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LJCCC welcomes 27 new members on its 35th anniversary

The new associates, Underway, and full members pose for remembrance after the ceremony, Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing, 5 Aug 2018.

KOTA KINABALU – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) welcomed 27 new members in various stages on its 35th anniversary celebration on 5 Aug 2018 at the Sacred Heart Cathedral here.

It did not just celebrate its establishment 35 years ago but also its Covenant Day Commitment.

Five (Nathaniel Funk, Jeremiah Michael, Janefher Bajagap, Sylvia Richard, Erma Fernandez) were received as full-fledged Covenant members while 11 signed up for Underway Commitment and another 11 become new associate members.

The 11 Underway commitment signees were Sarah Mae Funk, Frances Deanna Ramli, Emanuela Mojikon, Elijah Bajagap, Dony Mapat, Alvin Lai, Benjamin Liew, Chai Yee Siang, Monica Henry, Jenna Robert, and Julie Thadeus.

The new associates were Margaret Lim, Susie Taylor, Irene Lajanty, Francisca Malantin, Marianne Yong, Emmanuel Mojikon, Harold Wong, Joshua Liew, Brian Chin, Fenson Chin, and Genevieve Rajah.

The pledge-taking was witnessed by the Council of Elders headed by Anthony Lim who received the pledges.

To be noted was the fact that some of the new members were the children of existing community members.

This was seen as a sign of hope for the future of the community, a fact highlighted by Father Paul Lo who presided at the Thanksgiving Eucharist following the pledge-taking.  It was also emphasised by Anthony Lim in his welcoming address later at the dinner fellowship at the parish hall after Mass.

LJCCC holds garage sales as Advent corporal work of mercy

A mother and her four children pose for the camera, happy to get their Christmas gifts at bargain prices at the garage sales, 3 Dec 2017, Sacred Heart Parish Centre Karamunsing.

KOTA KINABALU  – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) held a garage sales as part of its Advent corporal works of mercy on 3 Dec 2017 at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here.

It drew a reasonable crowd mainly from the parishioners who went for the three Sunday morning Masses.

In his homily during the 9 am English Mass, Father Paul Lo said one way of preparing for Christmas is to carry out the corporal works of mercy.

The garage sales is a community project to raise funds for outreaches to the poor and needy by collecting pre-loved items from the community members and their friends, and sold at bargain prices.

At the same time, parishioners are helped indirectly with great savings.

The toys stall was a crowd puller. A young family of four kids considered themselves “lucky” for being able to get lovely Christmas gifts at bargain prices.

Another parishioner did not expect to get a pre-loved Christmas tree for a mere RM30, while another landed with a surprise buy of a homecraft of the exclusive kind that you would find in a mall and only for a mere RM15. – CS

LSS draws over 100 participants

A section of the participants attending the Life in the Spirit Seminar, 26-29 Oct 2017, SHPC.

KOTA KINABALU – Over 100 people participated in the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) on 26-29 Oct 2017 at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here organised by the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC).

The LSS is commonly used by Catholic groups in the context of renewal in the Church.  It is an instrument for bringing people into a deeper experience of the work of the Holy Spirit. The seminar offers the basic presentation of the Gospel and the basic teaching about what the Lord is willing to do for all who come to Him.  It provides a way to learn more about living in the Spirit.  And the participants can take steps which will allow Jesus to establish, restore or deepen a relationship with them.

For those who have experienced the sacramental graces, Jesus will give them a new and fuller relationship with Himself.

The Church has never lost the life of the Spirit nor the experience of the Power of the Spirit.

Ever since the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) has swept Sabah shores in 1974, the LSS has been one of the stable features in the life of the Local Church and is conducted once or more in a year in English, BM, Chinese or Kadazan.

LJCCC welcomes 47 new members on 34th anniversary

The elders witness the signing in of one of the new members, SHC, 30 July 2017.

KOTA KINABALU  – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) welcomed 47 new members into its fold on its 34th anniversary celebration on 30 July 2017 at the Sacred Heart Cathedral here.

“God continues to show His faithfulness on our anniversary celebration and through the people He brings into the community and confirming those whom He has called,” said Anthony Lim, LJCCC presiding elder.

Lim reminded the community of their identity and affirmed that “God wants to be our God, and He calls us to be His people.”

He called on the community to accept those whom God gives to the community, “We thank and praise God for all the people He adds to the community today.”

LJCCC marked the occasion with a signing-in ceremony for three categories, namely, the Associates, the Underway, and the Full Covenant, coming from the three-language pastoral units (English, Chinese and BM), before Mass presided by Father Maxmilliano Hontor at the cathedral.

Fr Max, in his homily, spoke of the “hidden treasure and the pearl of great price,” referring to the Matthean Gospel, and asked the community “What is your real treasure? Have you found it yet, or are you still searching for it? What is your reaction in finding it? Are you happy, filled with joy, or are you dissatisfied?”

He underscored that the Kingdom of God is offered to us, at times in the forgiving of an enemy, of one another in community living; at other times, in giving our time to a needy person; thus embodying that the Kingdom of God is to be found in the living out of the community lifestyle in all its fullness.

