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Keningau Diocese organises day of reparation

KENINGAU – A day of reparation was held simultaneously in all parishes, churches, and chapels in Keningau Diocese on 15 Sept 2017, memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Activities included fasting, rosary recitation, Mass and Holy Hour.

Around 200 faithful attended the event at Katedral St Francis Xavier here presided by Bishop Cornelius Piong.

As indicated by the bishop’s pastoral letter issued for the occasion, the intention was to make reparation for all the sins committed at personal and communal levels against God and neighbour in the past 24 years as a diocese.  It was also to make peace with God and one another.

In his homily, the bishop emphasised the sin of unfaithfulness against one’s commitment whether as priest, religious or married couple.

He gave praise to God for people who still come to Mass despite their busy schedule.  He said it indicates the importance they place on the spiritual life.

The prelate said that redemption is not something one can do for oneself.  Quoting Hebrews 9:28, he said it has been done by Christ once and for all.

Why then the need to make reparation?  The bishop said it was because of human weakness and living in this world, one needs to experience God’s mercy in oneself, one’s family and in society. One needs also to let go of those attitudes that run contrary to God’s will through self-surrender to God each day. – keningaudiocese.net

Pauline Sister conducts MLE in Keningau Diocese

Participants pose for remembrance after the session in Membakut, 26 Aug 2017.

MEMBAKUT – Pauline Sister Laura Anggie conducted two Media Literacy Education (MLE) sessions in the Diocese of Keningau recently.

The first session was held at St Patrick Membakut on 26 Aug 2017 on Church and Social Communication.

Membakut is a town about 80 km from the State capital of Kota Kinabalu.

Over a hundred people – young and old – attended the session organised by the Keningau Diocesan Social Communications Commission (KOMSOS).

The participants were divided into two groups – adults and children – for group sharing and discussion.

The next day Sr Laura left for St Peter Bundu Kuala Penyu for another session on Aug 28.

Kuala Penyu is about 20-minute drive from Membakut and is noted for its beautiful beaches.

Over 1000 young people including spiritual advisers took part in the diocesan camp for altar servers (boys and girls) from the nine parishes and one mission under the Keningau Diocese. However, some of the participants came from Sandakan Diocese and from Limbahau Parish (Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese).

Sr Laura’s session dealt with how social media influence anti-social behaviour in the family.

Keningau Diocese opens third pilgrimage centre

opening of nulu sosopon

KENINGAU – Faces of joy and pride were evident among the more than 1,000 ‘first pilgrims’ who attended the first Holy Mass at the Holy Family Pilgrimage Centre Nulu Sosopon here on 4 Jun 2016.

They have two reasons to be happy. First, because it is a day of blessing and opening ceremony of the third pilgrimage centre in the Diocese of Keningau, and second, because it was a historic day that the event was attended by Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Salvador Marino who officiated the event.

With the official opening of the pilgrimage centre built on a land area of 10.2 acres on the hill of Nulu Sosopon, it is now open to anyone who wants to visit there. The other two pilgrimage centres in the interior diocese are located in Tatal and Purun.

For the church blessing, the Entrance Rites for the dedication of the building to mark its readiness to be used for regular worship were used. Then led by the bishops, the assembly entered the building for the celebration of the Eucharist, which was presided by Bishop Cornelius Piong of Keningau, and concelebrated with Archbishop Joseph Marino, Archbishop John Wong of Kota Kinabalu, and more than 10 diocesan priests. The ceremony of the unveiling of the commemoration plaque and the unrolling of the bunting was officiated by Archbishop Marino.

Many of the people present at the function expressed joy and satisfaction that another pilgrimage centre is available for them to utilise for praying, spiritual activities and pastoral events for their spiritual development.

Matilda Siun from Kampung Patikang, said that she and her family would definitely come to pray or meditate at this centre.

“I’m glad that we have a pilgrimage center that is close to our home. We no longer need to go to other pilgrimage centres elsewhere. Here, pilgrims can pray and reflect because the atmosphere is quiet and beautiful,” she said.

Naturally, Nulu Sosopon is the perfect place for pilgrimage because it is located on a hill and pilgrims can enjoy breathtaking views of the town of Keningau and mesmerising forests and hills.

Reflecting on how the idea of the center began, Bishop Piong said, it is a vision for the community in his diocese to be faithful people of God, committed to serve His kingdom.

