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Miri bishop visits Sibuti Iban longhouse

The welcomers in traditional attire pose for the camera while waiting for Bishop Ng and Fr Durrant to come, 10 Mar 2018, Sibuti.  Credit: Dennis Ng

MIRI – Bishop Richard Ng, accompanied by Father Liam Durrant,  visited Rumah Entebang and celebrated Mass there on 10 Mar 2018.

The Iban longhouse is an old wooden building built in the late 1940s under Tuai Rumah Empading Ak Lambor and has 62 doors.  It is located at Sungai Bakas Sibuti Bekenu, about 63 km from Miri.

Around 150 people attended the Mass and the welcome dinner at the longhouse.

The next day, March 11, the bishop and the priest concelebrated Mass at the Townhall, Dewan Rumah Nawin Ak Lu at Kg Penempatan Bukit Peninjau Sibuti.

Around 300 parishioners participated in the Mass.

The Chapel Gerija Indai Maria, Bukit Peninjau, currently under renovation, is just 800 meters away. – Ben Chang, Miri newsblog.

Limbahau PPC chairman requests for residential pastor

LIMBAHAU – Limbahau Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) chairman requested for a residential pastor during the annual pastoral visit by the archbishop on 8 Oct 2017 to Holy Rosary Parish here.

In his speech after the Mass wherein 95 boys and girls were confirmed by Archbishop John Wong, Sylvester Joseph conveyed the longing of the parishioners for a residential pastor.  He also urged the parishioners to pray for this request to be granted.

He said that the proceeds from the day’s bazaar would be for the Catholic Centre building project fund as the parish has pledged to contribute RM220,000.00 towards it.  Other fundraisers have been initiated as well.

Joseph then touched on the parish’s two-year family programme which he hoped would be fruitful.

Earlier at 8 am, Abp Wong had a breakfast meeting with the two pastors, Father Thomas Yip and Father Rayner Bisius, and PPC members who presented reports under their various portfolios, present and future programmes such as KKG-ku (Keluarga [family], KKD [BEC], Gereja [church]), Belia Masuk Kampung (youth enter village), and altar servers camp, in response to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Thrust.

In his turn, Abp Wong encouraged the parishioners to deepen their faith, the confirmands to be active church members, and married couples to have more children despite various challenges.

He pointed out that small families mean reduction in the overall Catholic population and challenged the parishioners to have trust in God to provide for their needs.

After the speeches, the prelate launched the new parish logo.

After Mass, all went in procession to the Fr A Amandus Hall, accompanied by traditional toggungak music, for lunch, cake-cutting commemorating Abp Wong’s 7th episcopal anniversary, choral presentations, prize presentations for sports and recreational activities, and lucky draws.

The prelate, accompanied by parish leaders, toured all the stalls selling food, drinks, local produce, meeting the people where they were.

Later, the PPC presented Abp Wong with a mock cheque of RM40,000 as proceeds from the bazaar.

Representing the state government, Datuk Johnny Mositun presented several units of PA systems to Limbahau and  Papar parishes, and to some outstation chapels.

The evening before, Oct 7, Abp Wong celebrated Sunset Mass at St Sabina Titimbongon Papar, the first time the chapel was visited by a bishop. – William Charles Mindus

Labuan parish celebrates feast day with procession

LABUAN – The parish of Blessed Sacrament Church here celebrated its feast day with a Eucharistic procession on 18 June 2017.

The procession took place after Communion from the church to the multipurpose hall where benediction was given.

It was also the time when Archbishop John Wong made his annual two-day (June 17-18) pastoral visit to the parish.

Ninty Sunday School students received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Sunset Mass June 17.

The prelate spent the first evening mingling with the coordinators of the various ministries and community groups over a fellowship dinner when he was given a belated birthday surprise.

After listening to the feedback, he expressed his satisfaction at the commitment and unity among the groups and ministries.  He pointed out that the parish must take up the responsibility to look into the pastoral needs of the Catholic students from the higher learning institutes in Labuan.

Abp Wong urged the married couples of the parish community to have more children so that the church will grow.

In his homily at Mass the next day, the prelate called on the faithful to love one another as Jesus loves.

For the Presentation, the various groups presented individually a symbolic love offering.

The celebration concluded with a fellowship meal for some 1200 faithful.  The food was sponsored by the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC).

PPC Chairman Ambrose Steven Tati expressed gratitude on behalf of the parish, to the prelate for his pastoral visit in conjunction with their feast day.

At the fellowship, the archbishop shared his RROP way of living the faith: 1) Read the Word of God, 2) Receive the Sacraments, 3) Obey God’s Commandments, and 4) Proclaim the Good News.

Performances from various groups lent a festive air to the parish event.- Gerard Lean

Papar organises 3-in-1 celebration for the archbishop’s pastoral visit

The confirmands pose with the clergy after the Mass, 21 May 2017, Papar.

PAPAR – For the archbishop’s pastoral visit, St Joseph Parish here organised a three-in-one celebration on 20-21 May 2017.

The celebration consisted of the meeting with the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), Mass with Rite of Confirmation and a mini-bazaar in aid of St Macarius Sumbiling Bongawan Chapel’s renovation.

The morning began with Archbishop John Wong having light breakfast with Father Thomas Yip and PPC members before having a brief meeting with them chaired by Johnny Sitamin.

At the meeting, the prelate shared on the latest development of the archdiocese, that is, the new archdiocesan centre building project to be sited on the old Shan Tao Primary School along Sang Kancil Tiga Karamunsing, and its planned fundraisers.

The highlight of the visit was the concelebrated Mass preceded by a procession of representatives of the parish committees and communities in traditional attire and carrying banners, accompanied by the beating of gongs.

In his homily, the prelate reminded the congregation to adhere to Jesus’ commandment to love God and to love each other.  He also exhorted them to remember Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit to be with them always.

During the Mass, 164 candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

After the Mass,  Sitamin thanked Abp Wong for his pastoral visit,  the parishioners for their response and support for the bazaar, and for the collaboration among communities in preparing for  the event.

The chairman also noted the prelate’s visit to St Anne Penampang Baru the day before and presiding at the sunset Mass there.

In turn, the prelate exhorted the parishioners to keep alive their Easter faith,  encouraged the 164 confirmands to be active in the parish or outstation chapels, and advised the parishioners to discuss any pertinent issues with their pastors as his pastoral visit are limited in length.

After his speech, the prelate officiated the opening of the mini bazaar and visited the various stalls.– William Charles Mindus /SOCCOM Papar Limbahau

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