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Likas pastor tells young people the importance of listening

KOTA KINABALU –  Likas pastor told the young people gathered for the Sunday morning Mass at St Simon Likas here the importance of listening on 7 May 2017, Vocation Sunday.

The congregation at the Mass for Children and Young People heard rector Father Cosmas Lee speak candidly about the roles of sheep and shepherd that Sunday, also known as Good Shepherd Sunday.

“Should the shepherd be in front of the sheep or behind?” Fr Cosmas asked the young people, to which some said “behind.”   In surprise, the rector said: “Shepherds must be in front. How can the sheep lead the shepherd and go where they want?”

“You need to be brave to be in front. Jesus is in front. When you are young, most of the time you follow but when you grow up a little bit, you need to also be in front,” he said, citing the Junior Choir. “You see, the Junior Choir is in front today because they’re leading us.”

“The Gospel tells us that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leads them out. Easy to lead or not? No. Why? Every Sunday there is practice and you must be loud. To lead, you must show by example. Not easy,” he continued.

He added, “But when we are young, we are asked to follow. From young, we must learn not just to follow but to lead. If I don’t follow, how would I be able to lead?”

Fr Cosmas said it is also important to listen. “It’s very important to listen because vocation means calling. The Good Shepherd is always calling us. We must listen so that we become what the Shepherd wants us to be. We pray that many will be priest and religious.”

“First and foremost, God calls us to be good sheep,” he said, adding that to be a shepherd, one must go down to the ground and get “dirty.”

He said, “Pope Francis said ‘I prefer to have shepherds that smell’. You must go to the cattle shed.  You want to be like Jesus? You must get dirty a bit.”

“If you don’t get ‘dirty,’ if you’re not there, then all the sheep will get lost,” he said, adding that Jesus loves us and that He’s always a step ahead of us.

In his closing remarks, Fr Cosmas said Jesus as the Good Shepherd continues to lead the flock to green pastures so that one day, one of the sheep will become like Him – to lead the flock. – SSCC SOCCOM

Papar celebrates World Vocation Sunday

PAPAR – Three hundred youths and parents celebrated the 4th Sunday of Easter by having a World Vocation Sunday programme combined with the monthly youth gathering. This programme was jointly organised by the Vocation Committee and Parish Youth Pastoral Team of St Joseph Papar on 17 Apr 2016.

Representatives from three religious communities were there: Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC), Marist Brothers and Brothers of St Gabriel (Monfort).

Three other religious communities could not make it for the programme: Good Shepherd Sisters, Daughters of St Paul, and Sisters of the Discalced Carmelite Order. However,  the organisers shared on their behalf.

The purpose of the programme was to expose the youths and parents to the existence of religious communities in Sabah and their charisms. During the Sunday Mass, Fr Jalius Sading, as main celebrant, shared on the three callings or states in life as explained in the Catholic teachings, that is, priestly or religious life,  married life and  single life. He said that these three callings possess their own importance in the Church. Lester Randy Rubintinus, TPBP Coordinator 

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