Schedule Of Masses

Note: EN-English, BM-Bahasa Malaysia, CH-Chinese, Β KD-Kadazan/Dusun

Carmelite Monastery Chapel Kota Kinabalu
Daily: 6:30am (EN)
Sun: 7:00am (EN)

Church of the Blessed Sacrament Labuan
Sat: 6:00 pm (EN)
Sun: 7:30am (EN), 10:00 am (BM)

Church of Mary Immaculate Bukit Padang
Sat: 6:00pm (CH)
Sun: 9:00am (EN)

Good Shepherd Manggatal
Sun: 8:00am (CH), 10:30am (BM)

Holy Family Telipok
Sat: 6:00 pm (BM)(starting 4 Nov 2017)
Sun: 8:00am (BM), 10:30am (CH)

Holy Nativity Terawi
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 7:30am (KD)

Holy Rosary Limbahau
Sun: 8:00am (KD)

Our Lady Queen of Peace Kobusak
Sun: 10:30am (KD)

Sacred Heart Cathedral Kota Kinabalu
Daily: 6:00am (EN)
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 7:00am (CH), 9:00am (EN), 10:45am (BM)

St Aloysius Limbanak
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 7:30 am (KD)

St Augustine Kinarut
Sat: 6:00pm (KD)
Sun: 7:30am (BM)

St Catherine Inanam
Sat: 6:00pm (KD)
Sun: 8:00am (BM)

St Edmund Kota Belud
Daily: 6:00am (BM)
Sun: 8:00am (BM)

St John Kopungit
Sun: 10:45am (KD)

St John Tuaran
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 8:00am (KD), 10:30am (BM)

St John Vianney Pukak
Sun: 8:00 am (BM)

St Joseph Papar
Sat: 6:00pm (EN/BM)
Sun: 8:00am (EN/BM)

St Joseph Husband of Mary Kiulu
Sun: 8:00am (BM)

St Martin Malanggang
Sun: 10 am (BM)

St Michael Penampang
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 7:30am (KD), 10:00am (BM), 5:00 pm (EN)

St Paul Dontozidon
Sun: 8:30am (KD)

St Paul’s Chapel on the Hill Kinarut (MYTC)
Sun: 5:00pm (EN)

St Peter Claver Ranau
Sat: 6:00pm (BM)
Sun: 8:00am (KD or BM)

St Peter Kudat
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 8:00am (BM/CH)
5th Sunday of the month: 8:00am (Kadazan)

St Pius X Bundu Tuhan
Sat: 6:00pm (KD)
Sun: 8:00am (BM)

St Simon Likas
Mon to Fri: 6:30pm (EN), Thu: 8.30pm
Sun: 8:30am (EN), 5:00pm (EN)

St Theresa Kota Marudu
Sat: 6:00 pm (BM)
Sun: 8:oo am (BM)

St Thomas Kepayan
Sun: 8:00 am (KD); 5:00pm (BM)

Stella Maris Tanjung Aru
Mon-Sat: 6:00am (EN)
Sat: 6:00pm (EN)
Sun: 7:30am (EN), 10:00am (BM)


On holy days of obligation, Catholics are obliged to participate in Mass. Every Sunday is a holy day of obligation, as are four other days throughout the year. In Malaysia, these holy days of obligation (with anticipated Mass on the previous evening) are:

All Sundays of the Year

Ascension Thursday (40 days after Easter Sunday)

Assumption of Our Lady August 15

All Saints Day November 1

Christmas Day December 25


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What about Divine Mercy KKIP?

I am a visitor to Semporna. I passed by St.Jude’s Church & would like to visit. If possible, I would like to get in touch with the PPC chairman.

I have a friend who staying here for business and he claimed he goes to church daily in the
evening. Can you tell me the time of the mass and what time the church closed.
Thank you.

Would like to know mass service time at St Valentine Church, Himbaan Ranau?

Does anyone know of any Churches here that offers the Traditional Latin Mass?

Is there any Sunday Mass in English in Sipitang, Sabah?

For the church of the bless sacrament labuan is it really going to be chinese mass (7:15am) on the 2nd and 4th week???

What time actually all saints day in church Mary Immaculate bukit padang?

Is there any easy way to contact St. Peter Claver, Ranau parish office? Or maybe to person who in charged the records of baptism’s certificate.

