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Penampang parish sees rise in convalidation of marriages

Couples listen to a facilitator during a session on the convalidation of marriages, St Michael Penampang, 6 May 2018.

PENAMPANG – Thirty married couples registered for the first of three formation sessions slated for this year to convalidate marriages at St Michael parish, including the nine zones under the parish on 6 May 2018.

The record showed that this year’s number of marriages to be convalidated has more than doubled last year’s list, attributing the phenomenon to the openness and readiness of couples, after coming to a proper understanding, to validate their marriages in the eyes of the Church.

Most of the couples are married for over five years. However, the longest married is 30 years and the most recent are about a year.

The majority of them are married under the native and civil law, while some are married through other Christian denominational services.

The duration of the convalidation process is three months, and constitutes seven steps, which include a marriage enrichment formation, interviews with the priest, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, before the final sacramental blessing when it is deemed complete.

Convalidation of marriages in the Penampang parish is organized by St Michael Parish Family Apostolate (PFA) in collaboration with Couples for Christ (CFC), and is acceptable so long as one of the spouses of each couple is a baptised Catholic.

It is our earnest hope that Catholics who plan to get married should attend the pre-marriage course first, then ensure to register their marriage through the Catholic Church. The civil marriage (JPN) will be arranged by the Church few weeks prior to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony,” said Pauline Pinso, PFA facilitator as well as a senior member of CFC Penampang, on working within the confines of a truly sacramental marriage.

The next formation dates are scheduled on 9-10 June and 13-14 October this year. Couples who have yet to convalidate their marriages are encouraged to remove the impediment that would invalidate their marriages in the eyes of the Church.   Contact the parish office at Tel: 088-711009 for early registration for the next formation. – Soccom Penampang


18 couples convalidate their marriages

Laminin (L) and Indom (R) are among the 18 couples who convalidated their marriages, St Michael Penampang, 26 Sept 2017.

PENAMPANG – Eighteen long-time married couples convalidated their marriages on 26 Sept 2017 at St Michael’s Church here.

Father Wiandigool Runsab,  the assistant pastor, officiated the convalidation ceremony.

“We have been married for 29 years with five children, and now expecting a grandchild.  As a Catholic, I am very happy because we have finally convalidated our marriage in the Church.  It has been my longing to receive the Body of Jesus Christ again. My husband is now a catechumen in the RCIA class,” said Laminin Tambaukung, 53, after the ceremony.   Her husband, Indom Baulon, is 67 years old.

Jidi Suhai, 46, said,  “I am so happy because I can now receive Holy Communion.  For 19 years I was not able to receive the Body of Christ. Thanks to God and to the teachers who guided us towards this blessing.”  He has been married to Rozi Marius, 42, for 21 years with seven children.

The process towards marriage convalidation is facilitated by the Penampang Parish Pastoral Committee on Family Life. It includes talks and seminars where couples are led to understand the Christian marriage, the roles of husbands and wives, effective communication, spiritual healing in marriage, and  building up the family for God.

Canon law – the law of the Church – requires that Catholics enter into marriage by free mutual consent that is witnessed in a church by an authorised bishop, priest, or deacon and at least two other witnesses. Marriages in which one or both parties are Catholic and which are not witnessed by an authorised bishop, priest, or deacon, or which do not receive proper permission to take place in another forum, are considered invalid in the eyes of the Church. – Soccom Penampang

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