesan Family Life Commission (DFLC) attended a half-way recollection on 22 July 2017 at St Dominic here.

The participants came from St Mary Sandakan (5), St Martin Telupid (3), OLOF Beluran (2), St Dominic Lahad Datu (4), and Holy Trinity Tawau (4).

The theme of the recollection was “Do as you say,”  the words spoken by the three angels to Abraham in the book of Genesis (Gn 18:5).

Recollection began with an opening prayer led by Franciscan Sister Evelyn Tivit,  followed by self-introduction of each member.

The session continued with an inspiring input presented by Eva Siruno, DFLC chairperson, on the meaning and purpose of commissioning which they would later be given.

She said the commission given by the risen Jesus to his disciples (Mt 28:19-20) is the “most sacred commissioning” because it came directly from Jesus’ lips.  Jesus’ promise to be with us always is the “most consoling part of our mission,” she added.

Jesus’ promise to be with us always is the “most consoling part of our mission,” she added.

Siruno said that through the commissioning, “we gain affirmation from the Lord” through the church “in our commitment to each other,” and provide “us a time where we can rejoice and give thanks together.”

She noted that the people’s prayer can “charge us up” and most importantly, “we inspire others to serve in the church.”

A video on the nature and mission of the Catholic Family: “Garden of Holiness” was screened.  It touched on the challenges of being  a father, mother or child in the family to create an environment of holiness.

Sr Evelyn facilitated a short reflection session wherein the participants recalled their experiences in serving the church and the struggles they faced.  This was followed by group sharing.

Later the participants went to the chapel for personal reflection using a guided reflection based on Pope Francis’ catechesis on the family.  It helped them to recall their experiences and challenges in the ministry.

Time was given to the participants to share their experiences and how God sustained them when they were on the verge of giving up.

In the evening, the participants were commissioned by Father Marcellinus Pongking after the homily at the Sunset Mass.

The next day, July 23,  the participants from Sandakan and Lahad Datu joined the pre-marriage course team in giving sessions to 23 couples in Tampenau, Lahad Datu.

Dontozidon LOM organises recollection day on Marian theme

PENAMPANG – Our Lady Queen of All Saints Dontozidon praesidium organised a one-day recollection at Bamboo House in Kg Notoruss on 17 June 2017 with the theme “Sharing the Joy of Faith like Mary.”

The recollection, facilitated by Franciscan Sister Dora Obod, the praesidum’s Spiritual Director, was attended by 32 active and auxiliary legionaries from the praesidia of Our Lady Queen of All Saints Dontozidon, Our Lady of Grace Kg Kopungit and Our Lady of Sorrow Kg Kolopis.

The legionaries reflected on the ‘Magnificat,’ Mary’s song of praise, also known as the Canticle of Mary. They were encouraged to emulate Mary’s life, which is in full union and cooperation with the Holy Spirit, echoing her fiat “I am the servant of the Lord, be it done unto me according to Thy word’.

They were also invited to be open to God, not only to follow the rules, but to be able to love one another and to do the will of God with a clear conviction that God speaks to us.

A few members stepped forward to share their joys, sorrows, challenges and respective ways to remain loyal and to live up to their promise.

Praying with Mary especially in her daily rosary and faithful accomplishing of weekly assignment of works of mercy since 33 years ago, Angeline Hunggim from Our Lady of Sorrow Kg Kolopis testified to the presence and powerful intervention of God in her vocation, family and personal life. – Jennifer Majalap

Sandakan youth prepares for MCCSD-2

TAWAU – Nine youths prepared themselves with a day of recollection on 17 June 2017 before participating in the second Malaysian Catholic Campus Students Day (MCCSD) in Penang.

Anna Amandus, coordinator of the Youth Apostolate Commission, organised the recollection at the Holy Trinity Church here.

She invited the youths to discern their purpose of going to the MCCSD based on John 17:21-23 – also the theme of the MCCSD – That They May Be One.

Amandus encouraged them to bring home one concrete idea to be implemented in the Campus Student Ministry (CSM) in their respective parishes.

Esther Albert, also serving in the ministry, explained the structure and functions of the CSM as well as its importance as a service offered by the church to the young people.

The MCCSD would be held on 23-27 June 2017 in Penang with participation from all Malaysian dioceses. DOSPO

BM RCIA recollection draws 300 participants

Reciting the Rosary while sitting on the floor at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall Karamunsing, 10 May 2017.

KOTA KINABALU – The BM Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) recollection held at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here on 10 May 2017 drew 300 participants.  The participants were the newly baptised – adults and children – and those who have recently entered the RCIA programme.  Aside from personal reflection and group sharings, the participants also recited the rosary and took an active part in the singing, praise and worship.

Tawau PPC organises recollection for members

TAWAU – The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of Holy Trinity Church here organised a short recollection at the parish centre on 4 Mar 2017 for its members. It began with a Eucharistic celebration, which was presided by Father Philip Muji.

