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Bishops ask faithful to pray for peace and reconciliation in post-GE14 message

Pakatan Harapan supporters celebrate their General Election 14 victory outside the hotel where opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad held news conference in Petaling Jaya, 10 May 2018 (Reuters).

PETALING JAYA – The Malaysian Bishops’ Conference have asked the people to pray for peace and reconciliation in their Post-General Election 14 message dated 12 May 2018, entitled: “Rakyat has spoken, Syabas.”  Below is the full text.

Rakyat has spoken, Syabas

Dear People of God,

We have exercised our democratic right and duty to cast our vote on May 9, 2018.

The Rakyat has spoken. History has been created against all odds. Malaysia has the golden opportunity now to press the “Reset” button. The future is in the hands of the Rakyat.

We, the Malaysian Catholic Bishops, would like to give Praise and Thanks to God for a relatively peaceful GE14 without much incidents. We are grateful and thankful for a mature electorate which has come of age. To all the Election Commission officials, the Polling and Counting Agents (PACAs), the thousands of volunteers and responsible citizens assisting in the background, “Syabas” for an almost incident-free Election.

This was possible because many came out of their ‘comfort zones’ to sacrifice and toil much to make a better Malaysia where freedom and justice are ensured to all. Everyone is enabled to live in peace and harmony without suspicion of one another as fellow citizens — a New Malaysia has emerged! Many people have expressed sentiments of joy in being Malaysian first. This is indeed God’s grace given freely to all!

This was also manifested during the course of this Election. We have witnessed Humility and the seeking of Forgiveness for past mistakes. We have seen Reconciliation offered and received; observed Graciousness in defeat; a love for Peace and Harmony for this country. Let us put into practice more and more the values of the Gospel.

“As long as we love one another, God will live in us and His love will be complete in us.” (I John 4:12)

We all need to continue to pray for Malaysia. We must pray for Healing and Unity among all of us including the Church.

Let the Church also press the “Reset” button and be a Malaysian Church. It is time for us to walk the talk and move away from language divided churches and live this unity in reality. Let us be inclusive. Let us be creative. Let us be bridge builders. Let us build a Malaysian church for a Malaysian Malaysia.

We want to pray for Blessings and Prosperity for all Malaysians.

We would like to propose a time of Prayer and Thanksgiving for our beloved nation during any of these nine days of Novena before Pentecost between May 12-20 or any other suitable day in May, the month of Our Mother Mary. Possibilities are:

  • A Mass of Thanksgiving be offered
  • A Holy Hour of Adoration and Prayer
  • A prayer intention for ‘Peace in our country Malaysia’ during the community/ family rosary prayers
  • A personal commitment to be an instrument of Peace & Unity

May the love of God and the love for this Nation, keep us Malaysians united in Love.

“God is Love and whoever lives in Love, lives in God, and God lives in him.” (1 John 4:16)

Dated: May 12, 2018

Signed by

+ Most Reverend Julian Leow, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur

+ Most Reverend Simon Poh, Archbishop of Kuching

+ Most Reverend John Wong, Archbishop of Kota Kinabalu

+ Rt. Reverend Bernard Paul, Bishop of Malacca-Johore

+ Rt. Reverend Cornelius Piong, Bishop of Keningau

+ Rt Reverend Sebastian Francis, Bishop of Penang

+ Rt Reverend Julius Dusin Gitom, Bishop of Sandakan

+ Rt Reverend Joseph Hii, Bishop of Sibu

+ Rt Reverend Richard Ng, Bishop of Miri

Bishops issues pastoral letter on voting

On 24 Apr 2018, the Malaysian Bishops’ Conference issued a pastoral letter to the People of God.   Below is the full text.


“All citizens should be mindful of the right and also the duty to use their vote freely to further the common good.”  (Gaudium et spes – Church in the Modern World, n.75).

Dear People of God,
The upcoming 14th General Election presents us, once again, with an opportunity to participate and
exercise our democratic right to vote and choose our leaders. Every General Election rekindles in each of us expectations, aspirations and a desire to help shape our nation not just for us but also for the generations to come.

The Church calls on her members to exercise conscientiously the right and duty to vote for the common
good of all. Therefore, as Christians, we have a civic and moral duty to engage and participate in the
democratic processes of our beloved country. As responsible stewards, there is no room for attitudes of
indifference or apathy towards the good governance of our country. Every vote helps set the direction of our country and society for the next five years and it is only proper that we ask for divine assistance and guidance in our choices in order to allow our nation to flourish and continue to prosper.

Every registered voter must ‘turn up and vote’ because it is here that we exercise our responsibility and, once again, stake our claim in securing the future of our country by choosing our leaders. We need to choose leaders who truly care for all the ‘rakyat’, promote justice and equality, stand up for principles with integrity and work for the common good of citizens and strive to build a cohesive, harmonious and prosperous nation.

