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Familis FC wins friendly football match over diocesan aspirants

Friendly match between diocesan aspirants and families fc Inanam, 2 July 2017, Padang Wisma Wanita Jalan Tuaran.

KOTA KINABALU – On Sunday afternoon, 2 July 2017,  the diocesan aspirants were invited to a friendly football match with a team from Inanam, team Familis FC, held in Padang A, Padang Wisma Wanita Jalan Likas off Tuaran.

The friendly match was a part of the aspirants’ activities to promote vocation to the priesthood and as outreach to the public.

The team Familis FC comprised footballers with a few members from the State football team and some from St Catherine Inanam football club.

Both teams played well. It was a high-spirited game of skills and endurance as both teams employed their various skills and strategies to score the goals.

Familis FC proved to be stronger as they skillfully weaved through the aspirants’ defenses to score goals for their team. The aspirants fought valiantly and constantly strategised their attacks and defenses.

In the end, Familis FC won the match with the score 9-2 after a long battle.

After the friendly match, both teams exchanged gestures of good sportsmanship and goodwill as brothers-in-Christ.  Timothy G

Sibu Diocese holds inaugural Diocesan Youth Day

A presentation from one of the groups, Sibu Diocesan Youth Day, 6-10 June 2017.

SIBU, Sarawak – Over 200 youth from 12 parishes of Sibu Diocese joined the inaugural Sibu Diocesan Youth Day (SDYD) on 6-10 June 2017 at the Sibu Pastoral Centre Kemunyang here. The five days and four nights

The five-day-four-night programme was attended by youth from various races including Iban, Melanau, Kenyah, and others.

With the theme 4G+ (Green | Grass | Grace | God) “Perfect love drives out fear’’ (1 John 4:18), the youth were given the formation on the Theology of the Body, a session given by speaker Remy Martin Gunsalam of Splendour Project Kota Kinabalu

The programme focused on the original identity, body, sexuality, pure love and reflections on God’s original plan for us. Youths learned the need to go back to their origin, from solitude to unity in order to understand God’s original plan for the human body.

The youth have been called to break the barrier of language, the fear of understanding through various sessions, workshops, and sharing. Most importantly, they learned to let go of their phones and gadgets and all their worries, and learned to put their total trust on God’s original plan. They were also taught the various forms of prayers, participated in games,

They were also taught the various forms of prayers, participated in games, workshops and performances to boost their confidence in speaking. They also learned to share their hardships and weaknesses with one another.

Youths were reminded that humankind is God’s masterpiece, a unique creation, each with different purposes and a gift to one another. They are called to rejoice in their uniqueness in bad times and in good times, called to accept their imperfections, and to be united in their family, community, school and in the society.

Elijah, from Christ the King Church, Bintangor said, “I felt lonely to have only one colour in the 1st workshop, I couldn’t find my true self if I didn’t mingle with others.” For it is only through the sharing of colours and the initiative to ask that one can find oneself.

They also learned that ‘nakedness’ is freedom; free from any desire, free in communication, free in giving and acceptance. Though Adam and Eve were both naked yet they were not ashamed, because they were free; the body and the soul are in harmony with each other. It is sin that destroys the body and soul. Thus the first diabolical plan that Satan did was to create division in family, church community and society. Eventually it brings the culture of  ‘deaths’: D – ivorce, E – uthanasia, A – bortion, T – otal Populations Control, H – omosexuality and S – ex Education.

Youths were given time for reflection and sharing session with religious brothers and sisters. They felt relieved to have someone listen to their problems and struggles. Geraldine Anne from St Alphosus Julau said she thanked God for giving her a companion who helped her to fight her struggles and face it with faith.

Ashley Joyce of Sts Peter & Paul Church, Mukah shared, “This youth day has touched me in many ways that I couldn’t explain. During one-on-one sharing with a companion, I was scared to let someone know the troubles I’ve hidden for so long. But my companion was so accepting and loving so I didn’t hold anything back. I just let go and told her everything. When she prayed over me I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in me through her hands and through her prayers for me. I don’t say that my troubles would immediately disappear but I know I could do this through Him who strengthens me. This has made me feel like I want to be part of the SDYD committee, because I want to reach out and help others too.”

