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Marian pilgrim statue and Holy Family Icon return to base

KENINGAU – The pilgrim statue of Mary and the Holy Family Icon which have visited the whole diocese returned to St Francis Xavier Cathedral here on 26 Feb 2018.

The 30-day pilgrimage was one of the activities to prepare for the silver jubilee of the diocese.  The diocese turns 25 on May 6.

The closing of the pilgrimage began with the rosary recitation at the Solidarity Hall by the Legion of Mary before processing to the cathedral for a concelebrated Mass presided by Bishop Cornelius Piong, four priests and Deacon David Gasikol.

In his homily, the bishop touched on the role of the Blessed Mother in Salvation History.  He urged the faithful to have a strong devotion to her so that they can overcome challenges in their families and to pray for a fruitful diocesan silver jubilee celebration.

Stella Kinsik, Keningau Parish Pastoral Council chairperson, thanked the organising team and the Legion of Mary for their collaboration in organising the closing of the pilgrimage.

Maria Kuntiou, president of the LOM comitium, said they were happy to organise the closing Mass.

After the Mass all adjourned to the thanksgiving fellowship at the parish hall.  A slideshow  of the pilgrimage around the diocese was screened. – KOMSOS KENINGAU

OFM Capuchins opens first centre in Keningau

KENINGAU – Some 500 faithful witnessed the blessing and opening of the Franciscan Capuchin’s ‘Rumah Sederhana’ (humble house) by Father Valentine Gompok OFMCap, located at Kg Mongitom, Bunga Raya here on 30 Dec 2017, followed by a Eucharistic Celebration.

Among the guests were Mother Frances Mani, FSIC Mother General and other Franciscan Sisters, OFS National Councillors Malaysia, members of the Sabah-wide Order of Franciscan Secular (OFS), St Francis Xavier’s parish PPC Chairman Datuk Ida Undan, and Peter Lim, contractor of the Capuchin house. Undan donated the land to the OFMCap for the purpose.

Since 2007 Fr Gompok has been praying for this intention and he has approached a few individuals to help him.  God answered his prayer and moved Undan to give the OFMCap a piece of her own land to build the centre.

The immediate plan is to build a faith formation centre on the site for the Order.  Meantime, Keningau and Tambunan OFS will take care of the building.

Acknowledging the increase of Catholics in Sabah and the need to have centres for an on-going formation after their baptism, OFM Capuchin is responding to this by helping the diocese to form the newly baptised in their faith, so that they who are just getting to know God will not stray from the faith.

The centre will also be a formation house for candidates of the Capuchin religious from Sabah.

Currently, there are 14 Sabahan Capuchin religious in formation: one final professed in Theology 3 (Br Gilbert James), two simple professed (Br Christi Rames Liew,  Br Tony Bingkuan), one novice (Br Noel Damsus), four soon-to-be novices (Marthin Steven, Cornelsteve Dominic,  Randall Lee,  Sylver Ivan Sabinus), another four entering postulancy (Adam Joel Elias, Aldrin Benedict, Anndrysent Chong, Jerry Ghani) and two entering aspirancy (Frederick Joseph, Gary Damianus).

On the same day,  seven OFS members of  SFX Keningau Fraternity took their final vows.

In his speech, Fr Gompok thanked Bishop Cornelius Piong for his permission for the Order to set up Rumah Sederhana, for the house to be blessed and for Mass to be celebrated. He also thanked all who came from near and far. –  Marina Anjuman

KSFX celebrates feast of Sto Nino for the 4th year

The statue of Sto Nino is carried in procession from the open hall to the church, 21 Jan 2018, KSFX Keningau.

KENINGAU – The Filipino community celebrated the Feast of Santo Nino (Holy Infant) at the Katedral St Francis Xavier here on 21 Jan 2018.

In its fourth year, the theme of the celebration was “Let the children come to me.”

Father John Emerson Tepait of Masbate City Philippines presided at the Mass on Sunday afternoon.

The event began with the procession of the statue of the Santo Nino from the entrance of Dataran Solidariti to the cathedral.

In his homily, the priest said that the yearly celebration of Sto Nino “always reminds us of who we were and what we were before. No matter what we have become or what have we accomplished, we are always reminded of our humble beginnings. As a child, we want no more than attention, love, care, simple things and everything for us becomes fulfilling and complete.”

He said the theme is an invitation to be aware of the parents’ important role in the lives of their children. Jesus, he continued, raised the dignity of children by rebuking the disciples as they hindered the children from coming closer to Him.

Parents, he added, need to let their children know always of their pride, love, value in them because  “if we don’t do it, they will grow up without proper mental and spiritual orientation.”

