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Overflowing crowds seen at Ash Wednesday Masses

Overflowing crowd at the noon Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing queuing up to receive the ashes on their foreheads, 14 Feb 2018.

KOTA KINABALU – As in years past, overflowing crowds were seen at Ash Wednesday Masses on 14 Feb 2018 in churches across Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese.

Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent.  Its name is derived from the custom of signing the foreheads of the faithful with blessed ashes. Its date depends on the date of Easter. In the early Church, public penitents were liturgically admitted to begin their penance on this day. And when this fell into disuse, from the eighth to the tenth centuries, the general penance of the whole community took place. This was symbolised by the imposition of ashes on the heads of the clergy and laity alike.

There were three Masses at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing and two at the sub-parish of the Church of Mary Immaculate Bukit Padang.

Likas parish organises bazaar in aid of CC building fund

Overview of the crowd inside the hall, St Simon Likas, 4 Feb 2018.

KOTA KINABALU: Some 4,000 people thronged the St Simon Catholic Church Likas “Bazaar and Food Fair,”  the first activity organised to raise funds for the building of the new Catholic Centre.

The main purpose of the bazaar, which was held on 4 Feb 2018, was not so much to raise funds as such, but to publicise the need to raise funds for the Catholic Centre and to strengthen the spirit of solidarity without which the various fund-raising activities to follow would not be a united effort.

The organising committee of the bazaar, led by Irene Liew, saw 42 stalls selling an assortment of goodies from homemade food and drinks to games booth as well as karaoke and dedications.

The charity event was the parish’s second community bazaar effort. The first one was organised in 2012 to raise funds for its chapel.

The fair, which started at 10 am after the Morning Mass and a lion dance performance in conjunction with the  Lunar New Year, exceeded its original target.

Later, the gala continued with a special performance by Sabah’s very own ‘Elvis Presley’ aka Chris Gomes. His energetic performance mimicking the “king” himself entertained the crowds.

Inside the hall, stalls offering delectable homecooked meals, from the familiar ‘nasi campur’ to laksa and porridge, pickles and sambals, curry dishes and delicious veggie platters received generous support from parishioners and visitors.

Just outside the pastor’s office, a health booth was also set up for medical screening. Visitors were able to have their BMI as well as blood pressure checked.

The highlight of the fun-day was a special performance by Fr Cosmas who belted out his own rendition of a Chinese number in a capella and the crowd went ecstatic.

The biggest sell on that day was a brand new refrigerator that was sold at RM1,000. – St Simon Soccom

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