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Kuching Archdiocese welcomes new priest

Newly ordained Fr Galvin R Ngumbang (L) with Abp Poh at the lectern, 22 Sept 2017, Kuching.

KUCHING: Kuching Archdiocese welcomed a new priest to its presbyterium on 22 Sept 2017.

Archbishop Simon Poh of Kuching ordained Deacon Galvin Richard Ngumbang, 34, to the priesthood at St Joseph’s Cathedral here.

Poh said this would be the beginning of Galvin’s ministry to serve and walk humbly with the people placed under his pastoral care.

“Parishioners will begin to call you ‘Father,’ but always keep in your heart that ‘Father’ is not a title, but a relationship with the people of God,” he said.

The service, witnessed by Galvin’s immediate family members and fellow Catholics, began with a traditional Orang Ulu dance.

In the ordination booklet, Galvin revealed that his journey to serve God began after Form 3 when he prayed to pass the Penilaian Menengah Rendah in 1998.

“I was very surprised that I passed the exam and questioned myself as to whether I was special and that God heard my prayer,” he said.

Galvin stated that his true call to serve God was after he attended Holy Hour at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Sibu, when he found his mind at peace and the will to serve God prevailed.

He began seminary studies in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in 2010 after resigning as assistant science officer with the Pepper Marketing Board Sibu.

Galvin obtained his Bachelor of Theology from Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome, on 25 Nov  2016 and graduated from St Peter’s College Major Seminary Kuching on 16 Dec 2016.

He was admitted to the candidacy for Holy Orders by Poh on 3 April 2017 and was ordained as deacon at St Jude’s Church, Bunan Gega Tebedu on April 23. – theborneopost.com

Telupid church decks out in gold and white for first priestly ordination

Bishop Julius anoints the hands of the ordinand, St Martin Telupid, 28 Dec 2016.

TELUPID – Saint Martin Church here decked out in gold and white for its first priestly ordination on 28 Dec 2016.

Deacon Christopher Ireneus was ordained priest by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom, witnessed by over a thousand people including Archbishop John Wong of Kota Kinabalu, Father Charles Chiew of Keningau, Father John Chong of Kuching and several other priests of the three Sabah dioceses.

The solemn ceremony was brightened by the festive gold and white backdrop that was done without much interference by the pastor, Father Jasery Gabuk (as he admitted in his speech).

Speeches were given by the organising chairman, Fr Jasery, the neo-ordained and by the bishop.

In their speeches both the neo-ordained and the bishop thanked everyone involved in the formative journey of the new priest.

Father Christopher ended his speech with a request for prayers from everyone while Bishop Julius urged parents not to hinder their children’s vocation to the priestly or religious life.

After the ceremony, all adjourned to an equally brightly decorated parish hall for the reception where the people were entertained by various dance and song performances.

The next day Father Christopher celebrated his thanksgiving Mass at the church before going back to serve in Sandakan where he had been posted as a deacon.

Second Tg Aru son ordained as religious priest in Year of Mercy

Robin's ordination 2016

The Redemptorist community poses with Fr Robin (front 4th from L) and Abp Wong during the photo session.

TANJUNG ARU – Stella Maris Parish here has the honour to host the second sacerdotal ordination of a religious priest during this Year of Mercy.  The first – presbyteral ordination of Francisco Basnayake ofm by Archbishop John Wong – took place on January 23.

Deacon Robin Lomangkok, 38, of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorist=CSsR) was ordained priest  by Abp John Wong on 1 August 2016.  Concelebrating with him were Abp Emeritus John Lee, Msgr Primus Jouil, twelve Redemptorist priests including Vice Provincial Fr Eugene Fernandez of the Vice-province of Ipoh (Malaysia-Singapore), and several local diocesan priests.  The Redemptorists came from West Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.  Also in attendance was Deacon Francis Vijayan CSsR.  The Masters of Ceremonies were Fr Gerard Louis and Fr Eugene Lee of the Redemptorist Community.  About a thousand came to witness the ceremony despite the inclement weather which cleared before the Mass.

The Rite of Ordination began after the gospel proclamation by Deacon Francis.  After being called by the formator,  the vice-provincial presented the candidate to Abp Wong and officially proposed him for ordination.  After the election, the prelate gave the homily on the duties and responsibilites of the priesthood.  Then the elect made his promise to discharge the priestly responsibilities and obedience to the diocesan bishop and legitimate superior.

The elect then prostrated himself during the chanting of the Litany of the Saints.   The faithful stood during the laying on of hands by the prelate, followed by all the priests present, in silence.  The prayer of ordination followed.  One of the priests helped the parents of the newly ordained to arrange the stole in the manner proper to priests and to put on the chasuble.  After the investiture with stole and chasuble, the new priest knelt before the prelate for the anointing of hands with holy chrism.

