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Concurrent family seminar held in Papar and Dambai

Participants pose for remembrance, St Joseph Papar, 24 Feb 2018.

PAPAR – The parish family seminar entitled Keluarga, KKD dan Gereja Ku or KKG-Ku (Family, BEC and My Church) was held concurrently at St Joseph here and at St Damian Chapel Dambai on 24 Feb 2018.

The ongoing seminar is part of the parish outreach in response to the Kota Kinabalu Archdiocesan Pastoral Thrust of Go Inward, Go Smaller, and Go Outward.

While St Joseph Papar had a lukewarm reception, St Damian Dambai received a better family turnout.

The one-day seminar was divided into four parts; a) The Meaning of a Catholic Family, b) Family Challenges, c) Family Communication and d) Peace and Reconciliation.

The sessions were followed by workshops, the outcome of which was presented to the assembly.

Most of the group findings identified the key issues related to the three challenges arising from family and community apathetic attitudes and secularisation from social media’s influences and addiction.

In addition, the church doctrine and social teachings oversight and neglect in mission schools’ educational programmes and community pastoral outreach activities also indirectly open the way for Islamisation to enter.

KKG-Ku was initiated by Papar and Limbahau Parishes on 25 June 2016 as a measure in tackling the three pastoral challenges (Apathy, Secularism and Islamisation) identified by the PAX Assembly held in Pace Bene in Nov 2015.

The first phase began with the Zone Pastoral Assembly with representatives from  Kelatuan, Kimanis, Bongawan, Lakut, Dambai and St Joseph Church as the central zone.

Kimanis zone kick-started the programme on 25 Nov 2017 with seminars held at St Peter Belatik, St Anne Penampang Baru and St Clement Kinolosodon.

Next phase saw St Michael Mandahan, St Adrian Pamaladan, St Macarius Sumbiling, St Jude Ulu Lumagar and St Cyril Talantang (Bongawan Zone) holding the seminar on 20 Jan 2018.

St Kenneth Kelatuan and St Luke Lakut had their seminars on Feb 3 while St Francis of Assisi Segian (the last chapel) will organise the seminar on Mar 20. – William Charles Mindus (SOCCOM Papar)

St Joseph Papar welcomes 22 new infants into parish family

Fr Yip baptises one of the 22 infants on 24 Feb 2018, St Joseph Papar.

PAPAR – St Joseph Church here welcomed 22 new infant members into its parish family.

The rite of baptism was officiated by Father Thomas Yip on  24 Feb 2018 beginning with a Bible enthronement.

In his brief homily, Fr Yip said what differentiates Catholic teaching from other religions: Christ is the God of love and mercy who brings us peace through forgiveness.

He advised parents to continue the mission of Christ beginning with the baptism of their children, anointing of the chrism oil and lighting of the candles as a sign of peace, and to always give thanks to God as they accept the teaching of Jesus who had promised to be with us His children, to guide and teach us until the end of time for eternal salvation.

After the baptism rite, the pastor presented the baptism certificates to the parents and invited them to have some light refreshments at the church’s canteen. The next schedules for infant baptism shall be on May 12, Aug 18 and Nov 17. – William Charles Mindus (SOCCOM Papar)

Sandakan parish has new soccom team for 2018-2021

Standing L-R: Lovink Prinze James, John Tan, Dalius L Lobinjang, Romeo Francis, Marshall Owen, Veronica Amzah, Gin Wulen Marcus, Euthalia J, Airene AG Seated L-R: Francis Tan, Fr Garaman, Leonard Christopher Sabinus

SANDAKAN – St Mary’s Cathedral here held a fellowship night for the new team of the parish social communications committee (SOCCOM) on 13 Feb 2018 for the term 2018-2021.

Father David Garaman (parish priest/spiritual adviser) welcomed the new members and thanked them for responding to the call to serve in the parish committee. He urged them to be creative in their mission of evangelisation through the media.

After the meal, the incoming and outgoing members had a ice-breaker session: introducing themselves and their fields of expertise – writing, photography, videography, making banner, etc.

