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Site visit reveals marked progress in Putatan church construction works

PUTATAN  – The 11 Oct 2017 site visit by Archbishop John Wong revealed a marked progress in the construction works of the new St Catherine Laboure Church here.

The prelate was accompanied by Father Wilfred Atin, pastor of St Michael Penampang.

Since the visit two months ago, the brick walls have been put up, the beam that needed to be knocked down has been done, the arches and outside columns have been completed, and the columns, beams and brickwork for the bell tower have been cast.

Due to cash constraint, architect  Tan Jun Kwang said that the works have taken a conservative and priority-based approach.

As the priority is to complete the church, works are prioritised according to needs.

Tan added that in terms of structure, all that was needed to be done was done.

The next two immediate priorities would involve the finishing of the brick and glass walls, followed by performance works involving the water gutters, the electrical and mechanical trades.

To a question raised by Abp Wong, Tan gave the assurance that the following would receive his immediate attention: the need to simplify the electrical drawings and to call for tender, and the need to study the roofing structure in order to accommodate the proposal for an uncovered ceiling.

Tan further reported that the beams and brick walls, scheduled to be up in a month’s time, necessitate the wiring works to be in place beforehand.

The architect assured his client that the cash-strapped project, which has taken a long period to reach to the present stage, would be completed regardless of cash difficulty.

Present at the site meeting were Datuk Stephen Sondoh, chairman of the Steering Committee and his team.

Also present were members of Penampang Parish Finance and Property Committee: Ernest Mojikon, Hector Jintoni, Richard Jomiji and Donald Malinggang.

Abp Wong has brought in the Penampang team, led by Fr Atin, to assist the Steering Committee in coordinating the project.

“We are not here to take over, but to help,” Fr Atin told the Steering Committee and asked for communication and cooperation from all quarters. The ultimate aim was to bring to completion the long overdue project.

Matters pertaining to sourcing for donations of church pews, road access, the update on the building of a two-way bridge, and requirement of SESB would be tabled at the next steering committee meeting in October.

Sondoh also told those present that the current fund they have in hand is roughly a million to stretch over the necessary works. – CS

Putatan church holds fundraising bazaar

A section of the people who patronise the bazaar in aid of the Putatan church building fund, SHPC, 23 July 2017.

KOTA KINABALU –  St Catherine Laboure Putatan held its fundraising bazaar at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here on 23 July 2017.

From 7 am to 3 pm throngs of people came to patronise over 80 stalls set up by volunteers who put in time, effort and energy, selling a wide variety of goods ranging from handicrafts to home-cooked food, used clothing, vegetables, flowers and plants, religious items, books, and toys.

The objective of the bazaar was to raise RM300,000.00 for the completion of the main church building sometime next year.

The chairman of the Steering Building Committee of St Catherine Laboure Putatan would like to convey his appreciation to Sacred Heart Cathedral for allowing them to use the parish centre for the bazaar, all donors for their kind generosity, participants of the bazaar, and those who support them.

Started in 2013, the estimated RM7.3mil four-storey building sits on a 0.8ha land donated by Catherine Moinin in Kampung Imbaan Putatan.

So far RM5.45 million has been raised from various sources. Out of the RM5.1 million raised, RM4.25 million had been spent for the construction.  The balance of RM1.2 million will be exhausted by the end of the year.

Forthcoming fundraisers include a golf tournament in August, raffle ticket sales, and a jogathon.

Further details can be obtained from Stephen Sondoh at 013-8658333. Anyone who wishes to contribute can do so by channelling donations through the appointed members or bank into their bank account at Maybank payable to “RTDKK St. Catherine Laboure Church.” The account number is 510189007514.

Putatan church project is making slow but steady progress, says Catholic Church

1.Archbishop John Wong (seated 2nd from left) is seen on his left with Fr Fundes Motiung, Datuk Stephen Sondoh, and architect Dr Tan Jun Kwang who attended the meeting on Nov 15 at his office in Penampang. Seated at far left is Datuk Joseph Leong, chairman of SOCCOM and standing behind them are members of the technical committee who were present.

Archbishop John Wong (seated 2nd from left) is seen on his left with Fr Fundes Motiung, Datuk Stephen Sondoh, and architect Dr Tan Jun Kwang who attended the meeting on Nov 15 at his office in Penampang. Seated at far left is Datuk Joseph Leong, chairman of SOCCOM and standing behind them are members of the technical committee who were present.

PENAMPANG: The Catholic Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu  said  that the building project for the new St Catherine Laboure church at Kg Dimbaan, Putatan, has made good progress, although at a slow pace dictated by the availability of funds.

“We are pleased to announce that 65 per cent of construction works on the four-storey structure is now complete and we are satisfied with the progress made so far,” the Archdiocese said in a statement released on 17 Nov 2016 by its Social Communications Commission (Soccom) here.

Commenting on recent media reports which among other things stated  that “construction works had ceased for some time,” a spokesman of Soccom said that this was not the case.

“On the contrary, steady progress has been made on the project in the past five months. It is also not true to say that no brick walls were found at the site.

“In fact, brick walls at the ground level and the staircase areas were built in July and plastering of the walls took place later,” he added.

He reported that further progress was made in September and October resulting in the erection of the metal roof trusses and construction of the high entrance structures.

On funding, the Soccom spokesman said that the entire project is expected to cost RM7.3 million. Out of RM4.7 million raised, a sum of RM3.3 million was spent on expenditures up to 31 Aug  2016.

He said the balance of RM1.4 million is now being utilised for the current construction works including building of the roof structure and the tall and grand entrance and bell tower.

“We wish to assure that all government financial allocations are utilised according to established financial mangement procedures. And all expenditures are verified by a technical committee and are closely monitored by the office of the Archdiocese,” the spokesman said.

He said that the last such meetings to monitor development progress and financial matters arising from the implementation of the project was held on Tuesday (Nov 15) in the presence of Archbishop John Wong.

Also present were Fr Fundes Motiung, Rector of St Michael’s Church, Penampang, who initiated the project; Datuk Stephen Sondoh, Chairman of the Steering Church Building Committee; and members of the technical committee.


Work in progress at the new St Catherine Laboure church at Kg Dimbaan, Putatan.

Datuk Stephen took note of the fact that there is a shortfall of about RM2.6 million in order to meet the costs for the completion of the project.

“Raising funds has always been difficult and slow. Other churches are unable to help much since they have financial commitments of their own,” he said.

“Hence, our construction has been slow largely due to the lack of funds from time to time. Our progress is dependant on the flow of donations and the release of funds by the government that came in batches.

“In addition to the construction of the building, there was also a need for building of the road leading to the site,” the building committee chairman explained.

Members of the technical team are professionals from JK Chartered Architect, Perunding Bina Daya Sdn Bhd, Jurutera Perunding Intelex Sdn Bhd, Perunding KK Bina Sdn Bhd, Mojigoh Surveying Consultants Sdn Bhd, and WBS Contractor Sdn Bhd.

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