The priest said that if a child feels loved, he will have great self-esteem.  It also lessens the chances of  “your kids becoming aggressive, anti-social and having other behavioural problems. While adolescents might be embarrassed at the physical affection, there should always be words of support and empathy to take its place. Parents should spend quality time with their children. Discipline them with love and affection.”

Cherilyn Rondidas, chairperson of the KFSX Filipino Pastoral Committee (FPC) and the vice chairperson of Persatuan Kababayan Sabah (PKS), expressed her gratitude Bishop Cornelius Piong for allowing the community to celebrate the event.

She also expressed her gratitude to the organising committee for their efforts and commitment and to all generous sponsors for their support in making the celebration a memorable one.

She added that the FPC has set up a relief fund to help fellow Filipino members in times of bereavement, critical sickness and other calamities. Each family member may contribute RM10 – 20 to the fund.

Rondidas, a Malaysian-born Filipino, said it took time for her to figure out how to organise the event and wished the community to continue to grow in faith in Jesus.

She also thanked the Sandakan Filipino Pastoral Group for their presence in support of the celebration.

After the Mass, parishioners joined in the procession of the Infant Jesus from the church entrance to the Dataran Solidariti Hall where a lunch of traditional local and Filipino dishes was served.

Guests included members of Filipino communities of St Mary Sandakan, St Theresa Tambunan, Holy Cross Toboh, Holy Spirit Sook, and St Valentine Beaufort. – Keningau website

Seminarian David Gasikol to be ordained deacon on Feb 25

PENAMPANG – Seminarian David Richard Gasikol has been accepted by Bishop Cornelius Piong to be ordained deacon on 25 Feb 2018 at the Katedral St Francis Xavier Keningau at 4:30 pm.

Born in Sook on 29 June 1985, David entered the aspirancy at the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre Penampang in 2010.  After a year at the Initial Formation House in Kota Kinabalu in 2011, he went on for his philosophical and theological studies at St Peter’s College Kuching from 2012 – 2017.

He is currently assigned to serve in the cathedral.

Over 500 people attend Magatang Christmas-New Year Open House

The people pose with Bishop Cornelius Piong at the open house, St Blasius Magatang, 7 Jan 2018.

KENINGAU – Over 500 people from Keningau Parish and St Blasius Magatang attended the Christmas- New Year Open House on 7 Jan 2018 at Magatang.

It was organised jointly by the Kelompok Inti Pembaharuan Karismatic Katolik (KiPKK or Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group) and St Blasius Magatang BEC.

In his homily, Bishop Cornelius Piong reminded the faithful that Christmas is God’s love for his people expressed through Jesus who came to save them.

In his turn, Jikah Guka, Keningau Parish KiPKK chairman, expressed his hope that other outstation churches would take turns to host the celebration.

On his part, Luis Yonolon, chairman of the Diocesan Charismatic Renewal Team, thanked the bishop for giving the team to serve the whole diocese.

After Mass, all adjourned to the open hall for a fellowship meal, and were entertained by a variety of stage performances.  Paul Zeno Labun

Keningau prelate blesses new Kilugus chapel

The people pose with Bishop Cornelius Piong in front of the chapel after the Mass, 9 Dec 2017.

KENINGAU – Keningau prelate blessed new Kilugus chapel on 9 Dec 2017.

Renamed Our Lady of Fatima, the chapel was formerly known as St Mark Kilugus.

Around 150 people were present to witness the rite of blessing before the Mass presided by Bishop Cornelius Piong.

Among those present were Datuk Ellron Angin,  Charles Ikang, Keningau PPC chairperson Stella Kinsik, and representatives from the different zones and BECs.

After the Mass, there was a symbolic planting of the Pinang tree by the prelate witnessed by those present.  The village is named after Kilugus, a Dusun term for Pinang. – Tadius Kilip, keningau website






Keningau Diocese to begin last lap of preparation for diocesan silver jubilee with a day of reparation

File picture: Bishop Cornelius Piong receives the pastoral staff from Archbishop Peter Chung of Kuching at his episcopal ordination on 6 May 1993, Katedral St Francis Xavier Keningau.  Co-consecrators were Archbishop Soter Fernandez of Kuala Lumpur and Bishop John Lee of Kota Kinabalu.

PENAMPANG – Keningau Diocese will begin the last lap of preparation for its diocesan silver jubilee with a day of reparation on 15 Sept 2017.

In his pastoral letter issued for the forthcoming celebration, Bishop Cornelius Piong writes: I would like to invite all the faithful …the entire diocesan community to have a day of reparation or sogit as our expression of peace with our Lord Jesus whom we have hurt and our fellow believers.

