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Pauline Family gathers for Christmas and New Year celebration

The attendees pose for the camera at the end of the celebration, 8 Jan 2018, Daughters of St Paul Convent Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU – Some 38 members and collaborators of the Pauline Family gathered for a simple Christmas and New Year celebration on 8 Jan 2018 at the Daughters of St Paul Convent here.

It was an evening of a simple potluck fellowship, games, and exchange of gifts.

It was also a way of expressing thanks to all those who have helped and collaborated in the Pauline Mission in the past year.

Currently, three out of the ten institutes founded by Blessed James Alberione between 1914 and 1960 are present in the KK Archdiocese – Daughters of St Paul, Association of Pauline Cooperators, and the Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation.

Pauline Family marks Founder’s Day quietly with Mass and fellowship

Members and friends of the Pauline Family pose with Fr Max after the Mass marking the 46th death anniversary of Bl James Alberione, 27 Nov 2017, Daughters of St Paul Convent Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU – Members of the Pauline Family marked their Founder’s Day quietly with Mass and fellowship at the Daughters of St Paul Convent here on 27 Nov 2017.

Father Max Hontor celebrated the Mass for the occasion with members of the Daughters of St Paul, Association of the Pauline Cooperators, and Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation.  A simple fellowship was held after the Mass.

Born on 4 April 1884 in Italy, Bl James Alberione was ordained a priest on 29 June 1907.  Between  1914 and 1965, he founded five religious institutes, four secular institutes and one lay association – collectively known as the Pauline Family – who use the communications media for evangelisation.

Fr Alberione travelled around the world several times visiting his sons and daughters scattered on all the continents.

The secret of his vast apostolic activity lies in his interior life, which was directed to realising with always greater fullness the words of the Apostle Paul: “It is no longer I who live; it is Christ who lives in me.”

On 26 Nov 1971, at the age of 87, comforted by the visit and blessing of Pope Paul VI, Fr Alberione left this earth to return to the house of the Father.

He was beatified by Pope John Paul II, in Rome, on the 27 April 2003 and his feast day falls on Nov 26.

Pauline Family celebrates Solemnity of Jesus Divine Master

KOTA KINABALU – Members of the Pauline Family – the Daughters of St Paul and Association of Pauline Cooperators – celebrated the Solemnity of Jesus the Divine Master on 30 Oct 2017 at the Sisters’ convent at Jalan Sang Kancil Satu Karamunsing.

Joining them were their collaborators, friends and the Initiation Year students.

Father Mattheus Luta presided at the Mass.  After the Mass, all were invited to the potluck fellowship at the lobby.

At the centre of the Pauline spirituality is Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life, the heart of the Pauline vocation and mission.  It does not include only the “praying” aspect but is a “style of life” covering the whole of spiritual life, studies, apostolate, external activities – according to Blessed James Alberione, the Founder of the Pauline Family  (Pr 6 [1958], 5).

The Pauline Family celebrates the solemnity on the last Sunday of October.

Pauline Family celebrates Founder’s Day quietly


KOTA KINABALU – The Pauline Family celebrated its founder’s day quietly on 21 Nov 2016 at the Daughters of St Paul Convent here.

The three institutes of the Pauline Family present in Sabah are the Daughters of St Paul (FSP), Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC) and the Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation (IOLA).

Each year they commemorate the feast day of Blessed James Alberione on a date nearest to his death anniversary on Nov 26.

Born 1884 in Italy, Alberione founded ten institutes, known as the Pauline Family, between 1914 and 1960.  He died on 26 Nov 1971.  He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 27 April 2003.

Father Mitchelly Kiun celebrated the Mass in the stead of Archbishop John Wong who later came straight from another function to join the four sisters, 25 Pauline Cooperators and collaborators, and one IOLA for the fellowship meal.

In his brief address, the prelate encouraged those present to carry on their apostolate of communications media in the archdiocese.

Pauline Family organises reachout in Talantang

talantang 2016

TALANTANG, Bongawan – The Pauline Family-Daughters of St Paul and Pauline Cooperators-organised a reachout to St Cyril Chapel here on 28 Aug 2016.

In response to Pope Francis’ exhortation to “go to the peripheries,” during this Year of Mercy, the Daughters of St Paul, Pauline Cooperators and collaborators made the trip to Talantang to spend the day with the community of around 50 families, mostly Dusuns but BM speaking.

After the Liturgy of the Word and Communion Service led by Catechist Arnolddus Akian Sabun, Sr Laura shared her vocation story with those present, mostly women and children.  The community was happy with the choir ministry made up of youth studying at SMK Bongawan and staying at the asrama there.

After the sharing, all adjourned to the community hall (former chapel) for a short fellowship meal and programme.  The Sisters and the Pauline Cooperators distributed the foodstuffs to the mothers present, Oxford Eng-BM dictionaries to the older children (year 4-6), BM-Eng-KD illustrated dictionaries to year 1-3 pupils, and coloured pencils to kindergarten children.

The children were also quizzed on their general knowledge of what they have learned about their local faith community and church liturgical seasons.

It was not the first visit of the Pauline Family to this community.  Kg Talantang Bongawan was one of the three remote villages (the other two were Kg Bisaung Papar and Kg Ulu Gumogor) adopted by them in line with the diocesan reach out programme for the Jubilee Year 2000.  Since then the Pauline Family had made other visits, the last being two years ago.

Bongawan is a town located between Kimanis and Beaufort, about 70 km from Kota Kinabalu.  It took about 30 minutes to reach Talantang from the town centre on partly cemented and partly gravel road.

In contrast to other chapels and churches in the archdiocese, this little chapel has been missed out in terms of the ubiquitous blue-yellow road direction/signage.  However, the chapel has been in existence for over 20 years, under the pastoral care of a catechist based in St Joseph Papar.  Sadly, the community has Mass only once or twice a year.


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