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Keningau celebrates Catechetical Sunday

The catechists pose for a group photo with Bishop Cornelius Piong at the end of the Mass, 28 Jan 2018, KSFX Keningau.

KENINGAU – Over 200 catechists gathered at Katedral St Francis Xavier here to celebrated Catechetical Sunday on 28 Jan 2018.

Bishop Cornelius Piong presided at the Mass themed Chirst our Hope.

He reminded those present that  parents are their children’s first catechists and not the parish catechists.  The reminder is in line with the diocesan silver jubilee theme: Christ-centred families in a God-fearing culture with strong faith and social responsibility.

The diocese has 236 catechists with 54 new ones.  They renewed their commitment before the bishop and the people during the Mass. – Feabiah Sandar


KSFX celebrates feast of Sto Nino for the 4th year

The statue of Sto Nino is carried in procession from the open hall to the church, 21 Jan 2018, KSFX Keningau.

KENINGAU – The Filipino community celebrated the Feast of Santo Nino (Holy Infant) at the Katedral St Francis Xavier here on 21 Jan 2018.

In its fourth year, the theme of the celebration was “Let the children come to me.”

Father John Emerson Tepait of Masbate City Philippines presided at the Mass on Sunday afternoon.

The event began with the procession of the statue of the Santo Nino from the entrance of Dataran Solidariti to the cathedral.

In his homily, the priest said that the yearly celebration of Sto Nino “always reminds us of who we were and what we were before. No matter what we have become or what have we accomplished, we are always reminded of our humble beginnings. As a child, we want no more than attention, love, care, simple things and everything for us becomes fulfilling and complete.”

He said the theme is an invitation to be aware of the parents’ important role in the lives of their children. Jesus, he continued, raised the dignity of children by rebuking the disciples as they hindered the children from coming closer to Him.

Parents, he added, need to let their children know always of their pride, love, value in them because  “if we don’t do it, they will grow up without proper mental and spiritual orientation.”

The priest said that if a child feels loved, he will have great self-esteem.  It also lessens the chances of  “your kids becoming aggressive, anti-social and having other behavioural problems. While adolescents might be embarrassed at the physical affection, there should always be words of support and empathy to take its place. Parents should spend quality time with their children. Discipline them with love and affection.”

Cherilyn Rondidas, chairperson of the KFSX Filipino Pastoral Committee (FPC) and the vice chairperson of Persatuan Kababayan Sabah (PKS), expressed her gratitude Bishop Cornelius Piong for allowing the community to celebrate the event.

She also expressed her gratitude to the organising committee for their efforts and commitment and to all generous sponsors for their support in making the celebration a memorable one.

She added that the FPC has set up a relief fund to help fellow Filipino members in times of bereavement, critical sickness and other calamities. Each family member may contribute RM10 – 20 to the fund.

Rondidas, a Malaysian-born Filipino, said it took time for her to figure out how to organise the event and wished the community to continue to grow in faith in Jesus.

She also thanked the Sandakan Filipino Pastoral Group for their presence in support of the celebration.

After the Mass, parishioners joined in the procession of the Infant Jesus from the church entrance to the Dataran Solidariti Hall where a lunch of traditional local and Filipino dishes was served.

Guests included members of Filipino communities of St Mary Sandakan, St Theresa Tambunan, Holy Cross Toboh, Holy Spirit Sook, and St Valentine Beaufort. – Keningau website

Pioneer Pauline Sister dies at 84

KOTA KINABALU – One of the pioneer Pauline Sisters in Malaysia died of pneumonia in St John of God Hospital Pasay City Philippines on 1 Feb 2018.  She was 84.

Born on 3 May 1933 in Iloilo, Lilia del Rosario entered the congregation of the Daughters of St Paul in Pasay City in 1956 after finishing secondary school.  She made her first profession in 1960, taking the name of Sister Rosaria.  After her final profession in 1965, she was sent to the newly opened community in Brickfields Kuala Lumpur (1965-1967).  After two years she was sent to Jesselton/Kota Kinabalu (1967-1969), and posted again to West Malaysia, this time in Petaling Jaya (the community moved from Brickfields to Petaling Jaya in 1969) where she stayed until 1972.

The Daughters of St Paul has two phases of foundation in Sabah (North Borneo before 1963); the first from 1961-1971 and the second from 1989 onwards.

“I stayed six years and seven months in Malaysia and I thank God for the many blessings I have received in the mission which strengthened my Pauline vocation,” Sr Rosaria wrote in the souvenir magazine commemorating the golden jubilee of the congregation in Malaysia in 2015.

Back in the Philippines she served in Iloilo, Pasay City, Bacolod, Zamboanga, and Naga.

When diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she was transferred to the wing reserved for the sick and the elderly sisters in Pasay City.  But her illness did not rob her of her smile, her kindness and her attitude of gratitude toward everyone.

In late January 2018, she went down with pneumonia which made it necessary for her to be admitted to the hospital and it was there that she ended her earthly pilgrimage and entered into eternal rest on Thursday night at 11:50 pm.

Pope Francis at Mass: Consecrated Life renewed in encounter with Jesus

Pope Francis at Mass on World Day for Consecrated Life (Vatican Media)

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis told the men and women gathered in St Peter’s Basilica for Mass on Friday evening, 2 Feb 2018,  that consecrated life “is born and reborn of an encounter with Jesus as he is: poor, chaste, and obedient.”

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord also marked the 22nd World Day for Consecrated Life.

Young and old
In his homily, Pope Francis reflected on Jesus’ presentation in the Temple and the Gospel encounter between two couples: the young Mary and Joseph, and the elderly Simeon and Anna.

“The old receive from the young, while the young draw upon the old,” he said. “In the Temple, Mary and Joseph find the roots of their people.” He said they also find the “roots of their faith”, which he said is “the art of living with God, learned from the experience of those who have gone before us.”

The Pope said this fruitful exchange between young and old is possible because it is centrerd on Jesus.

Encounter with Jesus
He said this is true also of the lives of consecrated men and women. “Everything started in an encounter with the Lord,” he said. “Our journey of consecration was born of an encounter and a call.”

However, the Holy Father reminded, “we can never renew our encounter with the Lord without others.” He said Jesus must be at the centre of our lives and that the young must learn from the more experienced members of a community.

“For if the young are called to open new doors, the elderly hold the keys. An institute remains youthful by going back to its roots, by listening to its older members. There is no future without this encounter between the old and the young. There is no growth without roots and no flowering without new buds. There is never prophecy without memory, or memory without prophecy.”

Brothers and sisters over screens and projects
Pope Francis warned against looking “at the screen of a cellphone more than the eyes of our brothers and sisters”. He said that when projects, methods, and organisation are given top priority “consecrated life stops being attractive”.

He said consecrated life “frees our affections of every possession in order fully to love God and other people.” Like Simeon, the Pope said, it helps us to hold the Lord in our arms and keep him in mind in all that we do.

“Having the Lord “in our hands” is an antidote to insular mysticism and frenetic activism, since a genuine encounter with Jesus corrects both saccharine piety and frazzled hyperactivity.”

The secret to a vibrant spiritual life, said Pope Francis, is “a willingness to allow ourselves to encounter Jesus and to be encountered by him.”

“If we encounter Jesus and our brothers and sisters in the everyday events of our life, our hearts will no longer be set on the past or the future, but will experience the “today of God” in peace with everyone.” – Devin Watkins, Vatican News

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