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Papal nuncio summarises apostolic exhortation on call to holiness in today’s world

Participants pose for remembrance after the talk by Papal Nuncio Abp Joseph Marino (seated 5th from L) in front of the Immanuel Catechetical Building Keningau, 4 May 2018, in conjunction with the silver jubilee of the Keningau Diocese.

KENINGAU – Papal nuncio Archbishop Joseph Marino summarised Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the call to holiness on 4 May 2018 at the celebration of Keningau silver jubilee here.

The talk was given at the newly completed Immanuel Catechetical Building to invited guests and organisers of the celebration.

In his talk, the nuncio pointed out three important aspects of the document, Gaudate et Exsultate (GE).

First, the pope is proposing once again the universal call to holiness as stated in Vatican II’s Lumen Gentium: “all the faithful of Christ of whatever rank or status are called to the fullness of Christian life and the perfection of charity” (LG 40).

Second, he proposes a practical understanding of Christian holiness – how holiness is manifested and concretely lived, not by a select few, but all in that ‘great cloud of winesses’ (Heb 12:1), who include “our own mothers, grandmothers and loved ones,” who each day “keep moving forward and proved pleasing to God” (GE 3).

Third, the pope wants the faithful to embrace a holiness “for our time” – a Christian life that reflects a true and visible response to the needs of our time, a response to the longings of every human being, which only the Gospel is capable of fulfilling.

The nuncio said the document points out the sources of holiness are baptism, the Holy Spirit and life in and with the Church.

However, the nuncio warned his audience of the two errors which have plagued the Church almost from its beginning: gnosticism (holiness comes from knowledge, not from acts of charity), and pelagianism (holiness by personal efforts).

Holiness in life, according to Pope Francis, is “charity lived in faith” (GE 12) through the eight Beatitudes as found in the Gospels of Matthew (5:3-12) and Luke (6:20-23).

In the final chapter of the exhortation, Pope Francis lists signs of holiness in today’s world.  They are 1) perseverance, patience and meekness; 2) joy and a sense of humour; 3) boldness and passion; 4) constant prayer.

According to Abp Marino, the Vatican paper, Osservatore Romano editorialised the exhortation this way: Holy, yes, but not superhuman or perfect.  Simply ordinary people who are unafraid to set their sights higher and each day allow themselves to be loved and liberated by God, transforming their lives into an ongoing mission to service to others.  Very often it is holiness found in our next-door neighbours, in those living in our midst reflect God’s presence; this everyday holiness is at the heart of the Apostolic Exhortation, Gaudete et exsultate.

Keningau celebrates diocesan silver jubilee with deep sense of gratitude

Members of the bishops conference: front L-R: Bishop Cornelius Sim of Brunei, Abp Simon Poh of Kuching, Jubilarian Bishop Cornelius Piong of Keningau, Cardinal Soter Fernandez (on wheelchair), Abp Joseph Marino (apostolic nuncio), Abp Emeritus John Lee of KK, Abp John Wong of KK, Abp Julian Leow of KL; back L-R: Bishop Richard Ng of Miri, Abp Emeritus Murphy Pakiam of KL, Bishop Sebastian Francis of Penang, Bishop Julius Gitom of Sandakan.

PENAMPANG – Keningau celebrated its diocesan silver jubilee with a deep sense of gratitude and joy to God on 4-5 May 2018.

The culmination of a yearlong preparation was the concelebrated Eucharist at the Solidarity Hall on May 5.

Over 3,000 faithful including the members of the regional bishops conference joined Bishop Cornelius Piong in celebrating his episcopal silver jubilee as well as that of the diocese he has led for 25 years.

On hand to join in the occasion were Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez and Archbishop Joseph Marino, apostolic nuncio to Malaysia.

In his homily, the jubilarian stressed on God’s mercy and foundation of the diocese (cf Ps 127), the unity with Jesus (Jn 15), the role of the Holy Spirit, with Mary and St Francis Xavier as role models in the journey of the diocese.  He also pointed out three themes from the priestly prayer of Jesus (Jn 15): unity in Jesus, protection from evil, and holiness of life.

What was significant in the celebration was symbolically portrayed in the putting together of the pieces of the framed jigsaw puzzle of the Holy Family by representatives of the people of God – young and old, priest and religious – in union with the KK Ecclesiastical Province (Abp Wong) and the Universal Church (Abp Marino).

Both the organising committee chairperson, Stella Kinsik, and Bishop Piong thanked all those who have helped in organising the event

After his brief speech, Abp Marino presented the apostolic blessing of Pope Francis to the jubilarian.

