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Church congress on child protection in digital world issues call to action

People attend the World Congress on Child Dignity at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, 3-6 Oct 2017.

VATICAN CITY – ‘The Declaration of Rome,’  the final document produced by participants at the World Congress hosted by the Pontifical Gregorian University on ‘Child Dignity in the Digital World’, issues an urgent call to action.

One hundred and forty participants from all continents gathered in Rome on 3-6 Oct 2017  for the first world congress focused on addressing the dangers children and adolescents face on the internet.

Organised by a UK-based global alliance called ‘WePROTECT’ and by ‘Telefono Azzurro,’  the first Italian helpline for children at risk, the congress drew delegates from countries across the world, including China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Receiving participants at the event on Oct 6 in the Vatican, Pope Francis was handed ‘The Declaration of Rome’ by a young girl “on behalf of millions of young people around the world who need information and far more protection from the risks of sexual and other forms of abuse on the internet.”

“Using your own words,” she said to the Pope, “we believe that ‘A society can be judged by the way it treats its children’.”

While technology, she continued, has changed our lives in so many positive ways, it is also being used in the growing exploitation of children, millions of whom are being abused and exploited all over the world.

Explaining that increasingly extreme and dehumanising content is available at children’s fingertips, she said that some of the effects include cyberbullying, harassment and sextortion, while “online pornography is impacting the malleable minds of young children.”

Highlighting the right of all children to be protected, she called for unity and collaboration in seeking   “positive, empowering solutions for all.”

One of the main points of the document is the need for technology companies and governments to innovate to better protect children.

“This is a problem,” she said, “that cannot be solved by one nation or one company or one faith acting alone, it is a global problem that requires global solutions. It requires that we build awareness and that we mobilise action from every government, every faith, every company and every institution.”

“In this era of the internet the world faces unprecedented challenges if it is to preserve the rights and dignity of children and protect them from abuse and exploitation.  These challenges require new thinking and approaches, heightened global awareness and inspired leadership.  For this reason, this Declaration of Rome appeals to everyone to stand up for the protection of the dignity of children,” she concluded.

One of the participants at the Congress was Antoine Normand from Canada. Normand is the founder of BlueBear, a company that combats child pornography on the Internet thanks to the development of software which analyses and categorises image and video evidence files seized during child pornography investigations and that is used in collaboration with the Police.

Normand was at the audience with the Pope and sums up the content of “The Rome Declaration.” – vatican radio

Opus Dei community is now in KL Archdiocese

St John’s Cathedral Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR – With the permission of Archbishop Julian Leow, the Cathedral of St John, Kuala Lumpur has been assigned to the Opus Dei community for their activities and gatherings with effect from 1 July 2017.

Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church that teaches that everyone is called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity.

Opus Dei is Latin for Work of God; hence the organisation is often referred to by members and supporters as the Work.

Founded in Spain in 1928 by St Josemaría Escrivá, Opus Dei was given final approval in 1950 by Pope Pius XII. In 1982, by the apostolic constitution Ut sit, St John Paul II made it a personal prelature — that is, the jurisdiction of its own bishop covers the persons in Opus Dei wherever they are, rather than geographical dioceses.

In St John’s Cathedral, the recollection is held every first Saturday of the month. For the women, it starts at 9:30 am and ends with Mass at 12:00 noon. The recollection for men begins at 2:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm. These recollections are open to non-members who are interested in attending.

Related to this, Sabah has one Opus Dei priest, Rev Michael Chan Kok Vui, who hails from Tawau.  Based in Singapore, he comes monthly to give formation to some Opus Dei cooperators at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Kota Kinabalu since 2013.

For more information: please go to the official website of Opus Dei opusdei.org. – herald malaysia online / adkk soccom

Fidelity highlighted at FSIC combined jubilee celebration

The jubilarians (with bouquets and corsages) L-R Sr Regina, Sr Imelda, Sr Ignatia (on wheelchair), Sr Stella (on wheelchair), Sr Martha, Sr Rita, Sr Rosalind – pose with the concelebrants and Mother General Sr Grace Deosing (extreme L) after Mass, 7 Oct 2017, Stella Maris Tg Aru.

TANJUNG ARU – The virtue of fidelity was highlighted at the combined jubilee celebration of seven Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC) on 7 Oct 2017, memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, at the Stella Maris Church here.

Archbishop John Wong stressed this quality – divine (God’s faithfulness) and human (jubilarians’ response) in his homily and reiterated it in his speech after the Mass.

He added that the more important part was the spiritual preparation (personal retreat) of the jubilarians prior to the event for it is in silence that God reveals Himself.

The celebrators were ruby jubilarian Sister Martha Jonik, golden jubilarians Sisters Rita Chew and Imelda Angang, and the four diamond jubilarians Sisters Stella Chin, Regina Majakil, Rosalind Thien and Ignatia Gomes.

Joining Abp Wong at the altar were Archbishop Emeritus John Lee, Bishop Emeritus Joseph Nacua OFMCap of Iligan Isabela Philippines, OFM Custodios Friar John Wong, Msgr Primus Jouil, Father Boniface Kimsin and Father Thomas Madanan.

Over 400 turned up for the event including guests from the Philippines, Singapore, Sarawak, and the three Sabah dioceses as well as members of the congregation, family members, and relatives of the jubilarians.

After the Mass all adjourned to the parish hall for the cake-cutting ceremony, lunch and stage presentations by various groups.

Born on 23 Apr 1956 in Kinuta, Margaretha Jonik joined the congregation in 1975 and took the religious name of Sister Martha of St Mary of the Angels.  She made her first profession in 1977 and took her final vows in 1982.  She is currently assigned in Tawau.

Rose Chew, born on 20 Oct 1946 in Kuala Penyu, entered the congregation in 1965.  Taking as her religious name Sr Rita of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, she took her first vows in 1967 and made her final profession in 1972.  Presently she is in charge of the Stella Maris Retirement Home Tg Aru as well as head of the Archdiocesan Education Commission.

Her co-jubilarian, Sister Imelda of the Blessed Sacrament, was born as Angeline George Angang on 8 Aug 1948 in Kuala Penyu.  She also joined the FSICs in 1965, made her first profession in 1967 and took her final vows in 1972.  She is assigned in Penampang and is currently the assistant of Sister Dariah Ajap in the Archdiocesan Catechetical Commission.

Of the four diamond jubilarians, Sister Stella Chin was born in Jamaica on 6 Sept 1936 as Pamela Evadne Chin Siew Chin.  She entered the congregation in 1954, took her first vows on 11 Feb 1957 and made her final profession on 11 Feb 1962.

Sister Regina of the Blessed Trinity was born as Noemi Majakil on 15 Nov 1935 in Limbahau.  She also joined the Franciscan Sisters in 1954, made her first profession on 11 Feb 1957, and took her final vows on 15 Aug 1962.

The third diamond jubilarian, Sister Rosalind of St Dominic, was born in Tenom on 17 Apr 1938 as Mary Thien Siew Yun.  She entered the congregation in 1955, took her first vows on 4 Oct 1957, and made her perpetual profession on 20 Dec 1962.

Sister Ignatia Gomes of St Therese of the Child Jesus was born as Olive Marian on 29 Jan 1935 in Kg Kambau Penampang.  She joined the Sisters in 1955, made her first profession on 4 Oct 1957, and took her final vows on 25 Aug 1963.

Together the seven jubilarians have served the local Church for 380 years – a witness of the human response to God’s mercy and faithfulness.

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