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People are hungry for good news which gives them hope, says Ranau pastor

A family poses in front of the Christmas Crib at St Peter Claver Ranau, 25 Dec 2017.

RANAU – Parish priest of St Peter Claver Ranau (SPCR) Church, Father Nicholas Stephen said people today are hungry for good news, which gives them hope for a better day ahead in the midst of uncertainties.

“Every day we wake up and see on our smartphones or tablets all kinds of bad news which make us question the hope for mankind and our own safety for tomorrow. We live in all kinds of fears,” he said.

“But today I urge people from all walks of life, regardless of their faith as well as ethnic background, to be joyful because the Christmas that we celebrate each year is the point where all hopes for tomorrow are renewed,” he continued.

Towards that end, Fr Nicholas said, people today should go to the Bethlehem of their souls, which has since been left dry and empty, and to rediscover the joy of life where the Saviour of mankind is born.

He was speaking to a crowd of about 3000 Catholic Christians at the Christmas Mass at St Peter Claver here on 25 Dec 2018.

He prayed that this year’s Christmas bring peace to all families, especially to all broken families, that their relationships would be restored once again, thus bringing peace to society, the state, the nation and the world as a whole.

Earlier that day, Fr Nicholas also launched the parish’s first published magazine entitled Effatha!, which was produced by St Peter Claver’s SOCCOM (Social Communications) Committee. The magazine featured all the activities that took place in SPCR in 2017.

The first edition of Effatha! also highlighted the journey made by the statue of Our Lady of Fatima throughout the seven zones under the Ranau parish, ending with the major street procession over the town of Ranau on Nov 25 last year.

On Dec 30, Fr Nicholas joined other community leaders for a Christmas and New Year celebration at district level.

At the event, Siringan Gubat, who co-hosted the event, and who is also Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology, said that such celebration is important, especially for people living in a multi-cultural setting like in Malaysia, especially in Sabah.

“This is why we never stop organising this event each year. Because an open house is like a tonic for the fostering of unity, especially considering that we in Ranau are living in a diversity of ethnic and religious backgrounds,” he said.

Dr Joachim Gunsalam who is also Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing shared the sentiment and added that the event strengthened the brotherhood which has long been inherited by the people in Ranau.

“Good relationship among the people here has long existed and this acceptance between one another transcends the boundary of minds, interests and even political ideology,” he said.

Among the highlights of the celebration, which was held at the Dewan Masyarakat Ranau, were the singing of Christmas carols by choir groups from the different churches in Ranau, and distribution of Christmas goodies to children.   – Clarence Dol

Ranau mission kindergarten receives encouraging response from parents

Some of the children at the Ranau mission kindergarten, 2018

RANAU – The newly established St Peter Claver Ranau (SPCR)’s Tadika Kasih Bonda continues to receive encouraging response from parents in the area when 20 four-year-olds were accepted to enroll in its new intake this year.

Headmistress Deyana Johnny said despite the inadequate facilities the kindergarten is experiencing since its inception in 2015, teaching staff at the school continue to hope for a better future for the school in the days ahead.

“Currently we are coping with problems like lack of staff and lack of classrooms. We are operating with 10 teachers, including myself, and only three classes. We are caring for 20 four-year-olds, 40 five-year-olds, and 45 six-year-olds.

“Imagine how the situation is when one of them needs to go to the washroom. We have to escort those children to the washroom in order to ensure their safety,” she said.

On the issue of classrooms, Deyana said the over-quota numbers of students gave them the thrust to improvise, which means getting some of the children at school to have outside-of-classroom activities.

Towards the end of 2017, SPCR received a donation of RM210 thousand from the Vatican Foundation to build a kindergarten (Tadika Kasih Bonda) which is currently located in the old church building (Fr Salm Hall).

SPCR parish priest, Father Nicholas Stephen said earlier that Tadika Kasih Bonda, which uses English as its medium, and now requiring a building to run its own programmes, receives a very encouraging response from Christian students in this area.

To accommodate the construction of the building, the church needs an allocation of RM750 thousand, and the Vatican Foundation has contributed RM210 thousand through the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, he added.

Therefore, he said, the contribution of all the people is needed to realise the completion of the building, thus helping the kindergarten to develop and enabling it to enroll more children in the future. – Clarence Dol

Over 30 attend one-day retreat for Ranau SOCCOM members

RANAU – Over 30 people attended the one-day retreat for members of Ranau Social Communication & Multimedia Committee (SOCCOM) at Kam-Kam Joyful Garden Bongkud here on 22 Sept 2017.

In his address, Father Nicholas Stephen, pastor of St Peter Claver Parish (SPCR), said that advancement of technology in communications opens up a whole new style of information distribution to the masses which is needed to be adopted by today’s media practitioners while staying true to the principles of journalism.

“Towards that end, I urge the media today to engage in building constructive communication, rejecting prejudice against others and promoting the culture of the fellowship, while helping us all to see the world around us in real and convincing manner, ” he said.

Fr Stephen added that it is obvious in the world today that the new media have to break the spirits of anxiety and spiraling fears that arise as people are constantly focusing on ‘bad news’ like wars, terrorism, scandals, and all kinds of human failures.