The parents then brought forward the paten holding the bread and the chalice containing the wine mixed with water for the celebration of Mass.  The deacon received them and brought them to the prelate, who placed them in the hands of the neo-ordained as he knelt before him.  The rite ended with the fraternal embrace by the prelate and all the priests present.

After the Mass, the vice provincial thanked in Bahasa Malaysia the archbishop, parish and all those involved in the ordination celebration on behalf of the Redemptorist Congregation.

In his turn, Fr Robin also thanked all those present for their participation and presence in making the occasion a memorable one for him.  After the speech, the new priest presented a bouquet of flowers to the Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help as an expression of love and gratitude.  Then he gave his first blessing to his parents.  He also presented a linen gremial to his father, George Lomangkok Mojinung.

In his speech, Abp Wong acknowledged his gratitude to the Redemptorist congregation for their choice in having the ordination ceremony in Fr Robin’s home parish.  He emphasised the relevance of the Redemptorist Mission in combatting the forces of secularisation and apathy.

He said, “In today’s world, it is said that people go for prestige, wealth, career and status…It is unfortunate that this has to do with secularisation, a process that gradually removes the divine and the sacred, and even does away with the ‘fear of God’ in the hearts of humankind…doing good for the society, serving the needs of others, responding to the cries of neighbour, and helping others to connect with God are subjective matter, something to be left to the pious and the religious.  That is why we see even among so-called believers, apathy is fast becoming a behaviour and attitude that is hindering their spiritual growth.”

The vocation of priesthood, the prelate continued, is a call to go beyond oneself and, like Christ, ready to be crucified in the service of faith, hope and love.  One of the challenges of today’s priests, is to help people to counter secularisation, and to proclaim that there is a life-after that every human being to called towards.

“We live not only for here and now, but we need also to go beyond the visible and live for eternity,” Abp Wong said.  “It is my hope that Fr Robin and the rest of us who are called to the priesthood will be living witnesses of our faith and hope for a life hereafter.”

The reception was held at the parish hall where as usual there was a cake-cutting ceremony followed by a toast to the new priest by his confreres.  The people were entertained by several song and dance performances by Fr Robin’s family members and other groups.  Fr Robin will continue to serve in Ipoh after his ordination.  He celebrated his first Mass at Stella Maris Aug 2 at 6:30 pm and his thanksgiving Mass at the Carmelite Chapel on Aug 4 at 6:30 am.

Fr Robin’s ordination was the second to take place in the archdiocese; the first was that of Calistus Emmanuel on 5 May 1985 at Holy Rosary Limbahau by Bp Simon Fung.  He was laicised after several years.  However, the first Sabahan to become a Redemptorist was Lucas Ho of Labuan whose ordination was held at the Novena Church in Singapore on 22 Sept 1974, presided by Bp Peter Chung.  Years later Ho left the Redemptorist Congregation and was incardinated in the Melaka-Johor Diocese as a diocesan priest.

Tanjung Aru son to be ordained Redemptorist priest

lomangkokKOTA KINABALU – On August 1 another son of Stella Maris Parish, Tanjung Aru, will be ordained priest for the Redemptorist Order by Archbishop John Wong at 6:30 pm.

Born on 29 Nov 1977, Robin is the seventh child in a brood of five boys and five girls born to George Lomangkok Mojinung and the late Nonong Thakar Singh.  He had his primary education at Stella Maris Primary and secondary at Maktab Sabah Kota Kinabalu.  He held a diploma in Banking from UiTM Menggatal and BSc Business Administration major in Finance (Hon) from UiTM Shah Alam.

He worked for eight years before entering the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorist) in Singapore in 2008 and continued his formation in the Philippines in 2010.  He made his first profession on 27 May 2011 in his home parish of Stella Maris Tg Aru.  He took his final vows on 15 May 2015 in Singapore.

KK Archdiocese welcomes new priest as a Jubilee Year of Mercy gift

joshua ordination

KOTA KINABALU – “In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, many of us have experienced the love of our Merciful Father in various ways. Today, as we gather to witness the priestly ordination of Deacon Joshua Liew, that the mercy of God is concretely manifested to us.”

Aptly expressed by Archbishop John Wong in his speech after he has ordained Deacon Joshua to the priestly ministry, he continued “Yet with all our failures and sinfulness, God still raises up a new priest in the person of Joshua Liew to administer the sacraments of His love to our communities. Let us join Fr Joshua in thanksgiving and praising God for His merciful love!”

