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SOCCOM members exhorted to give “good news”

Msgr Ong accepts the gifts brought forward by SOCCOM members, HTC Tawau, 27 May 2017.

TAWAU – Members of the Holy Trinity Social Communications Committee (SOCCOM) were exhorted to give “good news” to the people.

The exhortation was given by Msgr Nicholas Ong at the Mass marking the 51st World Communication Day on 27 May 2017 at Holy Trinity Church here.

He quoted from Pope Francis’ message for the occasion:

 “I would like, then, to contribute to the search for an open and creative style of communication that never seek to glamourise evil but instead to concentrate on solutions and to inspire a positive and responsible approach on the part of its recipients. I ask everyone to offer the people of our time storylines that are at heart ‘good news.’”

Echoing the sentiments of the Holy Father, Msgr Ong said “You must share good news everywhere through your words, actions and the media. The world today offers constant bad news:  war, killing, murder, suicide bomber, terrorism and so on.  But don’t forget that we are children of the Good News, that is, Jesus Christ Himself.”

He added, “So share your good news with others; of the love, mercy and forgiveness which you have experienced from God. Let the world know and acknowledge that this “good news” offers hope and affirmation.  Without God’s love, guidance and protection, we will be without hope.”

SOCCOM members took an active part in the liturgy as presenters of gifts, readers and commentator.

Msgr Ong introduced the SOCCOM members to the parishioners before the Dismissal of Mass, and expressed his gratitude for their hard work and contribution in the dissemination of faith through various forms of media, as well as updating the documentation of parish activities.

SOCCOM Holy Trinity provides voluntary service, including photography, for all church events.  The photos are documented and kept in the archives of the parish so that the history of the church could be preserved. Reports of events are channelled to church-based bulletins and websites such as the Diocese of Sandakan News Update (DOSPO), Catholic Sabah and The Herald. – Julita Kantod

Tawau pastor says all are gifted with faith in the Holy Trinity

Msgr Ong cuts the cake to mark the parish feast day at the Tawau parish hall, 11 June 2017.

TAWAU – The pastor of Holy Trinity Church here said the faithful have been gifted with faith in the Holy Trinity.

“We are all blessed for God has gifted us with the faith of believing in the most controversial statement by most religions,” Msgr Nicholas Ong said in his homily on Trinity Sunday, 11 June 2017.

Msgr Ong explained, “Our faith teaches us very clearly that The Holy Trinity is the mystery of love, communion and peace, which is visible in the person of Christ, our God and Saviour.”

He continued,  “By His suffering, death and resurrection, God is with us in the form of the Holy Spirit. By God’s grace and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, we are indeed in communion with God. You do not see the full meaning of the Trinity but you experience it around us.”

The pastor urged the parishioners to share the mystery of the Trinity to others, the mystery that is tangible in “the unity and communion that we build with the people around us.”

Referring to the Vision and Mission of the Diocese, Msgr Ong stressed the importance of unity in diversity, and the need to journey together to achieve the Vision as “One Big Family” of God, which was also the theme for this year’s parish feast day celebration.

After Mass, all adjourned to the parish hall for fellowship, which was spiced up with some cultural presentations by the various groups.

The gathering, which was attended by over a thousand parishioners, also included a short sharing on the Vision and Mission of the Diocese presented by Mario (on the Vision statement) and Julita (on the Mission statement).

The presentation of the Vision and Mission Statement was to enhance the awareness and understanding of the parishioners of its existence and purpose, as well as their role in making the Vision and Mission a success.

In spite of the inclement weather, parishioners gathered from far and near, from the various communities, groups, ministries and the nearby chapels. The participation of St Clement Brantian and St Thomas Bombalai from Kalabakan, and St Jude from Semporna added to the number and merriment of the event.

Msgr Nicholas Ong expressed his gratitude to all parishioners for their effort and unity in celebrating the parish feast day and in fully participating in the liturgy by the various groups. The different colourful costumes were a symbol of the unity, understanding and friendship that exist among the faithful.

There was the usual anniversary cake cutting ceremony, followed by lunch and then games for the families. The parish event ended with a closing prayer by Franciscan Sister Martha. – Julita Kantod

KK clergy takes time to reflect on their priestly ministry

In this section of the 29 priests present at the concelebrated Mass on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, stands Fr Lee (front L) who delivers the homily for the occasion, 22 June 2017, SHC.

KOTA KINABALU  – As part of their programme marking the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests (WDPSP), the Kota Kinabalu clergy took time in the morning to reflect on their priestly ministry on 22 June 2017 at Vianney Home Dontozidon.

The day of prayer was instituted by Pople John Paul II in 2002.  The Feast of the Sacred Heart was chosen because it celebrates God’s merciful love, and that becomes tangible for priests in the Eucharistic Mystery, which they celebrate daily, and in the sacramental pardon which they administer and receive.

Father Peter Abas facilitated the reflection.  He challenged the participants to look into their own priestly ministry – whether they feel the joy, peace and happiness in being a priest, a bishop, while reflecting on the confession of Pope Francis that he not only likes to be pope, but he also “enjoys being a priest in a parish, the rector of a faculty and also a parish priest — I like both callings very much. I also enjoy doing Sunday school, children’s Mass…. I like this. Always, being a priest is something that I have always enjoyed very much.”