Every election is also an opportunity for self-appraisal not only as a nation but more importantly for us as citizens of this country. Therefore, as citizens, we ought to desire the best possible political leaders who are free of corruption so as to help us achieve the common good, and we have a responsibility to participate in the political process by voting. We must cast our vote through prayerful consideration and in accordance with our conscience formed by the Catholic faith.

We, as Catholic citizens, must inform and form our consciences in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching. The first and most essential principle of our social teaching is the dignity of every human person and each one’s basic right to life from conception to natural death. Respect for human dignity is the basis for the fundamental right to life. This is a non-negotiable principle that is supported by our beliefs. Many non-Catholics, too, think a society dedicated to the common good
should protect its weakest members. Other principles include the call to community and participation, the centrality of the family, the dignity of work and rights of workers, the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity and the commitment to stewardship of the environment.

What can I do?
• Exercise my moral duty to vote according to my conscience.
• Encourage my family and friends to also vote.
• Educate myself on issues at hand and be informed of the track record of all candidates and political
• Ensure free and fair elections; volunteer to be a Polling and/or Counting Agent.
• Extend a helping hand — provide transportation to the polling station and whatever assistance
needed for the differently abled and other needful individuals, to ensure they have the opportunity
to exercise their votes.

• Pray for a peaceful and clean election.
• Observe the Day of Prayer and Fasting for the GE14 as declared by the Bishops’ Conference of
Malaysia on the date/time as specified by your respective dioceses and parishes.
• Respond to and participate in the Call to Prayer being observed by our Christian brothers and sisters
of the denominational churches:
▪ NECF Malaysia: A Call for 21.21.21. Time of Prayer and Fasting for the Church and our Beloved
Nation (www.necf.org.my/newsmaster.cfm?&menuid=43&action=view&retrieveid=1675)
• Pray without ceasing throughout this Election period.
• Pray that all candidates/political parties/leaders will respect the outcome of the GE14.

May the Holy Spirit, grant us the wisdom and fortitude we need in choosing those who will represent and lead us in our national and state governments. Therefore, we urge you, stand up, uphold the common good of our nation, choose wisely, and your vote will be a blessing for our nation.

We place our country unto the hands of Mother Mary to always guide, protect and bring us abundant
graces. May God bless you all and our country, Malaysia.

Yours devotedly in Christ,
+ Most Reverend Julian Leow, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur
President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia
24 April 2018

Bishops ask for 24 hours of prayer for GE14

KOTA KINABALU – The Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia has asked all parishes in Malaysia to hold  24-hours of prayer for the 14th General Elections.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish here will begin with Mass on Friday, 27 Apr 2018 at 7:30 pm followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 5 pm on Saturday, Apr 28.  It will conclude with the Sunset Mass at 6 pm.

All parish groups and the general parishioners are asked to commit themselves to pray for the coming election and are encouraged to join the 24 Hours of Prayers.

And all parishioners who are registered voters are strongly  urged to exercise their right to vote in this election on Wednesday May 9.

Pope Francis issues “motu proprio” on liturgical translations

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis issued a Motu Proprio on 9 Sept 2017 entitled, Magnum principium which refers to the translation of liturgical texts.

A Motu Proprio is a special document, or apostolic letter, issued by the Pope on his own initiative and signed by him.

In the document Pope Francis writes that, taking into account the experience of the Second Vatican Council with regard to liturgical translations, it seemed opportune that some principles handed on since that time, “should be more clearly reaffirmed and put into practice.”  The changes will take effect on 1 Oct 2017.

According to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Vatican department responsible for publishing the document, “Magnum principium” alters certain norms of Canon 838 of the Code of Canon Law regarding the translation of liturgical texts into modern languages.

In a separate note, the Congregation for Divine Worship points out that, “the object of the changes is to define better the roles of the Apostolic See and the Conferences of Bishops in respect to their proper competencies which are different yet remain complementary. They are called to work in a spirit of dialogue regarding the translation of the typical Latin books as well as for any eventual adaptations that could touch on rites and texts.”

“In the encounter between liturgy and culture,” the note continues, “the Apostolic See is called to review and evaluate such adaptations in order to safeguard the substantial unity of the Roman Rite.”

Given the heavy responsibility of translation entrusted to the Bishops’ Conferences, the Motu Proprio itself points out that these Conferences “must ensure and establish that, while the character of each language is safeguarded, the sense of the original text should be rendered fully and faithfully.”

In conclusion, the Motu Proprio provides that the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments will also “modify its own Rules and Regulations on the basis of the new discipline and help the Episcopal Conferences to fulfill their task.” – Vatican Radio


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