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Pope Francis’ November 2018 Intentions

November 2018
Universal – In Service of Peace

That the language of love and dialogue may always prevail over the language of conflict.

Liturgical Feasts / Anniversaries /Observances

(Legend: Ab=Abbot  Ap=Apostle  Pp=Pope  Bp=Bishop  Ch=Children  De=Deacon  Dr=Doctor  Kg=King Ma=Married  Mt=Martyr  Pr=Priest  Qu=Queen  Re=Religious  Vg=Virgin  Fd=Founder)

Nov 1: All Saints Day***

Nov 2:  All Souls Day 

Nov 3: Martin de Porres (Re)

Nov 4: 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Nov 8: Elizabeth of the Trinity

Nov 9: Dedication of Lateran Basilica**

Nov 10: Leo the Great* (Pp, Dr)

Nov 11: 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Nov 12 : Josaphat* (Bp, Mt)

Nov 15: Albert the Great (Bp, Dr)

Nov 16 : Margaret of Scotland/ Gertrude (Vg)/33rd anniversary demise of the late Bishop Rt.Rev. Datuk Simon Fung

Nov 17 : Elizabeth of Hungary* (Re)

Nov 18 : 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Nov 21 : Presentation of Mary *

Nov 22 : Cecilia (Vg, Mt)

Nov 23 : Clement I (Pp, Mt)/Columban (Ab)

Nov 24 : Andrew Dung-Lac (Pr) & Companions* (Mts)

Nov 25 : Christ the King / 37th anniversary dedication of Sacred Heart Cathedral

Nov 26 : Blessed James Alberione (Pr)

Nov 30 : Andrew** (Ap)

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