Fr Abas also urged them to look for Christ in the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

In the evening, at the homily during the concelebrated Eucharist with the faithful at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing, Father Cosmas Lee tied up the reflection with the meaning of holiness for the priest.

“To be sanctified, to be made holy, is to have the heart of God, which is the heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the one who is not a hireling that would run away in the face of trial, of inconvenience, danger, but one who would give his life for his sheep,” he said.

Fr Lee concluded his homily with a plea for prayers for the priests.

“Please pray for your shepherds, your priests.  May they be graced to know that to be good shepherds, there is nothing more important than to be holy, and to be holy is to have the Sacred Heart of Jesus,” he said. – CS

Fr Lee explains the relevancy and love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

KOTA KINABALU  – “Never before has the unconditional love of the Sacred Heart been as relevant as it is today!” according to Father Cosmas Lee.

Spoken like the prophet of hope, Fr Lee delivered a message of hope derived simply from the “symbol of God’s love” found in what Jesus has done for humanity in His Sacred Heart, quoting Matthew 11:29:   “Learn of me for I am meek and humble of heart and you will find rest for your soul.

Fr Lee was the homilist at the titular feast day Mass of the Sacred Heart Cathedral on 22 June 2017, which also marked the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.

The Mass was presided by Archbishop John Wong, and joining him at the altar were Archbishop Emeritus John Lee and 29 priests from the archdiocese, and over a thousand parishioners who turned up at Mass for the dual purpose of celebrating the feast day as well as to support their priests and bishops with prayers and affection.

“Theologians are saying that amid chaos,” said Fr Lee, “it is necessary to capture the transcendent in a symbol that is relevant for you; in other words, to capture the unconditional love of God in a symbol that is relevant for me.”

The “chaos” referred to the “lust for knowledge” that is the result of living in the information-centred society of the World Wide Web and the internet, and this “info-mania” has produced an unbelievable amount of information and data that could be stored in a small silicon chip and called forth at will.

“We can no longer see the forest for the trees,” lamented the homilist, “the sheer volume of all of this information has made this the age of the digest, the logo and the symbol.”

“The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the symbol of the fidelity of the love of God” Fr Lee underscored as he reminded all that “God loves us unconditionally with a love we cannot earn or ever be worthy of.”

“And He loves us for ourselves, not as we should be, or possibly could be, but as we are with all of our physical warts, psychological quirks and spiritual infidelities,” he added.

Quoting Pope Benedict XVI, the homilist attempted to explain, in biblical language, that the “heart” indicates the centre of the person where his sentiments and intentions dwell.

In the Heart of the Redeemer, we adore God’s love for humanity, his will for universal salvation, his infinite mercy. Practising devotion to the Sacred Heart of Christ therefore means adoring that Heart which, after having loved us to the end, was pierced by a spear and from high on the Cross poured out blood and water, an inexhaustible source of new life.” (Benedict XVI, Angelus 5 June 2005, Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

The priest went on: “Jesus was divine, the Son of God. He was also human, the son of Mary. He spoke with divine authority but he spoke in human language. He spoke in the simple language of ordinary people of his day about the things they were most familiar with…. And when he wanted to tell us of God’s love for us, he used the heart, the human symbol of love. He told us that we should learn of him that He was meek and humble of heart and we would find rest for our souls.”

Concluding his homily, Fr Lee drove home the point “The Sacred Heart of Jesus is most relevant today because not only is this the information-centred society, but it is also an age of anxiety, fear, insecurity and despair.”

He pointed out:  “Every year millions suffer heart attacks. Heart failure is the leading cause of death today. Heart failure is also the most avoidable cause of death because long before the patient is rushed to the emergency room, trouble has been going on in the heart: in the fearful heart, the anxious heart, the discouraged heart, the lonely heart, the rejected heart, the angry heart, and the sinful heart. The root cause of all of this heart trouble is the failure to know and trust the meek and humble Sacred Heart of Jesus.” – CS

Walk the talk, reduce wastage of food

Ramadan has just ended. Mainstream media have reported that “food waste had hit a peak during the final week of Ramadan when large quantities of untouched food packets were disposed of mercilessly. Photographs of heaps of uneaten food, in a wink, went viral on social media.” (Bernama)

Food wastage happens when too many are feeding the homeless without an organised system. Along with food wastage, other problems like cleanliness, uneven distribution of aid, health problems like food poisoning are created.

Rightly observed, what we need is “a more systematic way to distribute food to the target groups. Only then can food waste be curbed.”

Much has been said from many quarters. “Instead of paying lip service to this issue, they should walk the talk. They don’t have to wait until the next Ramadan or festive season.”

Take for example, Minu Pauline, a restaurant owner from Kochi, in southern India, recently made news headlines, not for her culinary expertise, but her awe-inspiring generosity. She maintains a fully stocked, unlocked refrigerator outside her restaurant, filled with free fresh meals for the homeless.