Before Mass ended, Bishop Piong announced that the hosting parish for 2019 diocesan day will be St Valentine Beaufort.

The event closed with lunch at the parish hall.  The visitors also visited the venue for the tasting of native wine and delicacies next to the hall.

On the previous day May 4, Bishop Piong officiated the rite of burying a time capsule in front of the cathedral, followed by a tour of the jubilee exhibition at the pastoral centre and refreshments.

Then Abp Marino gave a talk on Pope Francis’ recent exhortation on holiness at the newly conpleted Immanuel Catechetical Building.

The day ended with a jubilee dinner at the Holy Family Pilgrimage Site at Nulu Sosopon where Bishop Piong entertained the guests by singing two of his own compositions.


Keningau Diocese marks silver jubilee with several activities

KENINGAU –  The culmination of the Keningau Diocesan Silver Jubilee will be the Eucharistic celebration on Sat 5 May 2018, to “honour and express our gratitude to God who is always present, guiding and protecting us in our journey together as His people,” according to Bishop Cornelius Piong.

In his pastoral letter dated 28 Aug 2017,  the bishop invites the priests, religious and the lay people to carry out a leadership of service and responsibility based on Jesus’ own hope and prayer in preparation for the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of Keningau Diocese.

There was a three-year preparation in anticipation towards the Silver Jubilee — Family and Children (2015), Family and Youth (2016) and Family, Parents and senior citizens (2017).

Among the significant activities carried out were:

—  The opening and inauguration of the Holy Family Pilgrim Centre Nulu Sosopon on 4 June 2016.

“In meditating on how we walk together in Jesus Christ, hoping we can become faithful, committed and effective communities of God in serving the kingdom of God, I feel that we need to build a pilgrimage centre that expresses our gratitude to God and as a reminder that families play an important role in developing our community” (Bishop Cornelius, 3 June  2016).

“We have placed the monument of Msgr August Wachter, MHM, representing our early Missionaries in Nulu Sosopon who brought the Good Shepherd of God to us. The statue of the Holy Family is the icon that promotes the family to remain united and obedient to Christ and the Holy Cross of His Cross” ( Bishop Cornelius, 3 June 2016).

— The Reparation Day on 15 September 2017, was in conjunction with the feast of Our Lady Queen of Sorrows. The day was filled with fasting, prayer and Holy Mass.

— The pilgrimage of the statue of Mother Mary and the Icon of the Holy Family travelled to all the parishes in Keningau Diocese for 30 days. This is a reminder for the families in the community to intensify their devotion to Mother Mary and the Holy Family.

During the Ad Limina visit of the Catholic Bishops of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei on 4-9 Feb 2018, Bishop Cornelius had also requested prayers from Pope Francis for the preparation and implementation of the Silver Jubilee.

“I have conveyed the salutation of the priests, religious and laity, God’s people in the Keningau Diocese, who have been walking together with Jesus Christ based on the Pastoral Theme “Christ-centred family worshipping God to strengthen Faith and social responsibility”(Bishop Cornelius Piong, 4 March 2018).

Before the culmination of the jubilee celebration, three other events were held:

1. Diocesan level for Gong Beating Competition (April 21)
2. Cooking contest among the priests (April 23)
3. Silver Jubilee Concert (April 29). – Herald Malaysia, 28 Apr 2018

Keningau to celebrate diocesan silver jubilee in May

KENINGAU – The Interior Diocese will celebrate its 25 years of existence as a diocese on 5 May 2018 at the Diocesan Solidarity Hall Keningau.

At the same time, Bishop Cornelius Piong will also mark 25 years of episcopal ministry.

The interior diocese – comprising Keningau, Tambunan, Toboh, Kuala Penyu Beaufort, Membakut, Tenom and Tulid Mission – was created on 2 Feb 1993 with Msgr Cornelius Piong as its first bishop.  He was ordained and installed as bishop on 6 May 1993.

At the time of its erection, the diocese had a Catholic population of 56,852 scattered in eight parishes and 155 outstations, served by seven priests, 137 catechists, and religious in eight convents.

Almost 25 years later,  the diocese has a Catholic population of 135,544 scattered in nine parishes, one mission and 402 outstations.  It is served by 18 clergy, one religious priest, 44 religious sisters, 24 religious brothers, six seminarians, 18 lay consecrated women, and 410 catechists (2016 statistics).

It has two retreat centres, two pilgrimage sites, a pastoral centre, a children’s home and three student hostels.

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