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Pope Francis’ April 2019 Intention

Universal: Doctors and their Collaborators in War Zones



God of Kindness,
that you contemplate your Son Jesus,
we feel called to be generous,
to put in first place the needs of our brothers and sisters
before our own comfort and safety.
Help us not to be indifferent and lazy
to perform the well that is within our reach.
We ask that your grace
will be the strength of doctors and the volunteer staff
that serve the victims of war.
Be their refuge in moments of discouragement and tiredness,
so that their example may be light in the midst of darkness.
Our Father…

Liturgical Feasts/ Anniversaries/ Observances

(Legend: Ab=Abbot Ap=Apostle pP=Pope Bp=Bishop Ch=Children De=Deacon Dr=Doctor Kg=King Ma=Married Mt=Martyr Pr=Priest Qu=Queen Re=Religious Vg=Virgin Fd=Founder, Hm=Hermit)

April 2: Francis of Paola (Hm)

April 4 : Isidore (Bp, Dr)

 April 5: Vincent Ferrer (Pr)

April 7 : 5th Sunday of Lent (3rd Scrutiny)

April 11 : Stanislaus* (Bp, Mt)

April 13 : Martin I (Pp, Mt)

April 14: Palm/Passion Sunday

April 15: Monday of Holy Week

April 16: Tuesday of Holy Week

April 17: Wednesday of Holy Week

April 18: Holy Thursday: the Lord’s Supper

April 19: Good Friday

April 20 : Holy Saturday


April 28 : 2nd Sunday of Easter

April 29 : Catherine of Siena (Vg, Dr)*

April 30 : Pius V (Pp)


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