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Initial priestly formation to focus on building strong prayer foundation

The aspirants and seminarians pose with the concelebrants after the opening Mass for the Academic Calendar, 12 Feb 2018, St Peter’s College Kota Kinabalu.

KOTA KINABALU – The focus in the initial priestly formation is to build a strong prayer foundation for the 26 young men who were accepted into both Aspirancy and Initiation Year (IY) this year.

This was highlighted in the homily of Archbishop John Wong at the opening Mass – that they are to be men of prayer who have a close relationship with the Lord and be able to discern the will of the Lord for their lives.

It was also given emphasis by new IY Director Father Mattheus Luta in his welcome address at the reception after the Mass.  He said that the Initiation Year is Spirituality Year – the time when the seminarians learn the foundations of prayer and have a living relationship with the Lord.  After his address he introduced the seminarians.

In his turn, recently appointed Aspirants Director Father Joshua Liew expressed his desire that the aspirants would learn more than just the English language – that they would have a faith strong enough to see them through even if they do not become priests in the process.  He then introduced the aspirants after his speech.

In a brief address, Abp Wong thanked the people for their presence and said he count on them to provide not just material help to the formands but also spiritually through their prayers and guidance.

The opening of the Academic Calendar was held at St Peter’s College Kota Kinabalu on 12 Feb 2018.

Joining Abp Wong at the altar were Abp Emeritus John Lee, Fr Luta, Fr Liew, Father Wilfred Atin (immediate past Aspirant Director), Father Max Hontor, and Father Paul Lo.  Father Cosmas Lee came later to join in the fellowship.

Among those present at the event were the teaching staff of the different years, benefactors, members of religious and secular institutes, members of the Catholic Women’s League, and friends.

After the Mass, all adjourned to the square for a fellowship meal where after the speeches, there was a cake-cutting ceremony by the clergy.  While eating, the guests were entertained by the formands with a medley of spiritual songs.

The IY seminarians are: Brywinedren Godon (Beaufort), 27; Jonathan Seah Kang Wai (Sandakan), 23; Timothy Ivan Galisin (Keningau), 29; Gary Aquinas ak Boniface (Kanowit), 24; Addie Frank ak Lingge (Serian), 33; Bonnyface Stephen (Bundu Tuhan), 25; Razali Ikat (Papar), 34; Jescie Petrus Petu (Sandakan), 23; Maxwell Verus (Inanam), 26; Jeremia Duminggu (KK), 24; and Adrian Linus Lojikip (Penampang), 28.

The aspirants are: Corllin Sumail (Terawi), 21; Dasmond Kong (Terawi), 26; Elvis Evisdateh (Kiulu), 23; Evanz Alicius Petrus (Ranau), 21; Heldy Amin (Kiulu), 30; Joehbeey Majimin (KK), 30; Rosterlexson Solaiman (Bundu Tuhan), 28; Stanley Kurumbong (Penampang), 28; Stephen Johnny (Dontozidon), 33; Walter Pukin (Ranau), 26; Brad Brandon Bridge (Kuala Penyu), 28; Constantine Olot (Tambunan), 35; Ryennadem Vitalis (Telupid), 22; Stephen Suhaili (Dalat), 34; and Joseph Lee (Sibu), 42.

Meanwhile six seminarians – Nelbart Peter (Sook), 23; Dannie Luis ak Romanus (Lundu Sarawak), 27,  Francis Pius (Keningau), 23; Yoseph Jup Matthias (Manggatal), 22; Scany Polycarp (Kota Marudu), 25; and Ricki Boy Hasim (Telupid), 25 – will leave for Penang College General for their philosophical studies on Feb 21.

IY student likens seminary life to a spiritual workout

apoloniusKOTA KINABALU – Appolonius, one of the 2015 Initiation Year students, likened seminary life to a spiritual workout.  In an interview with CS, he said:

I praise and thank God for this privilege to share my personal experience of Initiation Year in St Peter’s College, Kota Kinabalu, which is also known as ‘Spiritual Year’. For me, IY has been a meaningful and enlightening experience in pursuit of God’s call. Comparing it to my life before entering IY, I said to myself, ‘Would it be more difficult?’ But I had underestimated the challenges that I would be facing.

At first, I experienced difficulties in being diligent in my prayer life, but after a while I began to appreciate it. I’ve learned that prayer is a daily encounter with God, alive and beautiful.  Celebrating Holy Eucharist daily, saying the Divine Office, praying the Rosary together, recollections and others are like a ‘spiritual workout’ that leads me to experience a gradual transformation and a strengthening of  foundation for my vocation.

I have also learned to adjust myself to the IY programmes and new environment that were challenging, not only spiritually but also mentally and physically. Coming from different  backgrounds and personal characters, we have also learned to live together as a community.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to our Director, Fr Rayner Bisius, formators and spiritual directors for their tireless guidance, support and words of advice. Not forgetting the members of the Women’s League, our generous benefactors, beloved family members and friends for their continuous prayers and support, thank you once again and God bless you abundantly!

Initiation Year closes academic year with a thanksgiving celebration

The IY students and aspirants pose with their formators after the Mass.

The IY students and aspirants pose with their formators after the Mass.

KOTA KINABALU – The Initiatiion Year of St Peter’s College here closed its academic year with a thanksgiving celebration on 11 Dec 2015 at its premises located on Jalan Sang Kancil Tiga Karamunsing.

In his homily, Archbishop John Wong noted that the word “thanksgiving” was the right word to describe the night’s event as it expressed the sentiment for all the graces received and learnings during the formative process of the past ten months.

Concelebrating with the prelate were Fr Rayner Bisius, IY Director; Fr Wilfred Atin, Director of the Aspirants, and two of the lecturers, Fr Paul Lo and Fr Jalius Sading.

After the Mass, the congregation adjourned to the IY Square (or as they called it “St Peter’s Square”) for a fellowship meal and short programme.  Despite the inclement weather, the IY students and aspirants managed to entertain those present with their song and dance performances.

In his address, the prelate told the audience that the Malaysian bishops and seminary staff have decided in their recent meeting to pool their resources together for the good of the candidates: IY will remain in KK, philosophy (2 yrs) in Penang, and theology (4 yrs) in Kuching.  The Aspirancy will be two years instead of one so that the candidates will have longer time to prepare for their English Proficiency Exam needed to enter the seminary programme proper.

As usual, the two formation houses presented tokens of appreciation to their lecturers and staff as well as to those who have helped out in the smooth running of the formative programmes in one way or another.  The event closed with a night prayer and blessing from Abp Wong.

A Gift From God

Elvost Lunchi - Initial Year Student

Elvost Lunchi – Initial Year Student

Initiation Year student, Elvost Lunchi, shares …

This vocation is a gift from God – a very wonderful gift, and one that is full of mystery. The beauty of this call, which comes from God, can never be exactly described in words. The desire and sense of being in formation, which I believe is a journey guided by God Himself, continues to blossom and flourish as time passes.

God calls whosoever He chooses and whensoever He wants. His call is a life-changing experience which can never be replaced by anything else. He reveals things in His own time, and this is what I want to share in this little sharing of my journey. Continue Reading

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