The fridge is always stocked with about 50 packets of freshly cooked food from the restaurant, for people to reach for when they are hungry.

Minu has two concerns though: 1) She may get sued if someone gets sick from eating her food; 2) her restaurant often doesn’t have the space to store leftover food while they are waiting for agencies to pick it up. Food banks may not have the capacity to transport or properly store the food, especially if it’s highly perishable. Furthermore, often she simply doesn’t even know where to donate their leftover food.

There is no reason or excuse for there to be even one starving person on this Earth in this day and age. The only missing ingredient is our collective willpower to come together and create the changes we all know the world needs, Minu opines.

Minu insists that their idea is to use what you already have, to donate the food that you might waste. She says that her restaurant bears the cost of the fridge and the electricity, and keeps it open for 24 hours a day, every day.” – Truthforfree

Tambunan choir organises workshop for Beaufort choir members

BEAUFORT – Sixty choir members of St Valentine Beaufort and its outstation KUK – mostly youths -participated in a one-day choir workshop organised by 25 members of St Theresa Tambunan Choir on 24 June 2017.

The purpose of the workshop was to highlight the importance of serving in the church choir, to provide the right vocal production techniques, and the proper voice harmonisation of the choir.

The organisers took the opportunity to serve as the choir for the Sunset Mass on June 24 and for the Sunday Mass on June 25 at St Valentine Church. They headed back to Tambunan right after the Sunday Mass. Simon Tay

Sandakan youth prepares for MCCSD-2

TAWAU – Nine youths prepared themselves with a day of recollection on 17 June 2017 before participating in the second Malaysian Catholic Campus Students Day (MCCSD) in Penang.

Anna Amandus, coordinator of the Youth Apostolate Commission, organised the recollection at the Holy Trinity Church here.

She invited the youths to discern their purpose of going to the MCCSD based on John 17:21-23 – also the theme of the MCCSD – That They May Be One.

Amandus encouraged them to bring home one concrete idea to be implemented in the Campus Student Ministry (CSM) in their respective parishes.

Esther Albert, also serving in the ministry, explained the structure and functions of the CSM as well as its importance as a service offered by the church to the young people.

The MCCSD would be held on 23-27 June 2017 in Penang with participation from all Malaysian dioceses. DOSPO

Youth programme carried out in three outstation chapels

LIMBAHAU – Belia Masuk Kampung (BMK) programme involving 53 youths from Limbahau parish was carried out in three outstation chapels of St Nicholas Molonsi, St Anthony Bolotikon and St Theresa of Avilla Kogopon on 8-10 June 2017.

The BMK programme required long-distance walking from one chapel to another one. So far,  all those who signed up for the programme had shown their commitment to bring the Good News to each village that they were going.

Sandra, one of the participants, said she has never imagined she would walk such a long way especially to a new place.

“Actually, I didn’t expect that we would be walking from Bolotikon to Molonsi and back to Bolotikon again then to Kogopon (all in three days). At first, I thought I would not be able to walk that far but along the journey, I was happy and enthusiastic to reach the place and share the Good News,” said Sandra.

The youths also had the opportunity to visit a few families who have left the church for a long time due to certain factors, for example, their remote location far inside the interior. One of the families said they were grateful and happy for the visit by the youths who shared the Good News with them.

One of those visited acknowledged that it was not easy to go back to the church after a long leave.  He said it needed an open heart and cooperation from those concerned.Elsa Andrew & Dazsler Nigel Jerry

ASSISS Sabah conducts inaugural mobile clinic mission

Dr Michael Raj treats one of the patients, Kg Timpangoh Sugud, 23 July 2017.

SUGUD, Penampang – The Assunta Integrated Social Services Sabah (ASSISS Sabah) conducted its inaugural mobile clinic mission at Kg Timpangoh here on 23 July 2017.

The team consisted of some 22 volunteers including four doctors and Sister Elizabeth Tan of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Petaling Jaya.

Doctor Michael Raj, head of the Catholic Doctors Association, gave a health talk to the 100 people who came before services began at the hut below St Benedict’s Church.

In this first mission, the doctors were able to treat 78 patients from 10 am to 2 pm.  The mobile clinic will return to Kg Timpangoh every third Sunday of the month.

Carmelite Definitor visits local Carmelite community

KOTA KINABALU – The sixth Definitor of the Discalced Carmelite General Curia was here to visit the local Carmelite community on 20-23 July 2017.

Friar Mariano (Junjun) Agruda III, VI Definitor, 53, gave some conferences to the nuns as part of his social visit to the communities in Asia.  He visited the communities in West Malaysia and Singapore last year.  He will visit Miri and Kuching after Kota Kinabalu.

The friar hails from Cebu City Phillippines and was elected to the General Curia five years ago.  His area of concern is Asia.

The Discalced Carmelites are men and women, in religious consecration and lay people, who dedicate themselves to a life of prayer. The Carmelite nuns live in cloistered (enclosed) monasteries and follow a completely contemplative life. The seculars live the spirit of Carmel in the heart of the world and enrich the religious life of Carmel by their secular state.

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