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Sandakan English Sunday School organises retreat at Fr Mulders Centre

SANDAKAN – The English Sunday School organised a retreat for the students on 26-29 Aug 2017 at the Fr Mulders Catechetical Centre here.

The retreat combined fun, team building activities, teaching sessions, faith sharing, group discussion with prayer experiences, journaling, praise and worship. The retreat also helped the participants to enter into the timelessness of God and see Christ in their past, know Him in the present, and follow Him into eternity.

The retreat was a collaborative effort between the Sunday School (English) and Bishop Cornelius Sim of Brunei and his team of experienced facilitators, Jen, Jerlyn and Bridget (Aunty B).

Some parents were concerned whether they have made the right decisions in sending their children to the retreat and missing their tuition, extra class in school, etc, but the joyful faces of their children at the end of the retreat said it all. – newsupdatedospo.blogspot.my

18 Sandakan DFLC members attend half-day recollection

LAHAD DATU – Eighteen members of the Sandakan Diocesan Family Life Commission (DFLC) attended a half-way recollection on 22 July 2017 at St Dominic here.

The participants came from St Mary Sandakan (5), St Martin Telupid (3), OLOF Beluran (2), St Dominic Lahad Datu (4), and Holy Trinity Tawau (4).

The theme of the recollection was “Do as you say,”  the words spoken by the three angels to Abraham in the book of Genesis (Gn 18:5).

Recollection began with an opening prayer led by Franciscan Sister Evelyn Tivit,  followed by self-introduction of each member.

The session continued with an inspiring input presented by Eva Siruno, DFLC chairperson, on the meaning and purpose of commissioning which they would later be given.

She said the commission given by the risen Jesus to his disciples (Mt 28:19-20) is the “most sacred commissioning” because it came directly from Jesus’ lips.  Jesus’ promise to be with us always is the “most consoling part of our mission,” she added.

Jesus’ promise to be with us always is the “most consoling part of our mission,” she added.

Siruno said that through the commissioning, “we gain affirmation from the Lord” through the church “in our commitment to each other,” and provide “us a time where we can rejoice and give thanks together.”

She noted that the people’s prayer can “charge us up” and most importantly, “we inspire others to serve in the church.”

A video on the nature and mission of the Catholic Family: “Garden of Holiness” was screened.  It touched on the challenges of being  a father, mother or child in the family to create an environment of holiness.

Sr Evelyn facilitated a short reflection session wherein the participants recalled their experiences in serving the church and the struggles they faced.  This was followed by group sharing.

Later the participants went to the chapel for personal reflection using a guided reflection based on Pope Francis’ catechesis on the family.  It helped them to recall their experiences and challenges in the ministry.

Time was given to the participants to share their experiences and how God sustained them when they were on the verge of giving up.

In the evening, the participants were commissioned by Father Marcellinus Pongking after the homily at the Sunset Mass.

The next day, July 23,  the participants from Sandakan and Lahad Datu joined the pre-marriage course team in giving sessions to 23 couples in Tampenau, Lahad Datu.

Teachers told teaching is a noble vocation

Representatives bring forward the bread and wine during the Presentation of Gifts,  Teachers Day Celebration, 17 June 2017, St Mary Sandakan.

SANDAKAN – Catholic teachers in Sandakan were told that the teaching career is a noble vocation when the teacher is able to bring Christ into their career.

Father Christopher Ireneus said this during the Teachers Day celebration on 17 June 2017.

The celebration was organised by the Sandakan Catholic Teachers’ Guild (CTG).  The Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral was presided by Fr

The Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral was presided by Fr Ireneus, while the dinner was held at the Equatorial Seafood Restaurant.

During the celebration, Maureen Lai, CTG adviser,  was honoured as she officially retired from her service at the CTG.

Fr Ireneus reminded everyone that they were not just celebrating Teachers Day, but also celebrating teaching as a vocation.

He encouraged the teachers not to give up easily in the face of all sorts of pressure and obstacles.

He thanked the teachers for their efforts and acknowledged the efforts made by his former teachers at SMK Sandakan.

After the homily, the priest blessed the newly elected CTG office-bearers.

At the dinner, Bishop Julius Gitom called on all teachers to join the CTG, and encouraged them to take the NPQEL course for aspiring principals and/or school heads. – Martha Chia


Sandakan newly baptised members told to be bearers of good news

SANDAKAN – Fifty-one newly baptised members of St Mary Cathedral here were told to be bearers of good news at a welcoming dinner at the parish hall on 4 June 2017.

