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SYCC organises parish Lenten recollection

Participants listen intently to one of the inputs given at the Lenten recollection, St Mary Cathedral Parish Hall Sandakan, 23-24 Feb 2018.

SANDAKAN – The Star of Yahweh Covenant Community (SYCC) organised a parish Lenten recollection on 23-24 Feb 2018 at St Mary Cathedral here themed Journeying Together as a Big Family.

The event began with Parish Pastoral Council Chairman Pilis Malim welcoming the attendees, emphasising the Diocesan Pastoral Plan (DPP) towards achieving the Vision and Mission.

In his talk, Father David Garaman said Lent is an important season for spiritual renewal because during Lent “we are journeying with one another in following the Lord in our deepest humanity” and a “stepping stone to journey together as one community united in Christ without looking at the differences.”

He also touched on the three R’s of Lent: Rest, Reflect and Renew.

On the second day, Fr David elaborated on the DPP logo which symbolises all the parishioners journeying together with one common vision and mission. He invited them to develop a Christ-centred community by serving one another with love and to foster unity in the spirit to help achieve the Vision and Mission of the Diocese.

On the final day, Fr David acknowledged that the sharings based on the reflection were uplifting. He encouraged the participants to purchase the Diocesan Pastoral Plan as a guide to understand properly the Vision and Mission.

The session finished at 12.30 noon with a concluding prayer by Fr David, followed by lunch. – Susanna Cordova

Tawau family life ministry attends Lenten recollection on God’s love

Members pray the Lord’s Prayer to conclude the recollection, 24 Feb 2018.

TAWAU – Seventeen members of the Holy Trinity Family Life Ministry here attended a half-day Lenten recollection on God’s love on 24 Feb 2018.

The event began with a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament guided by Franciscan Sister Julita Joseph who based her reflection on Matthew 5:43-48 – love, forgiveness and acceptance.

“Lenten season is a special opportunity for you and me to reflect on how I, personally, understood God’s love in my life and to return to God. A positive retrospection can humbly bring us back to Him to ask for forgiveness and mercy. This time of refreshing is important to be strengthened and renewed to continue serving as lay people, parents, friends, as a spouse and as children of God” she said.

In the chapel, the participants spent their time with the Lord in silence whilst offering their personal intentions to God. After the Adoration, all participants proceeded to the Conference room for the next session.

Mario Domingo, the Family Life Chairman, expressed his gratefulness to God for His unceasing guidance and grace to this ministry, and thanked the members for their services.

Julita Kantod then gave a brief slide presentation on the work done by the ministry.

This was followed by Sr Julita’s talk on the power of prayer that leads one to become a witness and to the maturity of faith.

Time was also given for personal testimony by the participants.

The “Our Father” prayer concluded the recollection, followed by lunch. – Julita Kantod

Pope Francis delighted with the presence of first woman secretary of a bishop’s conference at the ad limina visit

Pope Francis was delighted when Canossian Sister Margarete Sta Maria accompanied the Malaysian, Singapore and Brunei bishops on their Ad Limina meeting on 8 Feb 2018: “The Pope was very happy …he said that it was the first time in the five years of his pontificate that he saw a woman as the secretary of the conference!” said Sr Margarete.

In an interview, Sr Margarete, the executive secretary of the Bishops’ conference, said, “I think many Christians do feel that they are a minority,” she said. “All non-Muslims do, because all the privileges are given to Muslims … jobs, education, are given to them under the quota system in which they have the majority.”

Sr Margarete added that, while there’s no outright religious persecution, there’s a form which is “very subtle.”

“Take religious freedom — we can worship, but I can’t speak to a Muslim about Jesus,” she said. “You cannot bring up the subject. It’s an unspoken rule.” – Herald Malaysia, 28 Feb 2018

KL prelate shares what touched him during the ad limina visit

Archbishop Julian Leow of Kuala Lumpur shares what touched him during the ad limina visit to the Holy See on 4-9 Feb 2018.

Meeting the Holy Father up close and personal and being able to share our thoughts and feelings with him was such an amazing experience, but what really touched me was hearing him speak from his heart to us.

The Holy Father’s openness and genuine concern for us all was evident during our time with him. He was truly focused on our discussions, thoughts and concerns during the 90-minute meeting.

Throughout our Ad Limina visit, we were aware of the continuous prayers of the Catholic community back home in Malaysia and the community in Rome, whose faith touched me.

Seeing the simple yet powerful faith of our people supporting the Bishops and the Church was heart-warming and their mere presence spoke volumes of their love for their shepherds and the Church as a whole.

All in all, I am truly grateful for this opportunity of being part of this Ad Limina, I am content with my maiden experience and I am truly empowered by this whole experience. – Herald Malaysia, 28 Feb 2018

Retired KL prelate calls for prayer for Pope Francis as he is under pressure

In just a few words, Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam said Pope is under pressure and so needs prayers from the faithful. He, together with Cardinal Soter Fernandez, was in the delegation for the ad limina visit by the Bishops Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei on 4-9 Feb 2018.

When we met Pope Francis, he immediately said, ‘I am not going to give a long speech, neither are you going to give long speeches.’ Instead, he invited us to sit and talk freely… of our concerns, issues etc.

Our Pope is under tremendous pressure and we must continue to keep him in prayers and show our support to him. – Herald Malaysia, 28 Feb 2018

Sibu bishop describes his second ad limina visit

Bishop Hii (3rd from L) poses with the clergy from Sarawak during the ad limina visit, 4-9 Feb 2018.

Bishop Joseph Hii of Sibu, along with with the other members of the Bishops Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, made his ad limina visit to the Holy See on 4-9 Feb 2018. He describes the visit as follows:

This is my second Ad Limina visit. The first one was with Pope Benedict. I find the Vatican is now more humane and Pope Francis is very humble.

In our meetings with the different dicasteries, I was most touched with the Migrants & Refugees Section, which is personally directed by Pope Francis.

The official that we met said that the Pope had great concern for the migrants. They must update the Holy Father immediately as he is convinced that special attention and efforts are needed to ensure that those forced to flee are not shut out or left behind. – Herald Malaysia, 28 Feb 2018

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