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Pope’s 2013 ‘stump’ speech to cardinals on the eve of his election a blueprint for papacy

THE handwriting is tiny, barely legible and written in the author’s native Spanish. But the ideas are so familiar by now that they are easily understood.

They are the handwritten notes of the speech Jorge Mario Bergoglio delivered to his fellow cardinals on the eve of his election as Pope.

They make for fascinating reading now, a preview to a papacy that has been marked by Bergoglio’s wish for a church that isn’t consumed with “theological narcissism” or “spiritual worldliness” but instead goes to the “peripheries” to find wounded souls.

The man who is now Pope Francis celebrated the fourth anniversary of his 13 March 2013 election this week amid a stream of commentary about what he has and hasn’t achieved as the 266th pontiff.

What isn’t up for debate is that his 2013 speech, delivered during the closed-door “general congregations” that preceded a conclave, was so inspiring to the princes of the Catholic Church that they elected him Pope a few days later.

“The church is called to go outside of itself and go to the peripheries, not just geographic but also the existential peripheries,” he said. “Those of the mystery of sin, of pain, injustice, ignorance, spiritual privation, thoughts and complete misery.”

He denounced what he called the “self-referential” tendency of the church to remain closed-in on itself, unwilling to open its doors and go out to find those who most need God’s comfort. “The evil that can afflict church institutions over time has its root in this self-referential nature, a sort of theological narcissism.”

He said the future pope should be a man who, contemplating Jesus, “helps the church go to the existential peripheries and helps it to be a fertile mother who lives from the sweet and comforting joy of evangelising.”

Havana’s then-archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, was so taken by Bergoglio’s speech that he asked for a copy.

Bergoglio didn’t have one — he often speaks off-the-cuff — but he put some notes down on paper as best as he could remember and handed them over.

Ortega asked if he could publish the text, and asked again after Bergoglio was elected Pope, knowing well the historic value of what amounted to the winning stump speech by history’s first Latin American pope.

The answer was yes.

The notes, divided into four bullet-point sections with a few key terms underlined, are kept in the Havana archdiocese.

The archdiocesan magazine “Palabra Nueva” published them originally. – Catholic Herald

Papar Parish receives first 63 new members for 2017

Father Madanan baptises an infant, 18 Feb 2017, St Joseph Papar.

PAPAR – St Joseph Parish here received its first 63 members for the year.

A total of 63 infants and children aged six years and below were baptised by Fathers Thomas Yip and Father Thomas Madanan on 18 Feb 2017.

The event began with a brief catechesis by Seminarian Gilbert Marcus on the importance of baptism, role of godparents and the choice of baptism names.

The youngest baptised member was a 10-day-old infant.

After the baptism, Fr Yip, assisted by Anna D Sipalan,  catechetical committee coordinator,  presented the certificates of baptism to the parents while they were having refreshments at the parish canteen.

This was the first of four sets of infant baptism scheduled by the parish this year. The other dates are scheduled on May 6, Aug 12 and Nov 11. – William Charles Mindus, SOCCOM Papar-Limbahau



Dambai chapel blessed by KK prelate

Abp Wong signs the commemorative plaque, witnessed by the faithful, 26 Feb 2017, Dambai Papar.

PAPAR – The Catholic community of Kg Dambai here witnessed the blessing of its newly built chapel dedicated to St Damian by Archbishop John Wong on 26 Feb 2017.

The ceremony began with the blessing of the chapel’s entrance door followed by Holy Mass presided by the prelate, concelebrated with Fathers Thomas Yip and Thomas Madanan.

In his welcoming speech,  Joseph Anjuman, organising committee chairman, said the old chapel (built on 40 ft by 60 ft land donated by Masil Lokuman and blessed by then Bishop Simon Fung in 1977) was too small for the increasing population.  The present 0.42 acre plot of land located at Kg Suok was donated by Augustin Ikun Tunjam.

Dambai is approximately 4 km from Papar township, comprising Kg Molugus, Timbagan Balailait, Baun and Suok.

In his speech, Abp Wong thanked Datuk Victor Paul for donating the building.  He expressed the hope that the new chapel will raise missionary awareness among the faithful and renew the faith of those living in the outskirts.

The construction began on 15 Apr 2016.  At its completion, the building was handed over to St Joseph Parish on 11 Oct 2016.  The signage board and giant crucifix were donated by Lee Thien Loi Company.

Fundraisers included donations from individuals, private companies, and raffle ticket sales.

After the Mass, the prelate signed the commemorative chapel plaque, witnessed by those present.

Children of the local Kadazandusun and Indonesian communities entertained the faithful with traditional performances during dinner. – William Charles Mindus /SOCCOM Papar Limbahau


CMI organises thanksgiving fellowship for outgoing assistant pastor

Group photo taken for remembrance, 26 Feb 2017, CAC.

PENAMPANG – Members of Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) in Bukit Padang organised a fellowship to thank outgoing assistant pastor on 26 Feb 2017 at the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre here.

Father Wilfred Atin will be assisting St Michael Penampang starting March 1.  He has been assisting Sacred Heart Cathedral and its sub-parish of CMI since November 2006.