In welcoming them, Bishop Julius Gitom said, “Your baptism does not end here; rather your commissioning to go forth as part of this faith community, to bring the good news of peace and love to others, is just the beginning of your faith journey!”

This year the cathedral parish received 23 adults and seven children from the Bahasa-speaking community, 14 from the Chinese and five adults and two children from the English speaking community. They have all undergone the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) programme for about a year.

The event began with the newly baptised entering the hall,  holding lighted candles, to the accompaniment of a sung hymn ‘Walk in the Light’ by the parishioners who had turned up to support them.

Lionel Randasan, catechetical committee head, thanked everybody for coming in support of the new members, and the organising committee for their tireless efforts in organising the event.

In his speech,  he said, “Practise what you believe, and journey together in faith with the brothers and sisters in the church.”

In his turn, Bishop Gitom expressed his gratitude to the Catechetical Committees, the RCIA facilitators and Sunday School teachers for their dedicated service in the ministry.

He reminded them that it is “the Holy Spirit who is at work in touching the hearts of the neophytes to commit themselves to the Lord” so that no one would take the credit for God’s work.

Quoting St Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians, ‘Nobody can say Jesus is Lord….unless the Lord touches his heart’  (cf 1 Cor 12:3), the bishop acknowledged that there is nothing anyone could do unless the Lord touches their hearts.

“I thank the neophytes for responding to the Lord’s invitation,” he said, affirming the newly baptised.

He concluded by encouraging the new members to join the many ministries and communities in the church and to channel their God-given talents in serving the church.

During the dinner, some of the newly baptised shared their personal testimonies. – Dalius LL

SYCC members reach out to share Advent joy and love

SANDAKAN – The covenant community here made time to share the joy of Advent by reaching out to the underprivileged.

Members of the Star of Yahweh Covenant Community (SYCC), together with their youth, reached out to those belonging to a marginalised community in Sibuga on 4 Dec 2016.

It started when a member, who works in the hospital, informed the community that a boy patient who was terminally ill had to return home because his parents could not afford his treatment in Kota Kinabalu.

The family lives in a ghetto Indonesian community along Sibuga road. The boy has nine siblings and their parents, who are vegetable farmers, informed the visitors that they have left their son’s fate in the hands of God.

Saddened by the hardship of the boy’s family, the youth took the opportunity to organize ‘Christmas joy’ to cheer up the family and the surrounding children living in the ghetto. They pooled their resources together, aided by their elders who chipped in with a contribution of 60 packets of food, goodies and gifts to 14 families living in that area.

It was a surprise visit.    The boy’s family was touched as they had never experienced being visited by  carollers. The boy’s grandmother said that these gestures shown them have made her family felt the presence of the church despite their absence in the Sunday Masses. – Susanna & Dalius

Sandakan celebrates Christmas with theme ‘Peace on Earth’

Interchurch Sandakan (9)

SANDAKAN – The Sandakan Christmas Celebration, a district-level event, jointly organised by the Karamunting ADUN’s Office, the Sandakan Municipal Council and the Sandakan Inter-Church, was held at the Piazza Harbour Mall on 20 Dec 2015. More than 1,500 people turned up to be part of this big and colourful celebration.

James Wong, President of the Municipal Council, in his speech urged the people not to take for granted the peace, stability and prosperity of the nation built over the years. “Continue to nurture it so that the generations to come will be people of goodwill, sowing peace and upholding tolerance.”

Charles Pang, assemblyman for Karamunting, said that the Christmas season is a time for families to spend quality time together. However, he reminded the people that in the festive joy, let us not forget the plight of the less fortunate, living in the periphery of society. Let us share our love with them, reaching out and touching them.

Accompanied by the MPS president, the chairman of the organizing committee, church leaders and local dignitaries, Charles lit the Christmas tree, marking the start of the celebration, themed ‘Peace On Earth.’

Rev Canon Yong in his Christmas message called on the people to build peace, peace with God, peace with oneself, peace with others as we celebrate Christmas.

Meanwhile Bishop Julius Gitom, in his thanksgiving speech, said that Christmas is not purely feasting and merrymaking. He called on the people to gaze more attentively on the mercy of God by reaching out to those living in the fringes of society, the poor and the marginalised. As followers of Christ, he said, we are constantly reminded to act in accordance with Luke 6:36, ‘Be merciful just as your Father is merciful.’