The day scheduled, the bishop adds,  is Sept 15 in conjunction with the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, at 6 pm, and “we can fill it with fasting, praying the Rosary, Mass and moments of silence.”

This is because, he continues, “For over 24 years walking together as the People of God in Keningau Diocese, we realise and admit that we, as individuals and as a community, have done wrong to God and our neighbours.”

The prelate explains further: We, as priests, religious, wives and husbands, are aware of our sins against God, to whom we have made our promises of loyalty.  These sins have also affected adversely our community.

The letter, posted Sept 6 on the diocesan website, reminds the faithful of the silver jubilee theme: The Family centred on Christ with a culture of worshipping God, strong faith and social responsibility.

It points out the need to be alert and aware of the tricks of the devil in that “societal values that emphasise success, efficiency, status and power” can be used by the devil to influence “our leadership and service styles without our awareness.”

The bishop says that the spirit of humility can only be inculcated through time spent with Jesus in the Eucharist, adoration and prayer, in listening and reflecting on His Word and in sensitivity to His Presence in the family and community.  “Only our union with Jesus will enable us to carry out our commitment – whether as married couples, religious, clergy – with joy (cf Jn 15:11),” he exhorts.

The Keninagu Diocese was erected on 6 May 1993 with Msgr Cornelius Piong as bishop.  The silver jubilee celebration of the diocese, as well as the bishop’s 25 years of episcopal ministry, is scheduled for 5 May 2018.  The year-long preparation for the double celebration was launched by Bishop Piong on May 6 this year in Toboh Tambunan.

Keningau Diocese enrols 495 in the ‘Book of the Elect’

keningau elect 2016

KENINGAU – Assembling publicly for the first time, 495 candidates made their intention known to the Church and the Church, carrying out its apostolic mission, assisted in their  ‘rite of passage’ to becoming the “Elect” of God at the Rite of Election celebrated during the Eucharistic Celebration at St Francis Xavier Cathedral here on 14 Feb 2016.

Twelve representatives from the 12 zones which come under the care of the cathedral parish stepped up to the altar to present their “Book of the Elect” to the presiding celebrant, Bishop Cornelius Piong.

The bishop then announced his acceptance of the godparents’ testimonies, received the names of the catechumens, and declared the catechumens to be ‘the Elect’ of God, chosen for baptism.

They would enter into the Stage of Purification and Enlightenment to prepare themselves to enter the life of God in the Church through the Sacraments of Initiation.

In his homily, the prelate explained that no one is spared from temptations and trials, from being tempted through our unfaithfulness and unwillingness to take up our responsibility.  Temptation is not a sin in itself, but becomes a sin if we act on the temptation which comes from the devil.

According to the prelate, the devil lives to destroy mankind and to oppose God’s will.  But there is good in temptation in that it makes us aware of how faithful we are in living out the commandments of God.  Without temptation, we would not discover how far our faith is, and to learn to rise up after each fall to improve ourselves.

“Don’t think that with baptism everything is solved.  Baptism is only the beginning of following Jesus,” warned the prelate as he reminded the catechumens to always remember that they have made a very personal decision to be baptised and not as a fad to follow others.

He urged them to continue to unite themselves with Jesus through prayer, reading and reflection of the Word of God, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the devotion of the Holy Hour, Eucharistic Celebration, as well as living the Sacraments of the Church.

Bishop Piong concluded with the warning that we should not be proud if we have overcome temptations because the devil never gives up for the Gospel points out that he would wait for another opportunity to tempt again.

The prelate urged all to hold on to, and lean on, and be strengthened by Jesus alone. – Aldrin Benedict

Bp Piong: Christmas brings hope, faith and arouses love

Bp Piong cotemplates on the manger scene.

Bp Piong contemplates on the manger scene.

KENINGAU – Bishop Cornelius Piong contemplated the mystery of the Incarnation as revelation of God’s saving love at the Manger after celebrating the Christmas Midnight Mass at St Francis Xavier Cathedral Dec 24.

The prelate said that each time we celebrate Christmas, it brings hope, faith and arouses love in our life.

He pointed out that after having just entered into the Year of Mercy, the birth of Jesus itself is an expression of God’s mercy for us for He comes to save us from slavery of sin.

“What should we do?  What can you do?” he posed to the faithful.

The prelate proposed “We should step forward and walk in this way of ‘mercy’ in our life.  But no one is capable of doing this by himself; only in Jesus would we be able to take the step out of darkness to live the light of life, in goodness and mercy.” – Aldrin Benedict

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