Hello , i would like to know the exact time of mass on 24 december 2017 and 25 december 2017 at St Paul’s Chapel on the hills Kinarut . Thank you πŸ™‚

Do you have Christmas Eve Mass 2017 schedule?

May I know what is the mass schedule for Christmas Mass on the 24&25 Dec 2017 at St. Peter Claver Ranau? I am not from there. So anyone have the info? Would like to go there. Thank you.

Good morning, just wanna ask if you do have schedule of dawn mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral ?

Hello,may i know the christmas maaa schedule on 24th and 25th at the good shepherd menggatal ^^

What time st thomas kepayan christmas eve mass?

Hello,may I know the christmas mass schedule on 24th and 25th at the Sacred Heart Cathedral KK? πŸ™‚

Hello,may I know the christmas mass schedule on Christmas eve 24th and Christmas day mass on 25th at the Sacred Heart Cathedral KK? πŸ™‚

Hello,may I know the christmas mass schedule on 25th at the queen of peace kobusak church?thank you

Greetings.. May I know where can I buy Paulines’ religious merchandise? And what is the opening hour if do have..

Bila tarikh kursus pra perkahwinan bahasa malaysia di gereja Blessed Sacrament Labuan?

Blessed morning. Will visit KK coming Chinese New Year (“CNY”). Is there any CNY mass for 16 Feb? I will be staying nearby Taman Bintang. If there is CNY, which church is the nearest to Taman Bintang? Thank you

Hello, good day. I would like to know which church morning mass will be starting at 6am – on ash Wednesday (14 Feb 2018)..St Thomas, Kepayan? Sacred heart cathedral? Church Stella Maris..?

Ada jadual smbyang rabu abu ka .bsok pnya seluruh gereja?

St thomas kepayan have morning masses?

can the Catholic Sabah news be web base? at least church can earn from web fee, save cost on paper printing, save the earth on paper and ink usage,

schedule of confession at GSC Menggatal

I am a New Zealand geologist who will be visiting Kota Kinabalu on 20 April for the first time since I worked in Sabah in 1963-64. I am wanting to contact the family of Peter Sikuel who were my good friends and who were members of St Michael’s church in Penampang. I am hoping that some older church parishoners might remember this lovely family who lived across the river. We had to cross on a bamboo raft. I would be grateful for any information about the family, especially if they can put me in touch with any of them.

Can i ask for holy week schedule at holy nativity tawau (good friday, easter vigil, easter sunday)

May i know where is St.Theresa Inobong cemetery. My aunt said it’s near church , on a hill. But i cnt find it on map. Or is it near the Sacred Heart Inobong? Tq in advance and God bless.

Could it be possible to have the mass in the afternoon for the daily mass?

For St Michael Church Penampang, we have another mass on Sunday. 5.00 p.m. (BI)

I would like to know sunday mass time at Immaculate sikuati kudat.

What time is the mass in St. Simon Catholic Church Kg Pulau Penampang? Because that is the cheapest rate for me to take grab to go to church on sundays from UMS

Ada tak komuniti pelayanan god sherped menggatal untuk bagi sembhyang dekat rumah

Hi boleh sa tahu bila krusus pra perkahwinan St Thomas kepayan?

For St Peter Church Kudat, if Sunday falls on the 5th week on that month, mass will be in Kadazan.

Hi! I’m from Indonesia and will be visiting KK this weekend for a friend’s wedding.
Is there a Sunday mass at 7 AM on 14 October at the Carmelites Monastery chapel? Thank you

What time is All saint mass?

I would like to know if there is any more pre-wedding course in the near future?

Hi. What is the nearest Catholic Church to Marina Court KK that has an anticipated mass on Nov 3. What time is the mass? Thank you.

What time is the mass at Holy Family Church on Sunday? Is it 7.30 am or 8.00 am?

Holy Rosary Limbahau have Sunset Masses on every Saturdays since 2014. Mass is conducted in BM. Thanks you.

Hi, I would like to know if there is any more pre-wedding course in Nov in Labuan?

