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Papar hosts inaugural ecumenical carols by candlelight

Leaders of Inter-Church Papar with lighted candles singing ‘Silent Night’ with carollers and parishioners, 5 Dec 2017, Mother of Mercy Catechetical Centre Papar.

PAPAR – St Joseph Church here hosted the inaugural ecumenical carols by candlelight on 5 Dec 2017 at the Mother of Mercy Catechetical Centre.

It kicked off the Advent Family Visit in the parish and served as a sign of solidarity among the various Christian churches.

The theme for the event was God’s Love, Man’s Hope.

Member churches of Papar Inter-Church Council (Majlis Gereja-Gereja Daerah Papar or MGGDP) are St Joseph Papar, Holy Rosary Limbahau, Anglican Church, Basel Christian Church (BCCM), Sidang Injil Borneo, and Calvary Church.

The council has organised other joint activities such as Walk for Jesus, monthly prayer services, and Praise & Worship programmes.

In his welcoming remarks, MGGDP chairman Deacon Johnny Kunong of BCCM-BM gave thanks and praise to God for the presence of all those who came.

“The symbolic candles represent the light, enlightening the dark forces within.  May the light brighten our hearts, families, our lives, our solidarity, and this world with love from Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord God Almighty,” he said.

Other leaders present were Anglican Pastor Habismadin Uloi, SIB Pastor Pendeta Tinggih Sulog, BCCM-BM Pastor Yaelan Gasah, BCCM Chinese Pastor Tan Ping Ping and Father Thomas Yip.

The celebration began with a child bringing a lighted candle up to the main stage to light the candles of the church representatives and parishioners.

Deacon Kunong proclaimed a reading from Isaiah 11:1-10 while Fr Yip shared a reflection how harmony, peace, and solidarity in life can only be achieved through the birth of Christ, the source of merciful love for mankind.

Thereafter the people were entertained by the performances of the various carolling groups followed by distribution of gifts to those present. – William Charles Mindus, SOCCOM Papar Limbahau


300 turn up for local parish observance of Migrant Sunday

PAPAR – Around 300 local and migrant parishioners turned up for the local parish observance of Migrant Sunday at Mother of Mercy open hall, St Joseph Parish here on 1 Oct 2017.

The celebration was in conjunction with the 103rd World Migrant Day 2017 with this year’s theme: Minor Migrants, Vulnerable and Voiceless.

In his homily, Father Thomas Yip shared the importance of emulating Jesus Christ’s behaviour and acts, who was ever faithful to God the Father, humble, sincere and forgiving.

At the fellowship after the Mass, organising chairperson Rogerlio expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the support given by the parish and the working committee comprising the Indonesian and Filipino communities and the Human Development Committee (KPI) led by its coordinator Dominic Lim.

Mikael Wura Darang, the parish’s Indonesian Committee leader, shared the importance of education as the pillar of enhancing the mindset and future well-being of migrant children and youth.

In his brief speech, Johnny Sitamin, the PPC chairman, stressed the need for collaborative teamwork among the parish’s various committees and communities, both local and migrant alike. Likewise, one must avoid falling into unnecessary conflicts or spreading unjustified rumours for one’s personal gain.

Yohanes Sogen, the Community Learning Centre (CLC) coordinator, in his comprehensive briefing on the development of the CLC in the parish, invited migrant parents to  enroll their children with the CLC for educational values in order to eradicate illiteracy and alleviate them from poverty in the hope of breaking the migration chains when they return back to their motherland. He also advised his fellow people to avoid instigating arrest, social disrepute and to prioritise on their children’s education instead. Lastly, he thanked the parish for initiating and the continuous support provided in the development and the growth of the CLC in the church.

Franciscan Sister Juanah led the grace before lunch and joined the lay leaders and migrant community in the cake-cutting ceremony.

A video presentation on the AMOS 3 conference in Sandakan was screened with a concise sharing from William Charles on the objective of this conference and the church migrant ministry’s planning and future endeavour. He also said that local parishioners must discard the stigma of a negative perception of the migrant in order for the migrant ministry to move forward as part of Christ’s mission.

The video presentation was followed by a number of stage performances featuring cultural dances, solo and choral singing by the youth choirs, CLC students and outstation migrant children. – William Charles Mindus (SOCCOM Papar Limbahau)

Paparians commemorate Malaysia Day with Mass and flag-hoisting ceremony

All sing the national and state anthems at the flag hoisting ceremony after Mass, St Joseph Papar, 16 Sept 2017.

PAPAR – Parishioners commemorated 54th Malaysia Day with Holy Mass and flag-hoisting ceremony on 16 Sept 2017 at St Joseph’s Church here.

In his homily, Father Rayner Bisius read the National Day message from the Christian Federation of Malaysian (CFM) dated  28 Aug 2017 urging Malaysians to rise above petty self-interests.

This message is relevant to the current situation wherein both Papar and Limbahau Parishes are embarking on a critical pastoral programme Keluarga, KKD dan Gereja Ku (KKG) as a measure of tackling one of the three pastoral issues highlighted at the 2015 PAX Assembly.

Without a doubt one of the more serious threats is apathy. Fr Bisius said that no matter how many spiritual engagements, concerts, seminars, youth camps or countless retreats one has attended, all these would be meaningless if one does not pick up and carry one’s cross and use these spiritual activities to help others who are in need.

After Mass, all proceed to a simple flag hoisting ceremony outside accompanied by the SMK St Joseph Brass Band where everyone sang the National and Sabah State Anthems. – William Charles Mindus (SOCCOM Papar-Limbahau)

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