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Limbahau PPC chairman requests for residential pastor

LIMBAHAU – Limbahau Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) chairman requested for a residential pastor during the annual pastoral visit by the archbishop on 8 Oct 2017 to Holy Rosary Parish here.

In his speech after the Mass wherein 95 boys and girls were confirmed by Archbishop John Wong, Sylvester Joseph conveyed the longing of the parishioners for a residential pastor.  He also urged the parishioners to pray for this request to be granted.

He said that the proceeds from the day’s bazaar would be for the Catholic Centre building project fund as the parish has pledged to contribute RM220,000.00 towards it.  Other fundraisers have been initiated as well.

Joseph then touched on the parish’s two-year family programme which he hoped would be fruitful.

Earlier at 8 am, Abp Wong had a breakfast meeting with the two pastors, Father Thomas Yip and Father Rayner Bisius, and PPC members who presented reports under their various portfolios, present and future programmes such as KKG-ku (Keluarga [family], KKD [BEC], Gereja [church]), Belia Masuk Kampung (youth enter village), and altar servers camp, in response to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Thrust.

In his turn, Abp Wong encouraged the parishioners to deepen their faith, the confirmands to be active church members, and married couples to have more children despite various challenges.

He pointed out that small families mean reduction in the overall Catholic population and challenged the parishioners to have trust in God to provide for their needs.

After the speeches, the prelate launched the new parish logo.

After Mass, all went in procession to the Fr A Amandus Hall, accompanied by traditional toggungak music, for lunch, cake-cutting commemorating Abp Wong’s 7th episcopal anniversary, choral presentations, prize presentations for sports and recreational activities, and lucky draws.

The prelate, accompanied by parish leaders, toured all the stalls selling food, drinks, local produce, meeting the people where they were.

Later, the PPC presented Abp Wong with a mock cheque of RM40,000 as proceeds from the bazaar.

Representing the state government, Datuk Johnny Mositun presented several units of PA systems to Limbahau and  Papar parishes, and to some outstation chapels.

The evening before, Oct 7, Abp Wong celebrated Sunset Mass at St Sabina Titimbongon Papar, the first time the chapel was visited by a bishop. – William Charles Mindus

Family members of two aspirants given special blessing at the end of Mass

Family members of the two aspirants receive special blessing at the end of Mass, Holy Rosary Limbahau, 29 Jan 2017.

LIMBAHAU-  The family members of aspirants Xavier Maurice and Ronald Aloysius were given a special blessing at the end of the Sunset Mass at Holy Rosary Church here on 29 Jan 2017.

The two aspirants were among the seven participants from the parish and nine from St Joseph Papar who joined the annual vocation seminar for diocesan priesthood at the Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre Jan 13-15.

The parish will conduct a vocation awareness session at St Linus Linggan on Feb 17.

Born on 22 March 1993, Xavier Maurice is the youngest in a family of three of Maurice Justin John and Theresa Continus Sindu.  He was born in Papar but grew up in Kota Kinabalu.  He had his primary schooling at SJK(c) Hwa Shiong Putatan and finished secondary school at SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin Penampang. He took a course on business administration at University Utara Malaysia (UUM) Kedah and tourism course at Asian Tourism Institute (ATI)  Kota Kinabalu. He worked with SLDB in Keningau as assistant field manager and then as human resource manager with Sticky Rice Travel.

Ronald Aloysius, born on 30 October 1990, is the youngest in a brood of five of Aloysius Primus and Mariana Tius.  He was born in Kg Kabang, Papar.  He had his primary schooling at SJK(c) Cheng Hwa, Papar and finished secondary school at SMK St Joseph Papar. He took a course on Medical Lab Technology at MasterSkills College Kuala Lumpur. He worked for a few years in Kuala Lumpur.  He returned to Sabah in 2015 to work with Sabah State Railway Department as assistant manager, stationed in Tenom.

Both of them joined the aspirancy programme at the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre Penampang on Feb 3. –SOCCOM Papar-Limbahau

Large turnout surprises YoM programme organisers


LIMBAHAU – The unexpected large turnout for the inaugural Year of Mercy (YoM) programme  surprised the organisers who had expected less people.