Peace be with you. I am a visitor and will be staying at Kundasang homestay from 23-25 December 2018. May I know what are the Christmas Mass schedule (Catholic) for Ranau and Bundu Tuhan please? God bless

    Mass Time for St. Peter Cleaver’s Church, Ranau on 22nd December (Sunset) – 6:00PM in Bahasa Malaysia, 23rd Dec (Sunday)@ 8:00AM- Kadazan, @ 10:15AM – Bahasa Malaysia. On 24th December (Christmas Eve) @ 7:00PM and on 25th December (Christmas day) @ 8:30AM

    St. Pius Church, Bundu Tuhan- yet to get information

    Thank you very much for the helpful info. Please update too for Bundusan Mass schedule for Christmas @ 24/12 & 25/12 whenever possible. Thank you very much for your time. Have a blessed Advent.

    Mass at St.Pius Bundu Tuhan on 23rd December @ 8:00AM and on 25th December (Christmas Day) @ 8:00AM

Hello, i would like to know the scheadule of mass on 24 & 25 Dec 2018 at sacred heart cathedral KK. Thanks

    Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Christmas Eve (24th December): 6:30PM (BM), Cantata 8:30PM, Mass @9:30PM (EN)
    On 25th December – 7:00AM (CN), 9:00AM (EN) & 10:45PM (BM)

    Mass at Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) on 25th Dec is at 9:00AM (EN)

Hello, may I know the Christmas Mass Schedule on Christmas eve 24th & Christmas Day Mass on 25th 2018 at Church Of The Blessed Sacrament, Jalan OKK Abdullah, Labuan πŸ™‚

    At the Blessed Sacrament Church, Labuan, On 24th December, Christmas Carol will start at 7:00PM, Christmas eve Mass is at 7:30PM.
    On Christmas Day (25th December), Mass is at 7:30AM in English & 9:30AM in Bahasa.

May i know will there be mass on Christmas day at good shepherd church menggatal? Thanks

May I know what time is the christmas eve mass at SHC ? Tq.

    Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Christmas Eve (24th December): 6:30PM (BM), Cantata 8:30PM, Mass @9:30PM (EN)
    On 25th December – 7:00AM (CN), 9:00AM (EN) & 10:45PM (BM)

    Mass at Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) on 25th Dec is at 9:00AM (EN)

Hi. Im from miri. I’ll be staying in Kudat during Christmas. I would like to know christmas mass schedule in kudat. TIA

Hello, I would like to know the scheadule of mass on 24 & 25 Dec 2018 at Stella Maris Parish Tanjung Aru KK. Thanks

Hello can u give me the schedule for Christmas mass at SHC. Thanks

    Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Christmas Eve (24th December): 6:30PM (BM), Cantata 8:30PM, Mass @9:30PM (EN)
    On 25th December – 7:00AM (CN), 9:00AM (EN) & 10:45PM (BM)

    Mass at Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) on 25th Dec is at 9:00AM (EN)

Hello. Can u please tell me the time for Christmas church mass st st Michael church on 25th Dec 2018?

It will be nice if there is an overview of the places ofnthe church so that it will be easier to find closest church in my area.

Bila Kursus perkahwinan masa terdekat kota kinabalu S/Heart or Kota Marudu. Jenuari adakah?

There is no sunset mass at St. Thomas Kepayan?

Did have any mass on 14 feb 2019? On valentine day

    Which Church are you referring to? Most Churches around Kota Kinabalu area have daily Mass in the morning at 6:00 or 6:30 AM. Some Churches have evening Mass, like St. Simon’s church at 6:00 PM. Please refer to the Catholic directory for more details.

Hi, is there any pre wedding course available in June 2019?

    Which Church are you referring to? Most Churches will conduct pre wedding session in their respective parishes. Identify which parish is nearer to you and call the parish office for information. Refer church directory for their phone numbers.

Hello. Is there any schedule for Ash Wednesday Masses available for this coming 6th of March? For all the churches in Archdiocese KK area

    Ash Wednesday 6th March 2019 – Mass Schedules detailed as follows:
    Sacred Heart Cathedral
    6.00 am English
    12.00 pm English
    7.30 pm B.M.
    Church of Mary Immaculate
    6.30 am English
    7.30 pm Mandarin
    Carmel 6.30 am English
    St. Paul, Dontozidon
    6.30 am English
    7.30 pm Kadazan
    Our Lady Queen of Peace, Kobusak 7.30 pm Kadazan
    St. John, Kopungit 7.30 pm Kadazan

What time St. Catherine inanam on this ash wednesday??

Boleh Saya tahu jam berapa misa mula untuk Rabu Abu pada 6.3.2019 di Good Shepherd Manggatal. Terima Kasih.

Hi, what time is st thomas kepayan ash Wednesday ?

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