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Kuching Archdiocese welcomes new priest

Newly ordained Fr Galvin R Ngumbang (L) with Abp Poh at the lectern, 22 Sept 2017, Kuching.

KUCHING: Kuching Archdiocese welcomed a new priest to its presbyterium on 22 Sept 2017.

Archbishop Simon Poh of Kuching ordained Deacon Galvin Richard Ngumbang, 34, to the priesthood at St Joseph’s Cathedral here.

Poh said this would be the beginning of Galvin’s ministry to serve and walk humbly with the people placed under his pastoral care.

“Parishioners will begin to call you ‘Father,’ but always keep in your heart that ‘Father’ is not a title, but a relationship with the people of God,” he said.

The service, witnessed by Galvin’s immediate family members and fellow Catholics, began with a traditional Orang Ulu dance.

In the ordination booklet, Galvin revealed that his journey to serve God began after Form 3 when he prayed to pass the Penilaian Menengah Rendah in 1998.

“I was very surprised that I passed the exam and questioned myself as to whether I was special and that God heard my prayer,” he said.

Galvin stated that his true call to serve God was after he attended Holy Hour at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Sibu, when he found his mind at peace and the will to serve God prevailed.

He began seminary studies in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in 2010 after resigning as assistant science officer with the Pepper Marketing Board Sibu.

Galvin obtained his Bachelor of Theology from Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome, on 25 Nov  2016 and graduated from St Peter’s College Major Seminary Kuching on 16 Dec 2016.

He was admitted to the candidacy for Holy Orders by Poh on 3 April 2017 and was ordained as deacon at St Jude’s Church, Bunan Gega Tebedu on April 23. – theborneopost.com

Kuching lad ordained deacon in Bunan Gega

BUNAN GEGA — A Kuching lad was ordained to the diaconate in Bunan Gega on 23 Apr 2017.

Over 2000 people including family members and friends witnessed the diaconal ordination of Galvin Richard Ngumbang at St Jude Bunan Gega by Archbishop Simon Poh.

Born and bred in Kuching, the thirty-four-year-old is the youngest son of the late Richard Lee Ngumbang and Iris Ulat Pasa. Galvin underwent his primary and secondary education at St Joseph’s school and later graduated from UiTM Samarahan Campus in 2004 with Diploma in Science. Prior to entering Initiation Year in 2010 in Kota Kinabalu, he worked as an Assistant Science Officer with the Malaysian Pepper Board in Sibu.

In his speech, the newly ordained deacon encouraged young people to courageously answer God’s call to the priesthood or religious life.

“Offer up everything to God, your family and your anxiety. Be assured that God has a beautiful plan for those who totally give themselves to him,” he said.

At the end of the ordination Mass, Abp Poh thanked the community of St Jude’s Parish for hosting the ordination event. He also thanked the deacon’s mother, Iris Pasa, for offering her only son to God in the service of God’s people in the Archdiocese of Kuching.

The new deacon will continue to serve in St Jude’s Parish, Bunan until further notice. – todayscatholic.com.my

Kuching prelate urges faithful to reach out to the poor more extensively

Abp Poh officiates the rite of blessing at the Catholic Services Centre Kuching, 16 July 2017.

KUCHING – Archbishop Simon Poh urged the laity to reach out more extensively to help the poor and the needy in society.

He said this at a blessing ceremony held on 16 July 2017 at the Catholic Services Centre here that functions as a rest centre for rural visitors, a food bank and soup kitchen.

The prelate told those present to look to Mother Teresa of Calcutta as their model and emulate the example of Pope Francis in being genuinely charitable and loving towards others, especially those who are suffering.

He also encouraged more Catholics to volunteer their time, effort, material or financial resources to help those in poverty, those who are suffering physical illnesses or handicaps, and those who are unable to fend for themselves.

“This centre has volunteers who prepare daily food packs for distribution to some 244 poor and needy families and individuals.  The centre is working with St Vincent De Paul Society and Society for Kuching Urban Poor in food distribution,” he added.

Catholics, he said, must play a role to bring God’s mercy and kindness to those in need.

About RM1 mil is needed by the Catholic church to run charitable projects in the Kuching Catholic Archdiocese every year.

The archdiocese also has homes for the elderly.

The St Vincent De Paul Society helps poor students with school items and school bus fare as well as tuition.

Abp Poh said a fundraising run will be organised on Sept 9 by the Catholic Welfare to try to raise RM2.5 mil for future charity causes. – STAR

Apostolic Nuncio imposes pallium on Kuching prelate

Abp Marino imposes the pallium on Abp Poh, 18 July 2017, Kuching.

KUCHING – Archbishop Joseph Marino, apostolic nuncio to Malaysia, imposed the pallium on Archbishop Simon Poh at St Joseph’s Cathedral here on 18 July 2017.

To many lay faithful, if not all, this was the first time to witness such an occasion as it has never been done before in the archdiocese.

Earlier, Abp Poh has received the pallium from Pope Francis at St Peter’s Basilica Vatican City on 29 June, Feast of Sts Peter and Paul, together with 36 new metropolitan archbishops from around the world.

However, since 2015, the investiture of the pallium is to be done at the new archbishop’s home diocese by the apostolic nuncio.