The programme, organised by the Archdiocesan Social Communications Commission (AD SOCCOM), took place on 11 Nov 2016 at the Fr Amandus Hall here.

The programme entitled What Mercy Means to Me and My Family, consisted of an introduction on the YoM by Datuk Joseph Leong and a  catechesis on Zaccheus (Luke 19:1-10) by Father Thomas Madanan, the assistant pastor of both parishes.

Parish leaders (both of Holy Rosary Limbahau and St Joseph Papar) estimated the crowd to be 120 although the organisers had expected only 80 to turn up.

The event began with a potluck fellowship meal, with a variety of dishes brought by the parishioners.

After the meal, Father Thomas Yip, pastor of both parishes, welcomed the organisers and introduced them to the people.  He stayed for the entire programme.

It ended with the distribution of YoM leaflets and interviews with some youth who attended the session for the video on YoM.

50 groups of pilgrims have entered Limbahau Holy Door



LIMBAHAU, Papar – Since the Door of Mercy in Holy Rosary Limbahau parish opened on 13 Dec 2015, the church has been continuously receiving pilgrims, not only from Papar but also from outside the area. So far about 50 groups have come either in family groups or church groups.

Parish priest Fr Thomas Yip and his assistant, Fr Jalius Sading have been encouraging the church leaders, families and KKD to visit the Holy Door as one of their programmes throughout the Holy Year of Mercy. Through the pilgrimages and the pastors’ encouragement, the parish has experienced spiritual growth. More people are coming to church services, not only in the main parish but also in the outstation chapels.

Parishioner Mariana Augustine  shared her amazing experience of healing through her pilgrimage.

On 27 Dec 2015, it was her team’s first task to guide a group of pilgrim family from KUK St Samuel Kawari Chapel.  She said:

Outside the Holy Door, we began the ceremony for entrance and passing through the Holy Door by reading from the Scriptures and kneeling in contemplation. Then we prayed the prayer to enter the Holy Door.  Before entering we knocked three times accompanied with a silent personal prayer. When I opened the Holy Door of Mercy, I saw a vision of a dark ‘stone cave.’ With divine leading and without hesitation, I entered the ‘cave.’ It was a short vision.  It was like a dream but I was indeed inside the Church.

For few days, I pondered on the extraordinary vision, “What could it mean?”   I sensed the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit – “Bring your family to visit the Door of Mercy.” Fortunately it was a school holiday, so I obeyed and arranged a day for all of us to go to Holy Rosary Church.

On 30 Dec 2015 at 7:30 am, we gathered at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, located not far from the Church. The pilgrimage was led by another team and everything was completed in 45 minutes.

Suddenly, my second child told me, “Mom, a miracle has happened!  I am healed.  I feel my body light, mom!”  I looked at my son sitting on a wheelchair, thinking that he was joking.   I smiled, hoping for that miracle too.

My son met with a terrible accident last November. His right finger was crushed and since has been implanted with a metal, and so also his right thigh. The doctor said he has to be on a wheelchair for 3 months before he could learn to use the crutch.

On 5 Jan 2016 we went to hospital for x-ray followed by a review the next day. The doctor was surprised to see the result of the x-ray and wondered how it healed so fast in just 50 days. Today my son can walk without the wheelchair and the crutch.

My whole family is very grateful for such a visible witness of the Mercy of God.  With this grace of God, I recognise the God who is described in Psalm 103:3-4 “who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion”.

Therefore, let us open our eyes to see the love of God poured out for us. Take the opportunity to visit any designated Door of Mercy in order for us to experience the fullness of the Mercy of God, at the same time, carry out His Spiritual Works of Mercy and Corporal Works of Mercy.

For those who are planning to visit the Holy Door in Holy Rosary Limbahau, please call the office (088-913773) or Mary Merrion (019-296594). – Mariana Augustine/Holy Rosary Church Limbahau

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