The prelate continued, “During this Christmas season, may we reflect and rediscover the works of mercy; feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, heal the sick and visit the imprisoned. By doing all these, we would have done it to the Lord for in each of these ‘little ones,’ Christ himself is present. Our gift might not mean much, but to those in need, it makes a great difference. Make this season a meaningful one for us and those who are less fortunate. Do not keep the Christmas joy within but share it with our brothers and sisters who yearn for the light of Christ.” DS

Bishop Julius Gitom opens Holy Door at St Mary’s Cathedral

sandakan holydoor

SANDAKAN – Around 700 Catholics converged at St Mary’s Cathedral on 14 Dec 2015 to witness Bishop Julius Gitom opening  the Holy Door of Mercy, a symbolic gesture that marks the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy for the Diocese of Sandakan.

The opening of the designated Holy Door at St Mary’s Cathedral began with a solemn procession by the bishop and the clergy from the rectory to the entrance of the cathedral.  The procession represents the church’s pilgrimage, a practice that ‘has a special place in the Holy Year, because it represents the journey each of us makes in this life.’ (MV, 14)

After the prayer, Bishop Julius opened the Door of Mercy. The prelate bearing the Book of the Gospel, and behind him the priests, religious sisters and lay faithful passed through the Holy Door to celebrate the Mass.

Bishop Julius explained that the Solemn Opening of the Holy Door is done later than the date proclaimed by Pope Francis due to pastoral reason and the availability of all the priests in the diocese. St Mary’s Cathedral is selected as she is the mother church and a pilgrimage centre in the diocese.

Bishop Julius said, “The passing through the Holy door means that once again we proclaim Jesus as the sole way of salvation. He is the only way to that infinite mercy of the Father, who welcomes everyone and He personally goes out to encounter each one of us.”

The prelate continued by echoing the pontiff, “Let the Father embrace us with His mercy, let us allow Him to meet us, allow Him to reach us and in that way we will experience the real joy of encountering the mercy of God.”

Pope Francis proclaimed the Holy Year of Mercy as a way for the Church to make more evident its mission to be witness of mercy, urging the church to reach out to the modern world.  We are to bring that mercy to the world, not only to people around us, but even to the environment. The prelate urged parishioners to be renewed, be prayerful, be grateful and practise often works of mercy.

At the conclusion of the Mass, the prelate handed over banners of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy to be displayed in their respective parishes to Msgr Nicholas Ong of Holy Trinity Tawau, Fr Thomas Makajil of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan, Fr Simon Kontou of St Dominic’s Church, Lahad Datu and Fr Jasery Gabuk of St Martin’s Church, Telupid. – Dalius LL

600 attend the four-in-one celebration for clergy and religious anniversaries

The honourees blow and cut their cakes.

The honourees blow and cut their cakes.

SANDAKAN – Six hundred parishioners of St Mary’s Cathedral here attended a four-in-one celebration for clergy and religious anniversaries on 9 Nov 2015: the 26th sacerdotal anniversary of  Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom (Nov 19), the 37th sacerdotal anniversary of Msgr Nicholas Ong (Oct 3) and  Fr Thomas Makajil (Nov 11), and the 40th anniversary of religious life of Sr Veronica Kandaung fsic (Dec 2).

The celebration began with a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated in conjunction with the Solemnity of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica of Rome, with Bishop Julius Gitom as presider and concelebrated with seven priests from the diocese.

In his homily, the prelate expressed his gratitude to God for the gift of the dedicated priests and the religious sister who have served long in the diocese. He thanked all parishioners who have journeyed with them in faith, support and encouragement. He asked for continuous prayer from them.

After Mass, all adjourned to the parish hall for a dinner fellowship, during which Sr Veronica shared that if someone were to ask her how she managed to persevere for 40 years as a religious, she would answer, “It is the love of God that drives me to continue to serve tirelessly.”

In his turn, Fr Thomas, in appreciation of all the support given to them as priests and religious and for their projects even to the point of making this parish a pilgrimage centre for the diocese, said “It would be impossible to make changes if I were to dream alone but if we were to dream of the same thing together, everything will be possible.”

Msgr Nicholas Ong’s speech had the crowd in stitches. His absence for nearly a year due to medical treatment did not change his old jovial self. He shared that the doctor kept pestering him to gain weight and that now he has to eat to live. He attributed his recovery to the constant prayers of the faithful.

The Marian development committee took the opportunity to launch the raffle ticket for the funding of a Chapel on the Marian Mount with the 14 stations of the cross.

The event was enlivened by a wide range of entertainment. – Dalius LL

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