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Butterworth pastoral centre piling works begin with groundbreaking

Prayer to commence the piling works of the pastoral centre behind the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 9 July 2018.

BUTTERWORTH – With the commencement of the piling works behind the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (NBVM) on 9 July 2018, the RM6 million NBVM Pastoral Centre moved one step closer to reality.

Father Dominic Santhiyagu, parish priest, and Father Victor Louis, Asst parish priest, concelebrated the Eucharist on Saturday, July 7, to ask for God’s blessings for the ground breaking ceremony.

At the site to officiate and witness the ceremony were Fr Victor Louis (former parish priest who initiated the fund raising for the project), Fr Dominic, Father Louis Loi, Tony Edwards (the chairman of the NBVM Building Committee), Bro Jason Raj OFMCap, the parish staff and about 40 parishioners.

Tony Edwards thanked Fr Victor for initiating the fund-building efforts and Fr Dominic for his support and patience with the Building Committee.

Fr Dominic commented that it was Fr Edmund Woon who first mooted the idea of a Pastoral Centre but then he left for further studies. Fr Victor carried on the project with several fund raising activities. Fr Dominic reminded the people to be thankful to God. He reiterated that God is the master planner and Christ is the Divine Architect. So, “unless the Lord builds, in vain will the builders labour.”

He reminded the people of the need for continuous support. Owing to the hard work of the Building Committee and the generosity of the parishioners and well-wishers, the parish building fund stands at about 2.1 million. There is still a shortfall of about 3.9 million. Bishop Sebastian Francis  has promised to give RM 3 million from the diocese as contribution and an additional 1 million as a soft loan. Fr Dominic hopes that the parishioners will continue to be generous in their donations so that the building will be completed.

Then Fr Dominic led the small congregation in prayers, asking the Lord to bless the construction site and to protect all the workers from harm and injury.

After that, the priests sprinkled holy water all over the construction site while those present said the rosary and sang the hymn On this day, O beautiful Mother. Then the three priests and Tony mounted the pile driver and drove in the cornerstone, symbolically signalling the beginning of the piling works, to the applause of all present. Piling work is estimated to take two and half months according to Fr Dominic. There will then be another ceremony for the construction of the Pastoral Centre, to which  Bp Sebastian Francis and some dignitaries will be invited to officiate. – Anne Marie Yap, Herald Malaysia

Groundbreaking ceremony marks commencement of new Catholic Centre construction

Archbishop John Wong (with stole), assisted by Fr Cosmas Lee, officiates the rite of blessing before the groundbreaking ceremony on site of new Catholic Centre Karamunsing, 13 Dec 2017, witnessed by representatives of the clergy, religious, parishes, consultants, building and fundraising committees.

KOTA KINABALU – The groundbreaking ceremony marking the commencement of the construction of the new Catholic Centre here took place on 13 Dec 2017.

Archbishop John Wong officiated the rite of blessing of the site, assisted by Father Cosmas Lee, the project supervisor.

After the blessing, the archbishop proceeded to do the groundbreaking by using an excavator, assisted by John Voo, the contractor for the demolition and site preparation works.

On hand to witness the ceremony were some 35 representatives from the clergy, religious, parishes, consultants, and the building and fundraising committees.

The demolition began on Nov 29 and is scheduled to be completed by 9 Jan 2018.

An open tender for the piling works has been called for and the piling will begin sometime in January 2018.

The building project is scheduled to be completed within 16 months, probably by mid-2019.

At the press conference held after the ceremony,  Fr Lee as well as Willie Wong, head of the fundraising committee, said funding for the project is from the Catholic Community organised into 21 parishes, from state and federal grants, and from generous individuals.

Ranau parish receives RM210k from Rome for kindergarten

RANAU – St Peter Claver Church (SPCR) here received a donation of RM210,000 from the Vatican Foundation to build a kindergarten (Tadika Kasih Bonda), currently located in the old church building (Fr Salm Hall).

Father Nicholas Stephen shared the good news during the Ranau Parish Day event officiated by Archbishop John Wong on 10 Sept 2017.

The Kasih Bonda Kindergarten, which uses English as its introductory language, started operating in 2015. It now requires its own building as a result of the very encouraging response from Christian students in this area.

To accommodate the construction of the building, the church needs an allocation of RM750.000, besides the donation from the Vatican Foundation through the courtesy of the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu. The contribution of all the people is needed to realise the completion of the building.

Meanwhile, Abp Wong also announced the construction of the Catholic Centre to be built near  Sacred Heart Cathedral building Kota Kinabalu that requires an allocation of RM9.6 million.

To complete this centre, the archdiocese is seeking the generous contribution of all Catholics from the 22 parishes and sub-parishes in the archdiocese.

If every single person contributes just RM10.00, then the allocation of RM150,000 donated by the Ranau parish for the construction of the Catholic centre will be easy, the prelate said.

For that purpose, the archbishop launched the special Donation Fund from Catholics in the district. He personally led the donation into the fund followed by Father Stephen, Father Francis Tsen, Father Bruno Yasun and local church leaders.

During the ceremony, he also held a groundbreaking to officiate the construction of the kindergarten building at the back of the church.

Among the events at the Parish Day were the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation for 265 candidates, exhibitions from 21 church committees, lunch with Archbishop, lucky draws,  and cake cutting. – herald malaysia.com

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