Members of the different ministries turned up for the potluck fellowship held at the CAC.  Present were 18 aspirants (two others were in Limbahau) and two visiting Nepalese priests who were Fr Wilfred’s classmates in Rome.

A light entertainment programme followed after the meal.  There was an exchange of gifts between Fr Wilfred and the visitors followed by the sumazau dance.  The event closed with a prayer-blessing from Fr Wilfred.

Exorcism seminar draws 200 participants

Father Chiew explains the qualities needed in an exorcist, 25 Feb 2017, SHPC.

KOTA KINABALU – The Exorcism and Deliverance seminar drew 200 participants on 24-25 Feb 2017 at the Sacred Heart Parish Centre here.

The seminar, organised by the Archdiocesan Service Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), was facilitated by Father Charles Chiew of Keningau.

Father Chiew was sent by Bishop Cornelius Piong of Keningau to take up courses on exorcism in Rome in the past few years and has been conducting such seminars in some of the arch/dioceses in Malaysia.

Basing himself on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC # 1673), Canon Law (#1172), and the Liturgy (exorcism prayers),  Father Chiew clarified that exorcism is done by the priest while deliverance is done by lay people.  He said that an exorcist is a person who listens and tries to understand each case, who leads the person to God, and who reassures and calms the person concerned.

The priest also showed the hierarchy of angels in Scriptures: (1) seraphim [Is 6:2] (2) cherubim [Ez 10:20] (3) thrones [Col 1:16]  (4) dominations [Col 1:16] (5) principalities [Col 1:16] (6) powers [Col 1:16] (7) virtues [Eph 1:21] (8) archangels [Rev 12:7]  (9) angels [Gen 19:1].

The participants were enlightened on the reality of spiritual warfare waged by Satan (fallen archangel) and his fallen angels (Rev 12).  He said that since the angels were created before the material world, they could inhabit the material world in any form.  Evil spirits cannot multiply themselves as they have no bodies so they seek to lure human beings into becoming like themselves (cf Mk 12:25).

He taught them how to recognise the works of evil in their midst: (1) possession  [a. strange/foul language b. superhuman strength c. capacity to know hidden things]  (2) vexation (3) obsession (4) infestation (5) physical disorder (6) demonic dependence.  The obvious sign is the aversion to holy things, people and places.

He also told them what sacramentals (blessed salt, holy water, oil, crucifixes, candles, St Benedict medals) are effective in driving out evils spirits. He blessed these items brought by the participants at the end of the session.

While some went home after lunch on the final day, others remained for the training session for those involved in the deliverance ministry.  Some shared their experiences in this area.  A video clip on how a deliverance session was conducted in Islam and in a Christian denomination in Indonesia was screened. The participants were also shown how a possessed person should be held during a deliverance session.

Pope, top curia officials launch new style of ‘ad limina’ visit


Pope Francis meets with bishops from Chile during their “ad limina” visits to the Vatican Feb. 20. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano)

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — For decades, the visits bishops are required to make to the Vatican were known for their formality and routine style, but Pope Francis launched “a whole new style of ‘ad limina’ visits,” a Chilean bishop said.

The bishops were expecting “to have a long meeting with a speech and then individual meetings,” as in the past, Auxiliary Bishop Fernando Ramos of Santiago, secretary of the Chilean bishops’ conference, told Catholic News Service on 24 Feb 2017.

Instead, the Vatican informed the prelates before their departure from Chile that they were going to have a group meeting with the pope and the prefects of several Vatican congregations and offices.

After spending three hours with the pope Feb 20, the Chilean bishops met again with Pope Francis Feb 23. At the second meeting, the pope and Chilean bishops were joined by several top officials, including: Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state; Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Vatican Congregation for Bishops and president of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America; and Cardinal Gerhard Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Bishop Ramos told CNS that Cardinal Ouellet began the discussions, which focused on four principal themes: communion and collegiality within the church; the mission of the church in Chile; how to help clergy, religious men and women as well as the laity “in their Christian lives and in their pastoral service”; and pastoral guidelines for the future. – CNS

KK cathedral celebrates vigil Mass for Malaysia

A section of the faithful attending the vigil Mass at SHC, 23 Feb 2017.

KOTA KINABALU – Sacred Heart Cathedral here celebrated a vigil Mass in response to the call of the Malaysian bishops for a day of prayer for Malaysia.

Over 300 people attended the liturgical celebration presided by Archbishop John Wong on 23 Feb 2017 beginning with vespers, the Eucharistic celebration, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a time of silent prayer and listening to the Word.  The special readings,  composed prayers and the prayer of the faithful focused on the situation of the country and its people.

The pastoral letter of the bishops Stand Up For Your Faith was read out to the congregation, with a summary in Mandarin and BM.

Other parishes in the archdiocese observed the day of prayer on the day itself Feb 24.

The day of prayer was called forth by the bishops to coincide with the opening of the 5th session of the 13th Parliament on March 6 to Apr 6.