Family members, friends, parishioners from near and far packed the Sacred Heart Cathedral here to witness the ordination ceremony on 3 May 2016. With Archbishop John Wong at the altar were Archbishop Emeritus John Lee and scores of clergy from the three dioceses, and formator Fr Erik Jerome who represented St Peter’s College Kuching. Notably present were Deacon Joshua’s four batchmates in the persons of Fr John Pereira from Melaka-Johor Diocese, Fathers Harry Dorisoh and Hilanus Simon from Keningau Diocese, and Fr Stanley William from Sandakan Diocese. Batchmate Fr Robert Jissem from Kuching Archdiocese was unable to be present for the occasion.

The prelate noted that though the addition of a new priest would mean that the workload of the existing presbyterium could now be shared, he seized the opportune moment to reveal the exceedingly high ratio of priest/laity population (1:5400) within the archdiocese. Turning to the parents, he asked directly “Have you ever thought of encouraging your children to go to the seminary or convent? Have you ever made priesthood or sisterhood a possible choice when you discuss about careers with your children?”

Without letting up hope, especially in the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the prelate urged the faith community to “continue to pray for the merciful love of the Father for more vocations.”

Archbishop Wong then welcomed Fr Joshua to the presbyterium, though he has lost a deacon but gained a priest, and reminded him as he begins his new life as a priest to “always submit to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you become a priest after the heart of God”.

In his response, the neo-ordained declared his love for his bishop “I look forward to continue this journey with your guidance and love!”

He explained his choice of motto “Feed my sheep” and conceded that many people who crossed his life have come across as “shepherds” leading and guiding him to the Lord.

Attesting this to the graciousness and benevolence of God towards him, he has taken up his motto and vowed to live it up for the rest of his life, “Pray for me that I may live up to this motto “Feed my sheep.” I will also pray for you,” he said.

Fr Joshua, born and bred in Kota Kinabalu, hails from the cathedral parish. The last ordination witnessed by the cathedral parish was that of Fr Mitchelly Kiun on 26 Feb  2014.

The neo-ordained, who has been assigned to the cathedral since finishing his formation in St Peter’s College in 2015 up till his diaconate, will continue to serve there as assistant to the parish priest.

 What others who have been inspired by Fr Joshua say:

Mother of Fr Joshua, Shirley Kondilis: It’s a huge grace and blessing for our family! I pray he would be a good and holy priest, and serve God’s people well!

Younger sister, Jessica: I am happy, excited, and proud of my brother! It used to feel so long, but looking back, I felt it has gone really fast! I knew he would go through it all. I have no doubt!

Younger brother, Jeremiah:I didn’t expect this day to be this big! Happy for him that he has achieved his milestone!

Younger brother, Joel:Good job, Josh! You are ready for it! And God is always with you!

Yvonne: “With another young priest in SHC, we have extra support and ears to listen to the cries of the young people!”

Eldrich: “The Church is full; it’s a sign that the Church is an ‘in thing,’  it’s not an outdated thing. Personally for me, Joshua has shown me that it doesn’t matter how young you are; when you are captured by the love of God, there’s always something fruitful in front of you and really with his courage and his ‘yes,’  I hope that the Church will continue to bear fruit.”


Lahad Datu hosts ordination ceremony for its second son

ordination of stanley william jan 31, 2016 lahad datu

LAHAD DATU – St Dominic Lahad Datu hosted the priestly ordination of its second son on 31 Jan 2016.  Deacon Stanley William Matakim was ordained priest by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom in a Eucharistic Celebration concelebrated with 17 priests coming from arch/dioceses of Kota Kinabalu, Keningau, Kuching and Melaka-Johor in the presence of about 1,000 people.  His classmate Deacon Joshua Liew assisted at the altar.

The first to be ordained from and in Lahad Datu Parish was David A Garaman on 31 Dec 2010.  The neo-ordained will begin his priestly ministry at St Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan.  After the Mass, all proceeded to the parish open hall for the reception,  escorted by Sumazau, Hedung and Seleng dancers.  Different groups took turns to entertain the people during the reception.

Born on 23 Apr 1986, Stanley is the youngest in a brood of seven of William Matakim and Phelisita Francis Alasa.  He was born in Kota Kinabalu but grew up in Lahad Datu.  He had his primary schooling at SRK Kennedy Bay and finished secondary school at SMK Sepagaya and SM St Dominic.  He took a course on administration at Pusat Teknologi dan Pengurusan Lanjutan (PTPL) and worked as a general clerk at Kwantas Company before entering aspirancy at the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre Penampang in February 2007.  He had his Initiation Year in Kota Kinabalu in 2008 before going to St Peter’s College Kuching for his philosophical and theological studies (2009-2014).  He was ordained deacon on 24 June 2015 at St Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan. – adapted from newsupdatedospo.blogspot.my





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