Fr Muji, in his homily, stressed on the importance of spiritual food to all ministers of the church especially the PPC members, for them to grow in wisdom and be enlightened in order to serve the parish.

“Your concern for the current issues is also very important so that you can evaluate and do something to protect our faith from being corrupted by irresponsible ideologies. Pray for strength and inspiration from God so that you will be granted the knowledge and wisdom that will accompany you in your service to the church,“ said Fr Muji.

Three main topics were presented: 1) Leadership in Serving, 2) Serving with Love, and 3) Sustaining the Spirit of Leadership.

Mario Domingo, speaking on Leadership in Serving,  explained that serving the church means they are servants of Christ who bring the people of God into the awareness of the presence of God by the humble offering of themselves in service in daily life.

“It is not about power or authority, but about how others see Christ in us and in our action,” said Domingo.

Serving with Love was presented by Franciscan Sister Julita Joseph, who sees ‘serving’ as an act that is free from coercion, encouraging, caring, loving, and comforting.

She said,  “It is very different when we complete a work that ends in tiredness and dissatisfaction because we are being forced to do it, and not out of our willingness and honesty. A true and pure action, coming from the heart and soul, is always uplifting and full of peace and satisfaction. Serving the Lord is therefore not a job to accomplish, but that the love of Christ be reflected through us.”

Seminarian Arthur John, touching on Sustaining the Spirit of Leadership in Serving, stressed that understanding and discerning one’s call as a leader in the church is also important. “Being positive and creative in leadership contributes to a sense of confidence, attentiveness, calmness and prudence in leading, which in turn provides the spirit of serving in faithfulness.” said John.

After the inputs, participants were encouraged to share their reflections on the fruits of service they have experienced in themselves, as well as in others.

Other points for reflection were to examine whether Christ’s love is the foundation or model of their service towards others, and their aspiration to be servants of Christ who serve without expecting anything in return.

“Actions not born out of the wisdom and love of God do not benefit God’s Kingdom. Serving the Church is equivalent to serving God,” said a participant.

The recollection ended with the paraliturgyy of foot washing as a symbol of humble service to one another as shown by Jesus, the model of servanthood. – Julita Kantod

Papar-Limbahau BEC leaders attend recollection

LIMBAHAU – One hundred and fifty-three Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) or Komuniti Kristian Dasar (KKD) leaders of Papar and Limbahau parishes attended a recollection at Holy Rosary Church here on 18 Mar 2017.

The programme began  with  Holy Hour and Benediction presided by Father Thomas Yip and Father Thomas Madanan, followed by Bible sharing in groups.

After a short tea break, the groups had a 30-minute workshop on how to make their BECs/KKD active. Their resolutions were then presented to the assembly and later collated by the organising committee for documentation purposes.

These resolutions include regular visits to the village communities, Bible sharing, informal meetings with villagers in a non-Catholic environment, and others.

This is part of the parishes’ efforts to tackle the three challenges of Islamisation, secularisation and apathy highlighted by the 2015 PAX Assembly, and the adoption of the threefold movement of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Thrust of going inward, going smaller and going outward in meeting these challenges.

Prior to the establishment of the BEC formation team by both parishes early this year, these grassroots communities were not properly documented, regularised and monitored in terms of their pastoral-related activities.

In his summary, Fr Madanan likened the BECs to the first Christian community as recorded in Acts 2:42 and the foundation of community based on God’s merciful love (cf Lk 15:11-32).  He encouraged the participants to persevere in their commitment.

The participants were blessed and commissioned by Fr  Yip at the Sunset Mass and adjourned to the parish hall for a fellowship meal. – William Charles Mindus, SOCCOM Papar Limbahau

Penampang catechumens prepare for rite of election with recollection

PAPAR – Penampang catechumens prepared for Rite of Election with recollection at Pace Bene Retreat Centre here on 18-19 Feb 2017.

One hundred and twenty-nine catechumens plus 12 facilitators attended the two-day recollection organised by the St Michael Parish Catechetical Committee.

The programme was to prepare the catechumens to enter into the final stage of purification before receiving the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

Dr Jiloris Dony, programme moderator, said the recollection was part of the RCIA programme and that the catechumens would have another rite to undergo – Rite of Sending – before the Rite of Election on March 5.


Alex Chung, 19, from Monfort Youth Training Centre, Kinarut said the talk and slide presentation enabled him to connect with the classes he has attended, and it is “very helpful” for young people like him in accepting the Catholic faith.

Married couple Sheila Binti Manong, 26 and Jeskulin Arnulpius 36, from Penampang Zone also shared  that the programme was “very useful” and that they were thankful for the insights they have gained.

The recollection concluded with a Mass and a special blessing for the catechumens by Father Aloysius Fidelis. – Soccom Penampang            

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