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UTM Skudai students make mission trip to Pensiangan

PENSIANGAN – Nineteen students from Catholic Students Society (CSS) of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Skudai, Johor Bahru made a mission trip to Pensiangan Sabah on 30 June – 14 July 2017.

The group is also known as GIFT (Growing in Faith Together).

The main aim was to support the construction of kindergarten at Tanjung Harapan, Pensiangan and building of water closet for kindergarten at Kampung Tinanduk, Pensiangan.

The group arrived at Katedral St Francis Xavier June 30 and stayed at the pastoral guesthouse.  Upon arrival, team leader Rayvinshie briefed them and they met the project superviser Adrian B Lasimbang.

The group split into two teams with one in Tanjung Harapan and another one in Kg Tinanduk. After morning Mass July 1, they started their journey from Keningau. Arriving in Pensiangan in the evening they settled down at St Michael Chapel.

They received a warm welcome from the villages and feasted on a variety of ‘lauk kampung’ made by the villagers.

On July 2 morning,  a team left for Kg Tinanduk from Tanjung Harapan while the other team stayed behind.  After 30 minutes of boat ride, they arrived safely at Kg Tinanduk led by Lasimbang.  The team spent the week doing construction and working with kids. They spent most of their time outside completing the toilet construction, digging a manhole,  painting and drawing of the kindergarten side walls. A visit by Franciscan Sister Dorothy also helped and inspired them to keep working.

In Tanjung Harapan, the team did the renovation of the kindergarten by replacing the wooden floor with new planks and cleaning the kindergarten.

They also replaced the ceiling of the pastor’s house. Tuition was given to Form 3 students every evening and a motivational talk was given to the students of SMK Pensiangan.

Throughout the week, the team developed a strong, working relationship with the villagers – not just with the younger generation but also with the elders. Besides work, the team had time to visit a waterfall and enjoy it.

The members hoped to visit the place again in the future. – majodi.org

Pope Francis challenges Colombians to build peaceful future

Cities visited by Pope Francis in his trip to Colombia 6-11 Sept 2017.

VATICAN CITY  – Pope Francis has concluded his visit to Colombia where he spent five days (6-11 Sept 2017) meeting victims of the country’s civil war and urging all people to work together for peace and national reconciliation.

But as the spotlight fades and organisers dismantle the Mass venues, what effect will the pope’s words have on the politicians, religious leaders and Colombians from all walks of life who flocked to see and hear him speak in Cartagena, Medellin, Villavicencio and the capital, Bogotà?

Beatrice Canal, a professional translator and mother of two grown up children, shared her own reactions to the papal visit with Linda Bordoni, Vatican Radio correspondent in Bogota, on Sept 11.

Canal said she was “pleasantly surprised” and deeply moved to see so many people welcoming the pope “with happiness in their eyes.”

The visit, she said, “has brought us together” and “touched the hearts of every Colombian” who had the chance to see him at the main events or simply line the streets as he drove by.

She said she was happy to see that the trip was “completely unpolitical,” but as an overwhelmingly Catholic nation (over 80 percent of the population) “we were very touched by the visit.”

In particular, Canal said, Colombians are “all very happy that he is the first Latin American pope and “we see him as one of our own.”

Asked what impact the papal visit may have on the future of her country, Canal noted the pope spoke extensively “about peace and reaching out to others.”  She added: “I hope he leaves behind the desire in every Colombian to again feel and share that brotherly and fraternal love he’s been speaking so much about.”

While she acknowledged that the implementation of the peace agreements remains fraught with difficulties, the translator insisted that “every Colombian is hopeful to live in a country in peace.”

She noted that her own children, aged 30 and 35, have never lived in a country in peace, and that she was “a little girl when the violence broke out.”  She said: “I know that the signing of a paper does not translate immediately into peace, now comes the most difficult part where every Colombian has to chip into the process and to open our hearts and be accepting of the former insurgents.”

The victims, Canal concluded, need to “find a place in their hearts to want to forgive” and to be able to live, free of the fear that has caused so much suffering for those living the countryside. – vatican radio

Keningau Diocese to begin last lap of preparation for diocesan silver jubilee with a day of reparation

File picture: Bishop Cornelius Piong receives the pastoral staff from Archbishop Peter Chung of Kuching at his episcopal ordination on 6 May 1993, Katedral St Francis Xavier Keningau.  Co-consecrators were Archbishop Soter Fernandez of Kuala Lumpur and Bishop John Lee of Kota Kinabalu.

PENAMPANG – Keningau Diocese will begin the last lap of preparation for its diocesan silver jubilee with a day of reparation on 15 Sept 2017.

In his pastoral letter issued for the forthcoming celebration, Bishop Cornelius Piong writes: I would like to invite all the faithful …the entire diocesan community to have a day of reparation or sogit as our expression of peace with our Lord Jesus whom we have hurt and our fellow believers.

The day scheduled, the bishop adds,  is Sept 15 in conjunction with the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, at 6 pm, and “we can fill it with fasting, praying the Rosary, Mass and moments of silence.”

This is because, he continues, “For over 24 years walking together as the People of God in Keningau Diocese, we realise and admit that we, as individuals and as a community, have done wrong to God and our neighbours.”

The prelate explains further: We, as priests, religious, wives and husbands, are aware of our sins against God, to whom we have made our promises of loyalty.  These sins have also affected adversely our community.

The letter, posted Sept 6 on the diocesan website, reminds the faithful of the silver jubilee theme: The Family centred on Christ with a culture of worshipping God, strong faith and social responsibility.

It points out the need to be alert and aware of the tricks of the devil in that “societal values that emphasise success, efficiency, status and power” can be used by the devil to influence “our leadership and service styles without our awareness.”

The bishop says that the spirit of humility can only be inculcated through time spent with Jesus in the Eucharist, adoration and prayer, in listening and reflecting on His Word and in sensitivity to His Presence in the family and community.  “Only our union with Jesus will enable us to carry out our commitment – whether as married couples, religious, clergy – with joy (cf Jn 15:11),” he exhorts.

The Keninagu Diocese was erected on 6 May 1993 with Msgr Cornelius Piong as bishop.  The silver jubilee celebration of the diocese, as well as the bishop’s 25 years of episcopal ministry, is scheduled for 5 May 2018.  The year-long preparation for the double celebration was launched by Bishop Piong on May 6 this year in Toboh Tambunan.

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