Altogether 47 participated in the “signing in” ceremony, comprising 10 Associates, 7 Underway and 4 Full Covenant from the English unit; 5 Associates and 1 Full Covenant for the Chinese unit; and 5 Associates, 7 Underway and 8 Full Covenant from the BM unit.

In signing in, the Associates indicate that they would like to answer the call of the Lord by following the Covenant lifestyle. Those taking the Underway commitment indicate that they have decided to take a step closer to follow the Lord in the Covenant way, while the Full Covenant makes a full commitment to live the covenant lifestyle, and observing the constitution of the community.

Following the ceremony and Mass, all adjourned to a high tea fellowship at the hall. About two hundred members were present, including children of all ages. – CS

LJCCC organises seminar on inner healing and transformation

A section of the participants listening attentively to the speaker, SHPC, 8 Apr 2017.

KOTA KINABALU – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) organised a seminar on inner healing and transformation on 7-9 Apr 2017 at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here.

Some 50 people attended the seminar themed When Christ freed us, he meant us to be free (Gal 5:1).

Sessions included (1) Biblical Explanation & Understanding; (2) Causes of Life’s Hurts and Wounds; (3) How We See God; (4) Dealing with Generational Sins & Curses; (5) Steps to Healing & Transformation; and (6) Ongoing Transformation.

Time was given for counselling and prayer ministry.  Childcare service was also available.

LJCCC organises this seminar twice a year as part of its evangelisation ministry.

LJCCC organises second inner healing seminar for 2016

inner healing and transformation seminar 2016

KOTA KINABALU – Around 40 people attended the second Inner Healing and Transformation Seminar for 2016 organised by the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here on Nov 17-19.

There were five input sessions conducted: (1) Biblical Explanation and Understanding of the Human Condition – Anthony Lim; (2) Causes of Life’s Hurts and Wounds – Joseph Chee; (3) How We See God (Our Images of God) – Daniel Kong; (4) Dealing with Consequences of Sins and Curses – Anthony Lim; and (5) Steps to Healing and Transformation – Bernard Liew.

Time was given for counselling and confession after the fifth session.  It concluded with session 6 which prepared the participants for the healing prayer ministry.

The LJCCC has conducted this seminar for over ten years now.  It has been beneficial to those who have attended it.  It is conducted twice a year.  After each seminar, the participants are invited to attend the follow up session: the foundation talk on community lifestyle.

This time round, the LJCCC BM unit ran a concurrent Life in the Spirit Seminar Nov 18-20 at the same venue which attracted around 150 people.


LJCCC welcome 18 new members on its 33rd anniversary

ljccc new members 2016KOTA KINABALU – The Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community welcomed 18 new members as it celebrated its 33rd anniversary at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here on 7 August 2016.

Twelve, including nine young adults, took their pledges as associate members, two as underway members and two couples with young children as full members.  After taking their pledges, they signed the documents, witnessed by the elders.

This event, said presiding elder Anthony Lim, gave much joy to the three-language community.  More so when the young adults “filled the gap” between the older members and the young children.

After the intake of new members, Archbishop John Wong briefed the community on the Jubilee Year of Mercy before leading them to enter the Holy Door at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  The prelate presided at the Mass concelebrated with Fr Joshua Liew.  In his homily, the prelate congratulated the community on their anniversary and urged them to continue with their good works.

After the Mass, Lim announced the appointment of five new elders: Bernard Liew, Dr Jeffrey Soon, Hector Jintoni, James Saliun and Michael Dony.  Retired elders Joseph Chee (1983-2014) and wife Christina; Maurice Santani (1984-2016) and wife Mary; Anthony Yen (1984-2008) and wife Francisca were given plaques of appreciation by the archbishop for their services rendered to the community during their terms of service.

Then all adjourned to the Sacred Heart Parish Hall for a fellowship meal.

Married couples are a God-given gift to one another, says prelate


KOTA KINABALU – Taking the theme “A sincere gift of self to one another,”  Archbishop John Wong challenged over 200 couples at the Couples’ Night dinner to discover what “the gift of oneself” concretely means to them.

The first-ever gathering for married couples, which was organised by the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community, hosted a 44-table cosy dinner affair at a local restaurant here. Archbishop John Wong, who was also the President of the Episcopal Regional Commission for Family Life, was accompanied by Fr Rhobby Mojolou.

Beginning his discourse on what he called the “Mystery of Giving,”  he offered a three-point reflection. He named the first “A Misconception of Giving” and explained that many people think that “giving is a losing game,”  and that “when you give, you lose something.” “That’s why people are afraid to give because it means they will have lesser or they will be a loser, contrary to the human ego which must have more in order to feel secure, to be someone, and to be better than others,” he continued.

“But is this true? Is giving a losing game? Is it a minus game?” asked Archbishop Wong in his keynote address, enjoying the uniqueness of his and Fr Rhobby’s ‘bachelor’ presence among the marrieds. He explained, “The concept of ‘giving’ from the beginning is meant to be an expression of sharing, especially in giving life to another…” and added, “Giving is both an emptying and refilling process. When we give, we empty what we already have, and God refills us with new gifts, blessings and graces.”