“I received from the Holy See the mandate to impose on Archbishop Simon the pallium which he brought from Rome,” the apostolic nuncio explained before the Mass for the Investiture of the Pallium.

The nuncio said it was the pope’s explicit desire that while he would give the pallia to the archbishops, it would be imposed on them his representative in a ceremony at the cathedral so as to give honour to the local Church.

Addressing Abp Poh, the nuncio reminded him of the words of Pope Francis:

Dear Archbishops who today receive the pallium, it is a sign which represents the sheep that the shepherd carries on his shoulders as Christ the Good Shepherd does, and it is therefore a symbol of your pastoral mission.  The pallium is a liturgical sign of communion that unites the See of Peter and his Successor to the Metropolitans, and through them to the other bishops of the world.

Abp Poh then knelt before the apostolic nuncio as he made the Profession of Faith, following which Abp Marino placed the pallium on the shoulders of Abp Poh.

Returning to his seat with the pallium, Abp Poh led the congregation in singing the Gloria.

In his homily, the Kuching prelate explained the significance of the pallium. The pallium is woven from the wool of two lambs blessed by the Pope on the Feast of St Agnes. Once these pallia are made, they are placed below the tomb of the Apostle Peter, the first pope, and are taken from there on the Feast of Sts Peter and Paul to the Pope for him to bless and distribute to the newly appointed metropolitan archbishops.

When worn, the pallium also signifies the archbishop’s role, who like Christ, carries the sheep on his shoulders. It serves to remind the wearer that all power and authority come from Jesus, the Lamb of God. It also signifies the communion between the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope, with the metropolitan archbishops and the bishops throughout the world.

Abp Poh acknowledged with gratitude the foundations laid by his predecessors, Archbishop Emeriti Peter Chung and John Ha, and pledged to continue to build up the good works begun by them.

The prelate also requested the faithful to continually pray for him to be a good shepherd after the heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Over 2000 parishioners, including Abp Poh’s family and friends, witnessed the ceremony.

Concelebrating with him at the Mass were more than 40 priests, six arch/bishops and Cardinal Soter Fernandez who was making his first official visit there as a cardinal.

A thanksgiving dinner was held on July 19 on the theme  Celebrating God’s Steadfast Love. 

Also present at the event was Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Malaysia Ambassador to the Holy See. – Today’s Catholic

Poh installed as third archbishop of Kuching

Abp Poh with his predecessors: Abp Emeritus Chung (R) and Abp Emeritus Ha (L) at the installation ceremony, St Joseph’s Cathedral Kuching, 20 Mar 2017.

KUCHING – Thousands attended the installation of Most Rev Simon Poh as third Archbishop of Kuching Archdiocese on 20 Mar 2017 at St Joseph’s Cathedral here.

Those who came included the region’s arch/bishops, local politicans, and interfaith leaders.

In his homily Abp Poh said:

This simple and noble man, St Joseph, has inspired the Kuching Archdiocese in education, in the mission school that is St Joseph School, which is now opening a St Joseph private school and St Joseph international school. St Joseph was also my school and the school for many priests here.

Holistic education for life is one of the missions that I, as Archbishop, will work with the priests, brothers, religious, and importantly lay principles, headmasters and workers especially school teachers to foster.

Joseph also worked with his hands as a carpenter and today…throughout the world, we have Labour Day; we emulate by celebrating St Joseph the worker. …It means that the Church gives dignity to work and the human persons are servants of the Lord. We are called to get our hands dirty, to open the doors of our Church and get out into the streets serving the poor and the needy.

The archdiocese of Kuching embarks on the 3R process (Review, Reassessment and Renewal.) We are going through this process by using a questionnaire. I am glad that it is also available online. We are seeking a vision of what we want our Church to be and seek ways to live this vision in our parishes.

The new archbishop invited all the faithful to bring the questionnaire to the kampungs and all corners of their parishes so that the voice of the least, the last, the lost and the little would be heard.

The prelate concluded his homily by expressing his gratitude and loyalty to Pope Francis. He pledged his commitment to the faithful, Religious, Priests of the Archdiocese of Kuching and to the Malaysian Church, building on the good work that had begun with Archbishop Emeritus Peter Chung and carried on by Archbishop John Ha.

Archbishop John Ha in his speech expressed his gratitude to the Holy Father for accepting his request to resign from the pastoral governance of the Archdiocese of Kuching and for appointing Poh as his successor.

The Diocese of Kuching was created as the Apostolic Prefecture of Sarawak by Pope Pius XI on 5 Feb  1927. On 14 February 1952, it was promoted to Apostolic Vicariate of Kuching by Pope Pius XII. Finally, it was elevated to the rank of a metropolitan archdiocese by Pope Paul VI on 31 May 1976, with the suffragan sees of Miri and Sibu.

Kuching has the largest Catholic population in the state.

There are 11 parishes, with an estimated Catholic population of 197,134. There is a mixture of various religions and languages in Kuching. Kuching’s population consists of Malays, Chinese, Iban, Bidayuh, other Bumiputras, Melanau, Indian and others. The Chinese consist of Foochow, Teochew, Hainan, Cantonese, Henghua and others. – HeraldMalaysiaonline

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