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Vatican releases statement for World Day of Tourism

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican’s new dicastery for Integral Human Development has issued a statement for World Tourism Day, emphasising the need for tourism that is compatible with sustainable development.

World Tourism Day will be observed on September 27. The UN has proclaimed that this year’s theme for the observance will be sustainable tourism. The Vatican statement was released on 1 August 2017, and signed by Cardinal Peter Kodwo Turkson, the prefect of the new Vatican dicastery.

“Tourism can be an important tool for growth and the fight against poverty,” the Vatican statement says. However the statement notes that from a Christian perspective, development cannot be limited to economic growth; “to be authentic, it must be well rounded.”

The statement goes on to say that tourism “must be responsible, and not destructive to the environment nor to the socio-cultural context of the locality. Moreover, it must be particularly respectful of the population and their heritage.” – CWN

KL prelate releases statement on first Malaysian cardinal appointment

coa-jleowKUALA LUMPUR – Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Julian Leow has released a media statement on the appointment of the first Malaysian cardinal on 10 Oct 2016.

The statement states that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia is “pleased to announce that His Holiness Pope Francis has named Most Reverend Anthony Soter Fernandez, Archbishop Emeritus of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Cardinal.  The announcement was made in Rome during the noon-time Angelus prayer on 9 October 2016 and Cardinal-elect Fernandez is among the 17 new cardinals created by Pope Francis.”

It goes on to give a short description of the cardinal-elect’s biodata and episcopal ministry before and after his retirement in 2003.

The document says that Pope Francis has announced that the consistory of cardinals will be held on 19 November 2016, the vigil of the close of the Jubilee of Mercy, during which he will elevate the 17 new cardinals.

It ends on a note of joy: “Cardinal-elect Fernandez will be the first Malaysian cardinal and it is a great joy that Pope Francis has given the Malaysian Church this recognition and honoured us with this appointment.”


CFM protests portrayal of Christians as a “threat”

cfm logo

KUALA LUMPUR – CFM in its recent press release Dec 17 once again protests strongly the portrayal of Christians and the exercise of their freedom of religion as a “threat” in our multi-religious nation, which took place at a seminar held at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campus in Lendu, Malacca on 12 December 2015.

Christians are not a threat and portraying them as such at a seminar in a public university is “appalling” and “highly offensive”, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) said.

CFM chairperson Eu Hong Seng said while such offensive seminars have been held before, this one was especially so because of the involvement of the police which shows its bias.

“It is wholly unacceptable for a public university, utilizing public funds, to undertake activities that demonize a religious minority. This is highly offensive.”

“No government should condone such activity, and we are appalled by the seemingly irresponsible inaction on the part of the government of Malaysia in permitting this to have taken place,” he said in a statement.

Malacca police confirmed a Special Branch officer gave a presentation at an “anti-Christianisation” seminar at UiTM campus at Lendu, Malacca.

Eu said any discussion about alleged threats of “Christianisation” should take place openly, with participation from the Christian community.

The Government of Malaysia is strongly urged to put an end to the distasteful and disgusting derogatory activities of this nature. Instrumentalities and agencies of the government, such as the PDRM, must refrain from participating and lending legitimacy to frivolous allegations and unsubstantiated claims.

The Government of Malaysia is also reminded of its constitutional obligation to protect, promote and uphold the freedom of religion and fundamental liberties of ALL Malaysians, and not just of the Muslim majority.

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