At the closing Mass, Bishop Joseph Hii Teck Kwong emphasised on what God has planted in each person.  He said humans desire unity with one another. Youths are green and pure and they should put on chastity, “Galau” (means preserve in Iban) sex for marriage. He added another two ‘G’ from the original theme ‘4G+’ which is the

He added another two ‘G’ from the original theme ‘4G+’ which is the ‘Galau’ and lastly ‘Go‘ –  to ‘Go’ and share the things they learned from SDYD to the world especially in their own parishes. The next SDYD will be in 2020! Anna Faustina

Kobusak HDC organises health screening and identity card check services

Health screening, Our Lady Queen of Peace Kobusak, 9 July 2017.

KOBUSAK, Penampang – Shortly after the celebration of Mass on 9 July 2017, the Human Development Committee of Our Lady Queen of Peace Church here organised health screening and MyKad (Identity Card) services for the Catholic community of Kg Kobusak.

The health screening was carried out by KOSPEN Nosoob Baru and KOSPEN Kobusak.

These social services were part of the activities carried out in conjunction with the blood donation campaign held in collaboration with Likas Hospital Blood Bank unit. An estimated crowd of 150 people participated in the various programmes.

Despite only nine pints of blood were collected from the campaign held for the first time within the church compound, the organising committee is determined to promote the blood donation drive by planning to provide this service semiannually.

A total of 74 men, women and children aged 12 years and above came forward to have their MyKad (Identity Card) checked. While the majority were relieved to find their basic individual details in correct order, some were surprised to find their Kadazan ethnicity identified as Sino-native.

In view of its objectives to promote a greater awareness and practical action to protect rivers particularly among local communities, CLEAR (Community-Led Environmental Awareness for our River) was hands-on with the community present by displaying skill activity in soap-making using natural products, an interest well taken by the women group.

A personal approach and close cooperation with communities at grass-root level and the Basic Ecclesiastical Communities (BEC) will continue to be among actions identified for future programmes by the organising committee.Jennifer Majalap

Dontozidon LOM organises recollection day on Marian theme

PENAMPANG – Our Lady Queen of All Saints Dontozidon praesidium organised a one-day recollection at Bamboo House in Kg Notoruss on 17 June 2017 with the theme “Sharing the Joy of Faith like Mary.”

The recollection, facilitated by Franciscan Sister Dora Obod, the praesidum’s Spiritual Director, was attended by 32 active and auxiliary legionaries from the praesidia of Our Lady Queen of All Saints Dontozidon, Our Lady of Grace Kg Kopungit and Our Lady of Sorrow Kg Kolopis.

The legionaries reflected on the ‘Magnificat,’ Mary’s song of praise, also known as the Canticle of Mary. They were encouraged to emulate Mary’s life, which is in full union and cooperation with the Holy Spirit, echoing her fiat “I am the servant of the Lord, be it done unto me according to Thy word’.

They were also invited to be open to God, not only to follow the rules, but to be able to love one another and to do the will of God with a clear conviction that God speaks to us.

A few members stepped forward to share their joys, sorrows, challenges and respective ways to remain loyal and to live up to their promise.

Praying with Mary especially in her daily rosary and faithful accomplishing of weekly assignment of works of mercy since 33 years ago, Angeline Hunggim from Our Lady of Sorrow Kg Kolopis testified to the presence and powerful intervention of God in her vocation, family and personal life. – Jennifer Majalap

Stella Maris hosts Mass for 27 Penang visiting clergy

Parishioners and visiting clergy pose for remembrance after Mass, 17 July 2017, Stella Maris Tg Aru.

TANJUNG ARU –  Twenty-five priests and two bishops from Penang Diocese visited Kota Kinabalu for three days for their bi-annual outing programme on 17-19 Jul7 2017. They were led by Bishop Sebastian Francis, The last two years they were in Kuching, Sarawak.

On their first day of arrival, Stella Maris Parish was chosen to be their venue for concelebrating the evening Mass. The ministries and groups of the parish were represented at the Mass and fellowship.

In his homily, presider Bishop Sebastian expressed his opinion on being one united Church in Malaysia.

“Working together towards the success of building God’s kingdom is important,”  the bishop said.

He also said that at the recent Malaysian Catholic Campus Students Day in Penang, there were 900 undergraduates who participated, of whom half were from Sabah.

He added that the nine bishops in Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjung) would meet for the Malaysian Bishops Conference in Sabah this November.

Bishop Sebastian also said that in July 2018, Johor Baru would host a first-ever conference for clergy in Malaysia.

A fellowship followed after Mass, in which parish priest Msgr Primus Jouil was able to join them on his return from his parish visit to Labuan. – Teresa Alberto

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