Elaborating further he said “A husband therefore in ‘making a sincere gift of self’ to his wife, makes visible the invisible love of God to his wife, while the wife, in doing so, reveals the beauty of God’s love to her husband, thus forming a new civilisation or culture of love each time it happens.”

Going on to the second point which he called “Motivation of Giving,”  the prelate suggested that we need to examine the motivation behind our giving of self.

“Unless your giving of self is pure and sincere, that giving might sometimes hurt you in return,” cautioned Archbishop Wong.

He proposed that one of the ways in examining the motivation behind the giving of self, to see if it is driven by love, is to sit down and talk about it, “Let the negative feelings surface, face them and grow through them (by accepting or owning).”

His final point of reflection was based on St Pope John Paul II’s document Theology of the Body in which the pontiff speaks about the “Original Unity.”

He noted that according to St Pope John Paul II, the concept of the ‘original unity’ is: “Through marriage, when a man and a woman become ‘one flesh,’  there is no longer the question of giving or receiving; it is simply living out and sharing the love that binds them together.”

A sincere gift of self to one another is indeed a call to live out the ‘original unity’ that God plans for humankind…the art of giving and receiving, if done with the love of God, will help us to live out the unity designed by God for humankind,” said the prelate.

With good humour, the prelate closed his reflection “If what I say is bothering you, it is a good sign! Hopefully it will give you extra food for thought. But I hope your appetite tonight is not being diminished by what I have said, or we’ll have lots of leftovers!”

He ended with a prayer that each couple would be a God-given gift to one another.

Meanwhile, in his brief welcome to the evening’s guests and members, presiding elder of LJCCC Anthony Lim strove to drive home the vital message that the future of the children depends on the kind of foundation their parents build.

In qualifying his statement, Lim related that in the numerous young people’s camps where he had the privilege to encounter scores of kids through counselling, he has come to know of their common struggle especially when they are caught up in their parents’ broken relationships.

The evening’s programme also included a frank sharing of their married and family life by Bernard and Christine Liew, and a 20-minute video clip featuring brief sharings of several couples, all of whom are members of the community. – CS

LJCCC holds garage sales in aid of the poor

ljccc easter garage sales 2016

KOTA KINABALU – Members of the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) held a garage sales in aid of the poor on 3 Apr 2016 at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall (right wing) here.  Books, magazines, publications, new and used clothes, decors, bags, potted plants, paperweights, furniture, kitchen appliances, sports items, electrical items, shoes, toys, fresh vegetables and fruits were some of the items sold.  The garage sales, held regularly to aid the needy village folks living in Paitan, Sorsogon and a blind person living in Tuaran, is part of the outreach programme of the community.

LJCCC brings Christmas joy to kg Gosusu

kg gosusu

KG GOSUSU, Kota Marudu – It was on Dec 6 when a group of about 50 people from the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community (LJCCC) and eight Catholic doctors ventured into Kg Gosusu, a two-hour drive from Kota Marudu, to bring Christmas joy to the villagers.

How it started

The new Mission Outpost of Kg Gosusu began three years ago with six families of non-believers who heard the Good News of Jesus Christ through Alpheus Loinsang and yearned for baptism.  Alpheus, who hails from Kinarut, is a member of LJCCC and full-time lay worker as a catechist.  Together with the newly baptised villagers, other interested villagers from surrounding areas, and other financial sources, he managed to have a chapel built there, which was blessed and officiated by Archbishop John Wong in August 2014. Recently the La Salle Alumni built and set up a kindergarten which would be taking in students beginning in January 2016.

Joy of Christmas

Wanting the people to experience the true meaning of Christmas, the combined group from LJCCC and the Catholic doctors got Alpheus to gather together about 250 people of whom almost 100 were children. A simple programme was laid out for the event, beginning with a time of Praise and Worship led by the LJCCC youth. A sharing was given to help the people to understand why Jesus Christ came as man. Sponsored Bibles and crucifixes by LJCCC members were distributed to each household gathered there while each child was given a Children’s Bible from the Archdiocese.

To further help the children understand the Christmas story, the children together with their parents were taught to make cribs.  The Holy Family figures from old Christmas cards were cut out and placed inside stables made out of cardboards and straws.  One little girl was so thrilled with her creation that she said she would look at the crib everyday and pray to Baby Jesus.

At the same time those who were sick went to register with the doctors and had medical assistance rendered them. The Catholic doctors have made a personal commitment to offer medical help to the villagers on a regular basis in the form of consultation and medical supplies.

The whole atmosphere was one of pure joy. The lunch though sponsored by the visiting doctors was cooked by the villagers. For the children, there was a special treat of KFC apart from the lunch. The best was yet to come after lunch.  Each child received Christmas gifts which were distributed by the doctors and the youth.

It was such a joy that the organisers were able to share with the villagers the true message of Christmas in word and action, and for the first time to introduce to them the traditional “Christmas carols.”  It might seem strange for many  but prior to this, the only Christmas ‘carol’ they knew of was “We wish you a merry Christmas”!  – Dr Jeff Soon

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