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In the New Year, receive Mary’s love and help

KOTA KINABALU (CS) – The Church, in her wisdom, has pointed to her children that it is right to turn to Mary, Our Mother, for help, especially when a new year looms in front.

Parish priest Fr Paul Lo said on New Year’s Day, Mother Mary sees everyone as beloved children of God and helps them to see and to love in the same way.

“This maternal gaze, which instils confidence and trust, helps us to grow in faith,” he continued “just as she trusts and grows in faith in God’s mission for her as Mother of the Son of God.

With these pearls of wisdom, Fr Lo spoke to the 300-member of the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) among whom he was invited to grace their traditional New Year Gathering at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall Jan 1. This was his first social attendance with the LJCCC since taking over as parish priest in the Cathedral.

He commended the community to God that it would have a great year ahead, filled with zeal for God, Church, and mission, to proclaim His Kingdom both locally and abroad.

“God is the One who makes us great, so long as we offer ourselves as His instruments,” he added.

Besides sharing a meal together, the community family also shared and built up the family togetherness with interactive activities and good entertainment. 

Above all, coming together in prayer, praise and worship before all things else has been ingrained into the way of life and charism of the community. – LJCCC

Hearing the cries of the poor

KOTA KINABALU – A pre-Christmas Garage Sale in aid of the poor was run on the eve of the 2nd World Day of the Poor, commemorated worldwide this year on Nov 18.

The garage sale, which was held at the Sacred Heart parish centre on Nov 11, was the third of its kind, organized by the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC), as a way to engage members, as well as the parish at large, to not only “hear the cries of the poor”, but to give ourselves a chance to follow Christ’s example and concretely share a moment of love, hope and respect with those in need.

The World Day of the Poor, marked each year on the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, was established by Pope Francis in his Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Misera, issued on 20 November 2016 to celebrate the end of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, and to allow us to grow in the conviction that sharing with the poor enables us to understand the deepest truth of the Gospel.

The garage sale in aid of the poor was conceived out of a positive response from parishioners and others outside the parish to the regular garage sales used to be held by the community.

Though the small contribution seemed like a drop of water in the desert of poverty, the pope said, it could be a sign of sharing for those in need, that they might experience the active presence of a brother or a sister.

The money raised is mainly targeted for the poor in Kota Marudu area, particularly in Sonsogon Magandai and Gosusu, where the community sponsors the running of two kindergartens.  The community also sponsors a blind couple with five children in Telipok and another blind woman with two children in Tuaran. 

Besides, the community is also attentive to other needs encountered by those who have ‘fallen on hard times’.

The concept of a garage sale enables members and other benefactors to “spring clean” their homes, a challenge to “downsize” possessions to simplify their life, a concrete readiness to “share” not necessarily from their surplus, and an active and personal involvement.

The pope encourages us to make a “serious examination of conscience” capable of “listening to the cries of the poor” as opposed to “watching or standing nearby, either cannot or just do not care”.

However, the givers are encouraged to give out of their goodness to bless the poor, and to refrain from using the garage sale as ‘dumping ground’. – LJCCC

LJCCC welcomes 27 new members on its 35th anniversary

The new associates, Underway, and full members pose for remembrance after the ceremony, Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing, 5 Aug 2018.

KOTA KINABALU – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) welcomed 27 new members in various stages on its 35th anniversary celebration on 5 Aug 2018 at the Sacred Heart Cathedral here.

It did not just celebrate its establishment 35 years ago but also its Covenant Day Commitment.

Five (Nathaniel Funk, Jeremiah Michael, Janefher Bajagap, Sylvia Richard, Erma Fernandez) were received as full-fledged Covenant members while 11 signed up for Underway Commitment and another 11 become new associate members.

The 11 Underway commitment signees were Sarah Mae Funk, Frances Deanna Ramli, Emanuela Mojikon, Elijah Bajagap, Dony Mapat, Alvin Lai, Benjamin Liew, Chai Yee Siang, Monica Henry, Jenna Robert, and Julie Thadeus.

The new associates were Margaret Lim, Susie Taylor, Irene Lajanty, Francisca Malantin, Marianne Yong, Emmanuel Mojikon, Harold Wong, Joshua Liew, Brian Chin, Fenson Chin, and Genevieve Rajah.

The pledge-taking was witnessed by the Council of Elders headed by Anthony Lim who received the pledges.

To be noted was the fact that some of the new members were the children of existing community members.

This was seen as a sign of hope for the future of the community, a fact highlighted by Father Paul Lo who presided at the Thanksgiving Eucharist following the pledge-taking.  It was also emphasised by Anthony Lim in his welcoming address later at the dinner fellowship at the parish hall after Mass.

LJCCC holds garage sales as Advent corporal work of mercy

A mother and her four children pose for the camera, happy to get their Christmas gifts at bargain prices at the garage sales, 3 Dec 2017, Sacred Heart Parish Centre Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU  – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) held a garage sales as part of its Advent corporal works of mercy on 3 Dec 2017 at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here.

It drew a reasonable crowd mainly from the parishioners who went for the three Sunday morning Masses.

In his homily during the 9 am English Mass, Father Paul Lo said one way of preparing for Christmas is to carry out the corporal works of mercy.

The garage sales is a community project to raise funds for outreaches to the poor and needy by collecting pre-loved items from the community members and their friends, and sold at bargain prices.

At the same time, parishioners are helped indirectly with great savings.

The toys stall was a crowd puller. A young family of four kids considered themselves “lucky” for being able to get lovely Christmas gifts at bargain prices.

Another parishioner did not expect to get a pre-loved Christmas tree for a mere RM30, while another landed with a surprise buy of a homecraft of the exclusive kind that you would find in a mall and only for a mere RM15. – CS

LSS draws over 100 participants

A section of the participants attending the Life in the Spirit Seminar, 26-29 Oct 2017, SHPC.

KOTA KINABALU – Over 100 people participated in the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) on 26-29 Oct 2017 at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here organised by the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC).

The LSS is commonly used by Catholic groups in the context of renewal in the Church.  It is an instrument for bringing people into a deeper experience of the work of the Holy Spirit. The seminar offers the basic presentation of the Gospel and the basic teaching about what the Lord is willing to do for all who come to Him.  It provides a way to learn more about living in the Spirit.  And the participants can take steps which will allow Jesus to establish, restore or deepen a relationship with them.

For those who have experienced the sacramental graces, Jesus will give them a new and fuller relationship with Himself.

The Church has never lost the life of the Spirit nor the experience of the Power of the Spirit.

Ever since the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) has swept Sabah shores in 1974, the LSS has been one of the stable features in the life of the Local Church and is conducted once or more in a year in English, BM, Chinese or Kadazan.

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