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Pope Francis’ June 2019 Intention

Evangelization:  Priests

That priests, through the modesty and humility of their lives, commit themselves actively to a solidarity with those who are the most poor.

Liturgical Feasts/ Anniversaries/ Observances

(Legend: Ab=Abbot  Ap=Apostle  Pp=Pope  Bp=Bishop  Ch=Children  De=Deacon  Dr=Doctor  Kg=King Ma=Married  Mt=Martyr  Pr=Priest  Qu=Queen Re=Religious Vg=Virgin Fd=Founder, Hm=Hermit)

June 1: Justin* (Mt)

June 2: 7th Sunday of Easter (53rd World Communications Sunday)

June 3: Charles Lwanga & Companions (Mts)*

June 5: Boniface (Bp, Mt)*

June 6: Norbert (Bp, Mt)*

June 9: Pentecost Sunday

June 10: Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

June 11: Barnabas* (Ap)

June 13: Anthony of Padua* (Pr, Dr)

June 16: Holy Trinity Sunday

June 19: Romuald (Ab)

June 21: Aloysius Gonzaga* (Rl)

June 22: Paulinus (Bp)/John Fisher (Bp) & thomas More (Mts)

June 23: Corpus Christi

June 24: Birth of St. John the Baptist***

June 26: 32nd anniversary of Episcopal ordination of Archbishop Emeritus John Lee

June 27: Cyril of Alexandria (Bp, Dr)

June 28 : Sacred Heart of Jesus

June 29: Peter & Paul***(Aps)

June 30: 13th Sunday of the Year

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