Leonard Christopher Sabinus (coordinator) presented the history of communications in the parish while Francis Tan (adviser) shared his experience in the ministry and urged all to work together as a team.- Airene AG/Rogena

Pope tells the young to face their fears and the importance of discernment

Pope Francis blesses pilgrims from Panama at the general audience in St Peter’s Square on 8 Nov 2017. (L’Osservatore Romano/CNA photo)

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis’ message for the 33rd World Youth Day, which will be celebrated at diocesan level on Palm Sunday, 25 March 2018, focuses on helping young people to overcome their fears and discern their true vocation

In the message, published by the Vatican on Thursday, 22 Feb 2018, the Pope notes that the forthcoming celebration marks another step in preparation for the international World Youth Day which is due to take place in Panama in January 2019. It also precedes the Synod of Bishops on the theme of youth which is scheduled for October this year, highlighting the importance of young people in the life of the whole Church.

Name your fears
Reflecting on the words of the Angel Gabriel, “Do not be afraid!”, spoken to Mary in St Luke’s Gospel, Pope Francis asks young people to name their own fears. Today, he says, there are many youngsters who continuously photo-shop their images or hide behind false identities, in an attempt to adapt to artificial and unattainable standards. The uncertainty of the jobs market, a sense of inadequacy and a lack of emotional security are other fears which afflict young people, he says.

Importance of discernment
In moments when doubts and fears flood our hearts, the Pope continues, discernment is vital so that we don’t waste energy being gripped by empty and faceless ghosts. The Bible doesn’t ignore the human experience of fear, he says, noting how Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Peter, the apostles and even Jesus himself experienced fear and anguish. The phrase “Do not be afraid” is repeated 365 times in the Bible, the Pope says, “as if to tell us that the Lord wants us to be free from fear, every day of the year.”

Don’t hide behind screens
Pope Francis says discernment should not just be an individual effort at introspection, but also means opening ourselves up to God and to others who can guide us through their own experience. Authentic Christians, he insists, are not afraid to open themselves to others and he urges young people not to close themselves up in a dark room “in which the only window to the outside world is a computer and smartphone.”

Do you accept the challenge?
Just as the Angel calls Mary by name, the Pope continues, so each one of us is called personally by God. Through God’s grace, we can take courage, despite all the doubts, difficulties and temptations that crop up along our way. If we allow ourselves to be touched by Mary’s example, he says, we too can learn to love God and to dedicate ourselves to the weakest and poorest among us. Dear young people, the Pope concludes, as WYD in Panama draws closer, I invite you to prepare yourselves with joy and enthusiasm. “WYD is for the courageous!” “Do you accept the challenge?” – Philippa Hitchen, Vatican News

Cardinal Dolan pays tribute to Billy Graham

circa 1955: US evangelist Billy Graham addressing a meeting. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan has paid tribute to preacher Billy Graham, who has died at the age of 99 [21 Feb 2018], the Catholic Herald posted on 21 Feb 2018.

Graham was a Southern Baptist evangelical preacher, but his preaching was much-admired by Catholics.

“As anyone growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s can tell you, it was hard not to notice and be impressed by the Reverend Billy Graham,” Cardinal Dolan said.

“There was no question that the Dolans were a Catholic family, firm in our faith, but in our household there was always respect and admiration for Billy Graham and the work he was doing to bring people to God.

“Whether it was one of his famous Crusades, radio programmes, television specials, or meeting and counseling the presidents, Billy Graham seemed to be everywhere, always with the same message: Jesus is your Saviour, and wants you to be happy with Him forever.

“As an historian, my admiration for him only grew as I studied our nation’s religious past, and came to appreciate even more the tremendous role he played in the American evangelical movement.

“May the Lord that Billy Graham loved so passionately now grant him eternal rest.”

Pope John Paul II was especially warm towards Graham, reportedly exclaiming in one meeting: “Listen, Graham, we are brothers!” Graham, in turn, described Pope John Paul II as the “moral leader of the world.”

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