“I have a vision of how the family contribution can help develop the diocese. With that, I feel the need to build a center of pilgrimage and of thanksgiving to the Lord, which also serves as a reminder that family plays an important role in community building,” he said in a statement.

So starting in 2015 with a few people, after identifying the suitability of the location, communities began clearing the area where the pilgrimage centre would be built and to  connect the former timber road to the main road.

“The place is very comfortable and is named after the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It has a nice atmosphere and cool weather. It is suitable for self-reflection and meditation,” he said, adding that when the weather is sunny, pilgrims can enjoy the sunrise against the backdrop of Mt Kinabalu and the Trusmadi Range.

Accordingly, Bishop Piong hoped that the pilgrimage centre would be a place where pilgrims are able to feel the presence of God through prayer, reflection and meditation.

Chairperson of the organising committee, Mathilda Nain said the center was equipped with a church, hall and most significantly, seen from afar, is the seven-level Cross tower.

In the center is a statue of the Holy Family that was built to become an icon so as to generate and encourage families who face challenges daily to remain faithful to Christ.

The Holy Family is the patron and protector of this pilgrimage centre.

In preparation for the silver jubilee celebration of the Diocese of Keningau in 2018, the statue of Monsignor August Wachter was also built. Wachter represents early missionaries who brought the Gospel to Sabah.

When it is fully completed, the pilgrimage centre will also provide accommodation to enable pilgrims stay longer and perform spiritual activities there more effectively.

In his speech before officiating the centre, Archbishop Joseph Marino reminded the congregation about the story of a Samaritan woman whom Jesus Christ met by the well in Samaria.

Jesus reminded the woman about the living water. He said: “The water that I will give will become a spring which will provide life-giving water and I will give him eternal life.” (Jn 4:13-14)

This verse, said the Bishop, is very relevant to the setting up of the retreat centre in Nulu Sosopon, where pilgrims will enjoy the ‘living water’ there by praying and meditating to God and feel God’s presence there.- JJK

Nuncio blesses first cross tower in Sabah

cross towerNULU SOSOPON, Keningau  – The first  Cross Tower in Sabah has been blessed and launched by the Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Salvador Marino  on 4 June 2016.

The Cross Tower is part of the newly constructed Holy Family Pilgrimage Centre located on Nulu Sosopon or Sosopon Hill, sitting on a 10.2-acre  hilly land overlooking Keningau town.

Keningau Bishop Cornelius Piong told Catholic Sabah that the inspiration to build a shrine “that expresses our gratitude to God and serves as a reminder that our family plays an important role in building our community” came to him while reflecting on how best the Diocese of Keningau could express the contribution of families towards building a community of God’s faithful.

As the journey of the diocese is close to reaching its silver jubilee milestone (in 2018), the prelate explained,  “it is our local custom to express our gratitude for all the blessings we have received,” and to acknowledge that “because of God’s Divine Mercy, we are who we are today in our journeying together in Jesus Christ”.

Bishop Piong elaborated on the suitability of the site for the pilgrimage centre, “It has a panoramic view, cool weather and a conducive atmosphere for reflection and meditation.”

An interesting fact told by the former owner of this parcel of land, as related by the bishop, is that “at one time, there was a water spring somewhere in this place where animals would come to drink and be rejuvenated.”

This is very significant, explained the prelate.  “If the animals in those days came to this hill to drink from the spring to be rejuvenated, today we, as families and communities, can come here to drink from the Presence of Christ, ‘the source of living water,’ and be rejuvenated.”

The local dialect for water spring is Sosopon. This is how the name Nulu Sosopon or Sosopon Hill is derived.

Bishop Piong hoped that the Holy Family Pilgrimage Centre will be the place where many would come and experience the presence of God through prayer, reflection and meditation.

He added that the pilgrimage centre would also serve to remind the faithful of the objective and focus of journeying together in Christ.

The pilgrimage centre is equipped with a church building, a hall and a cross tower.

The cross tower is the first of its kind in Sabah, and has an imposing height of 70 feet! It serves to remind the faithful that as disciples of Christ, we need “to deny ourselves and carry our cross daily and follow Him.”

The centre also has a statue of Msgr August Wachter to remind the faithful of the early missionaries; and a statute of the Holy Family to inspire and encourage families to remain united and faithful to Christ.