The priest urged the retreatants to look for an open and creative way of communication that does not glorify evil, but solution-oriented and inspirational towards taking a positive and responsible approach.

“I urge everyone, especially media practitioners, to be a ‘good news’ agent for this world we are living in today,” he said.

Among the talks given were “Introduction to News Writing” (Clarence G Dol), and “Basic Media Photography” (Jimmy Akau).

Themed Service Through the Media, the organisers also touched on the roles of the communications committee in the parish.

Among the attendees were Franciscan Friar Aiden Peter Jr and Zebius Karim, chairman of SOCCOM-SPCR, and other committee members.  – clarence george

English class ends programme with trip to Serinsim Park

The group poses for the camera when they reach Serinsim Park Kota Marudu, 12 Oct 2017.

KOTA MARUDU – After a year of learning English, a group of learners from St Peter Claver Parish decided to celebrate the completion of their “English for Beginners” programme with a two-day trip to Serinsim Park here on 12-13 Oct 2017.

The group was accompanied by their tutors, the parish staff, SOCCOM members, Franciscan Sister Caroline Duli, and OFM Friar Aiden Peter Jr.

The trip was filled with laughter, jokes, splashes, barbeque, companionship, singing, hiking, prayer and sharing.

“We had a fantastic time. We all really enjoyed the event and everyone had great fun. The location was also excellent and it really suited us. The food was addictively delicious – all in all, it worked out very well and we were very happy with the thanksgiving event,” Sr Caroline said.

The parish organised the course from July 2016 to August 2017 for 40 participants.  However, only 12 were able to graduate from it.

Hilda Lajip, one of the participants, said she realised how fun writing can be in a different language.

“I’ve learned different writing techniques which are currently helping me. The writing techniques I have learned so far are how to organise and plan a paper which is comprehensible, related to subject matter and logical to the readers. I also have learned how to analyse, critique and evaluate resources, and finally how to express and translate the main idea of a subject matter. I strongly believe it is very beneficial for all of us. Because not only this course prepares you for your academic writing, but they also teach and prepare you well for your future. I would like to thank all my tutors for all their hard work, and making writing in a different language more fun for me and my classmates,” said Lajip.

Rayner Sausun also shared that it can be both easy and fun to learn English grammar if one goes about it with a positive attitude, an open mind and a clear goal for the learning experience.

For example, he said, what is the purpose of the student who wants to learn English grammar? Is it for school or to enhance work opportunities in the global economy? In order to succeed at work, it is almost a necessity to learn English grammar if one wants to be part of the greater global economy. In addition, if one wishes to attend school in an English-speaking country, one needs to understand the English language and learn English grammar in a way that will allow him or her to communicate with native English speakers both effectively and professionally.

Sausun added that a goal needs to be set as far as the time commitment that will be necessary to learn English grammar.

Friar Aiden Peter Jr  used the opportunity to reflect on the benefit of learning another language.

He said, “There are lots of good reasons to learn English, from the professional to the personal. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and more than 67 countries have English as their official or native language, more than any other language in the world. The majority of electronic communication is in English – being able to read and write emails is a big advantage. In addition, learning a language can give you a great sense of personal achievement and fulfilment. Some of the world’s best music, films, and TV shows are in English. Understanding the language will give you a better appreciation of these cultural highlights. Furthermore, speaking English will help you meet all kinds of people and make great friends especially with Ranau being a tourist spot. I hope that the English programme will continue to be a perfect jewel of an experience for all.”  – friar aiden peter jr ofm

Catholic teachers encouraged to be bold for change

A section of the group photo taken after Mass, St Peter Claver Ranau, 8 July 2017.

RANAU – Over 300 Catholic teachers were encouraged to be bold for change in line with the theme of the annual Archdiocesan Teachers Day: Christian Teachers Be Bold for Change on 8 July 2017.

The event was held at St Peter Claver Ranau.

Archbishop John Wong presided at the Mass.  Joining him at the altar were Fathers Jalius Sading, Ambrose Atang, Nicholas Stephen, Florian Marcus and Mattheus Luta.

The participants – school heads, principals, teachers – represented 43 primary and secondary mission schools, and 25 mission kindergartens across 10 zones in the archdiocese.

In her speech after the Mass, Franciscan Sister Rita Chew, head of the Education Commission, said the change is for the better in oneself, in the areas which need it, and in others.  She also encouraged the teachers to join the teachers’ ministry, to make friends with one’s pastor and to leave their prints in the hearts of their students.

Both Fr Stephen (pastor of Ranau) and Abp Wong admitted in their respective speeches the challenge of teaching other people’s children but emphasised that teaching is a vocation, not just a career.

The prelate, however, concluded his address with his signature 12 Words: (1) Read the Word (2) Receive the Sacraments (3) Obey the Commandments and (4) Proclaim the Gospel.

At the fellowship meal held at St Benedict Hall after the Mass, 15 retired teachers from Ranau, Bundu Tuhan and Kota Belud Zones received certificates of appreciation for their services including Petrus Gungkat Atin, the father of Rev Wilfred Atin, and Franciscan Sister Caroline Duli.

The participants were entertained by song and traditional dance performances by some student groups.

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