In this time of economic downturn and crisis, Malaysians are struggling with a high level of personal debt, reduction in public investment in various sectors and our currency, the ringgit, is sliding rapidly. Malaysia’s economy is growing more slowly and will continue to remain unstable. The top political leaders are the cause of this loss of confidence in Malaysia’s economy. The political scene has been equally unsettled and many are worried about which direction the country is heading.

Corruption and violence have become a major issue in the country. Now Malaysia is among the top ten in the list of corruption. At one time Malaysia was considered one of the safest countries in South East Asia but now it has become one of the most dangerous countries in this region especially Kuala Lumpur City, which has become a centre for criminal activities.

Schools and education systems hardly serve as channels for the development of peaceful societies. The poor quality of the school education system also causes the economic, political and social skills to weaken. Why is the Malaysian education system failing its students? Is it because of bad parents, bad teachers or bad administration? It is time to solve the problems within the education system to enable the students to succeed in the future and to bring the nation to success.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hindusim, Sikhism and Taosim (MCCBCHST),  being gravely concerned with Hadi’s Private Members Bill which will be coming up for debate soon in the Federal Parliament,  has issued an open letter dated 14 Oct 2016 to Members of Parliament to do their duty as required by their oath of office to protect the Federal Consitution.


Papar-Limbahau prepares for journalism workshop

Ann Marie presents her topic to the members at the final meeting in Papar, 20 Feb 2017.

PAPAR – Members of SOCCOM Papar-Limbahau had their final meeting at St Joseph here on 20 Feb 2017 in preparation for the basic journalism workshop to be held on Feb 25-26.

It would be the first project of the social communications committee since its inception on 15 Dec 2016, itself a fruit of attending the Journalism Training Workshop for Catholic Writers organised by the Archdiocesan Social Communications Commission on 10-11 Dec 2016.

A new member of the committee is Benjamin Dantoi of St Kenneth Kelatuan, a former air traffic controller with Malaysian Airlines.

The workshop, to be held at Holy Rosary Limbahau, has attracted 35 potential participants from both parishes.

The two-day workshop will be facilitated by the members themselves, based on what they had learnt from the workshop in Tanjung Aru: news writing, sources of news, photography, doing interviews, Catholic Sabah, Archdiocesan Website, and dealing with non-Catholic news.

The objective of the workshop is to create awareness of SOCCOM functions in churches and chapels and to liaise with SOCCOM at parish and archdiocesan level. – William Charles Mindus / SOCCOM Papar- Limbahau

72 receive Sacrament of Confirmation

TANJUNG ARU – Seventy-two confirmands received the sacrament of confirmation at the BM Mass in Stella Maris Parish here on 22 Jan 2017.

The Mass was presided by Archbishop John Wong who was making his pastoral visit to the parish.  He was assisted by Msgr Primus Jouil and Father Tony Mojiwat.

In his address to his confirmands at the fellowship lunch in the parish hall, he challenged them to change the world as the 12 Apostles did after Pentecost.

He urged them to seriously consider changing themselves according to the Catholic faith.  He also exhorted them to see whether they are called to the priestly or consecrated life.

Then he addressed the parents and expressed his hope that they and their children would be present at Sunday Mass to build up the parish together.

To the godparents/sponsors, he reminded them to guide their godchildren in facing challenges.

The prelate then encouraged all confirmands to sign up for Bible Class which begins Feb 5 at St Peter Room as a follow-up in faith development.

Two Bible class graduates, Jillian Simon (2014) and Dana Dumpangol (2016) shared their experiences with the confirmands and encouraged them to join the class.

That day was also Catechetical Sunday with the theme Christ our Joy.

Sister Dominic Thien fsic, Sunday School Coordinator, gave a speech at the fellowship.

She said the Catechetical Sunday celebration is a time of grace for all catechists and she thanked all catechists who have journeyed with the 72 confirmands throughout the whole year of 2016.  Linda Edward


Five participate in third PDF programme

KOTA KINABALU – The third Parish Discipleship Formation (PDF) attracted five participants.

The participants were four school leavers and a college graduate.

The programme ran from 6-25 Jan 2017 at the Annex, Montfort Training Centre Kinarut and  Sacred Heart Parish Centre (SHPC) here.

The three-week programme, organised by the Mission Awareness Team and facilitated jointly by members of LiFE community (Companions of ICPE Mission) of Sacred Heart Cathedral (SHC) and previous PDF participants, includes a formation phase in a live-in community setting, the outreach preparation and outreach phase as well as the closure with a retreat and planning for the future

The participants are being challenged to look at their faith as an important part of their lives which may help them in their future decisions and choices in life. The PDF allows open discussion about faith, relationship with God, self and others as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Here, they learn to apply scriptures, church teachings and documents in their daily life. Spending time to reflect on the daily readings and praying the liturgy of the hours together, have encouraged the desire to want to know more about God. The healthy environment of community living with the aspect of honouring and respecting each other created the sense of belonging and friendship that allow them  to share their lives without the fear of judgment.

The formation is focused on discipleship through the accompaniment of a sharing partner journeying with each individual. Here, the teachings are put into action and applied in their daily lives with a close guidance, with constant affirmation and challenge on attitude, response and knowledge.  Joannes Jomitol Jr & Yvonne Teo, Coordinators of PDF2017

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