Charity dinner held to raise funds for Pilgrimage Centre Nulu Sosopon

charity dinnerKENINGAU –  Keningau Diocese’s 2016 charity dinner  was organized to raise funds for the development of Pilgrimage Centre Nulu Sosopon (PZKKNS). Over 1,000 people came to the dinner at Dataran Terbuka Keuskupan Keningau on 1 Apr 2016.

Organising chairperson, Maria Kuntou expressed her gratitude to all parishioners who were present that night. She commended their generosity and said that this has enabled the smooth progress of developing the pilgrimage centre. She also thanked Bishop Cornelius Piong for entrusting the organisation of this year’s dinner to her team. She hoped that all who gave generously have experienced the love of God.

In turn, Bishop Piong said the development of the centre has reached 95% in its construction. He also revealed at the same time, that an effort to build a cross-shaped tower of 70 feet height is in process. He hoped that this tower would become an attraction for Keningau Diocese as well as for the whole of Sabah.

He then enlightened the crowd on the spiritual meaning of ‘dinner (having a meal)’. He considered a charity dinner as an appropriate means to raise funds, because in the Catholic faith, ‘having a meal’ means fellowship and togetherness. Bishop Piong further explained that the purpose of attending the charity dinner was not solely to enjoy good food but to give thanks to God for His gifts and sustenance, and in their turn, the people would contribute to the charity purpose of the dinner.

Among the items for that night were lucky draws and singing performances by the diocesan priests, Seminarian David Gasikol and a few parishioners. Aldrin Benedict

Keningau Diocese marks triple celebration in Kemabong

IMG_0298KEMABONG, Tenom – Keningau Diocese marked its triple celebration in Kemabong on 9 May 2015.

The triple celebration comprising the 22nd anniversary of the Diocese, 22nd anniversary of the Episcopal ordination of Bishop Cornelius Piong and Harvest Festival was held at Bonda Maria Church Kemabong on Saturday.

The joyful celebration began with Mass, presided by Bishop Piong.  With him at the altar were Bishop Julius Gitom of Sandakan Diocese, 15 priests from the diocese of Keningau, as well as a visiting priest from Kenya, Fr Josephat. Continue Reading

Two ordained deacons in Keningau Diocese

SONY DSCKENINGAU – Seminarians Hilanus Simon and Harry Dorisoh were joyously ordained as deacons for the Diocese of Keningau by Bishop Cornelius Piong at St Francis Xavier Cathedral on 22 Mar 2015. The celebration saw a large multitude of parishioners from the Diocese of Keningau as well as Sandakan Diocese and Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese Continue Reading

Keningau prelate encourages religious to wake up the world

IMG-20150209-WA0021TOBOH – “Taking from the theme for Year of Consecrated Life “WAKE UP THE WORLD”, how do you bring awareness to your surroundings, your family, your KKD and your community?  How do you bring them awareness if you yourself are not yet aware of your duty nor understand your role in your calling?  Therefore, the first and most important thing is to go back to basics which is AWARENESS, PRAISE OF GOD, and LIVING YOUR CALL.  This applies to all because the calling is not only to the religious or priest, but also to parents to be witnesses for Christ.” Continue Reading

Keningau SS holds recollection on Eucharist

SONY DSCKENINGAU – KSFX Parish Sunday School held a recollection themed “Knowing and loving the Eucharist” at Dataran Keuskupan Keningau on 10 Jan 2015.  The 333 participants, who attended the recollection, were catechumen candidates under the care of the KSFX Parish.  The recollection sessions were presented by Bishop Cornelius Piong and Seminarian Wilfred, and constituted as part of the program to assist the faithful of the diocese to live out the Diocesan theme for 2015. Continue Reading

PUKAT-10 focuses on Christ-centred family

SONY DSCKENINGAU (Herald) – PUKAT-10 (10th edition of Perhimpunan Umat Katolik Keuskupan Keningau) was held at Tatal Retreat Centre Sep 25-27 with the theme Family centred on Christ,  a Culture of Worshipping God, Deepening of Faith and Social Responsibility’, which was the basis for their inputs, sharing and pastoral planning for the Keningau Diocese.

United with and embracing the spirit of Pope Francis and the universal Church, the focus of PUKAT-10 was aligned on ‘the Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization’, the theme of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops which took place Oct 5-19 in Rome. Continue Reading

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