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CAC staff carry out Advent visit to migrant community

Franciscan Sister Anita Lintanga enjoys her session with the children, 11 Dec 2017, Kg Sinulihan Inanam.

KOTA KINABALU – Ten staff members of the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre Penampang – Group 4 – carried out their Advent visit to a migrant community on 11 Dec 2017.

They visited the Indonesian migrant community at Kg Sinulihan Inanam, around 30-minute drive from the state capital.

The staff were divided into three squads: one to conduct activities for the children, and the other two to visit the families around the village, particularly the sick and the homebound.

Many of the families come from Kg Larantuka Flores and Toraja Sumatra.  Some of them found work in the factories in the vicinity.  Most of them live in rented wooden houses in the village, with rentals ranging from RM170.00 to RM200.00 per month.

The Catholics in the village are under the pastoral care of Peter Boli, a catechist serving at Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing.

The staff distributed gifts and foodstuff to the children and families and enjoyed a fellowship lunch with those present at Boli’s house.

The other three groups will make their visits in other areas on the following dates: Group 1 to visit Kg Kolopis & Kg Babagon on Dec 19; Group 2 to visit the palliative care patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital as well as the sister of Abp Emeritus John Lee in Manggatal on Dec 12; and Group 3 to visit four families in Kg Sugud Penampang  on Dec 12.

The staff have decided to make this an annual programme during the Year of Mercy in 2016.

CMI celebrates fiesta with a light spirit in spite of inclement weather

The wardens carry the statue of Mary at the entrance procession, 9 Dec 2017, CMI.

BUKIT PADANG – The Church of Mary Immaculate (CMI) here celebrated its annual fiesta with a light spirit in spite of the inclement weather on 9 Dec 2017.

Archbishop John Wong presided at the Mandarin Mass concelebrated with Abp Emeritus John Lee.

The Mass was preceded by an entrance procession with the wardens carrying the statue of the Blessed Mother from the chapel to the main church.

Over 200 people took part in the fellowship meal at the canteen after the Mass.

Invited guests included representives from Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing, St Simon Likas, St Paul Dontozidon, Our Lady Queen of Peace Kobusak, and some religious sisters.

The Boys Brigade was on hand to entertain the diners with some carols.

Earlier, over 60 people turned up for the triduum of prayer held in preparation for the fiesta Dec 6-8 at CMI.

St Simon Likas hosts annual reunion of Mary’s Legionaries

The legionaries pose for remembrance at the end of the reunion, 9 Dec 2017, St Simon Hall Likas.

LIKAS – St Simon here hosted the annual reunion of the Legion of Mary on 9 Dec 2017 at its parish hall.

The Annual General Reunion (AGR) is one of the activities decreed by the Legion in which all members come together for prayer and fellowship on a day nearest to Dec 8, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

The spirit of Mary is a spirit of joy. It is the spirit of the Magnificat, the Legion Anthem. How are they going to recruit new members if they are not genuinely happy and joyful? How are they going to convince people of the Good News if they go around as if they were overwhelmed with bad news? Saints are not glum and neither are apostolic men and women.

Father Cosmas Lee welcomed some 80 participants from the different praesidia in the archdiocese and encouraged them to enjoy their fellowship.

Organised by the Kota Kinabalu Comitium, the event featured prayer (rosary, catena) led by Good Shepherd Sister Teresa Chye, games, lucky draws, and dancing.

It ended with lunch for all.

The KK Chinese Curia has its own AGR at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing on Dec 10.

Korean community has accepted three local vocations as postulants

Sabah’s first three postulants for the Korean institute R-L: Chaistten James of Penampang, Walter Martin of Kiulu, and Jefson Richard of Sook pose for the camera, 8 Dec 2017, Pace Bene Purak.

KOTA KINABALU – The Korean religious institute Societas Sancti Trinitas (Clerical Society of the Most Holy Trinity) of Mirinae South Korea has accepted three local vocations as postulants.

The trio – Chaistten James of Penampang, 28; Walter Martin of Kiulu, 28; and Jefson Richard of Sook, 20 – left for South Korea for their formation on 10 Dec 2017.

Initial formation entails a two-year postulancy and a two-year novitiate before first profession, and three years of juniorate before final profession, after which the candidates will either opt to be ordained or remain as Brothers.

The institute runs Woori Jib (Tokou Hamin=Our Home), St Francis Xavier Home Potuki for children at Kg Patikar Jalan Papar-Penampang since 2016 under  Father Leo Choi Sangki.

The home, run and financed by the Clerical Society was the brainchild of Fr Leo Choi Sangki, who saw the need to build a home for needy orphans in the state after serving the Korean community here in the last ten years or so. He is the spiritual director, project consultant and architect of Hamin Tokou Sabah projects.

The home is named after St Francis Xavier, the patron of the missions, and Father Francis Xavier Tjeong, who founded the society in 1976.

Tawau carollers attend recollection

A section of the 200 carollers at the recollection, 3 Dec 2017, Holy Trinity Tawau.

TAWAU –  Some 200 carollers attended a short recollection on 3 Dec 2017 before the start of the six-day carolling to the families in the parish.

The carolling will be from Dec 10-15 and the carollers comprise 23 groups – 11 from the main parish and 12 from the BECs.

Julita Kantod facilitated the catechesis entitled “Prepare your heart to receive our Saviour and spread the Good News.”

Kantod encouraged the participants to prepare themselves well during Advent so as to welcome Christ when he comes again.

“With an honest and humble preparation, especially during this recollection, one will experience a conversion of the heart where Christ can make His room with us and in our family” she said.

The catechesis ended with some words of encouragement from Andrew Kiat, the Chairman of the Home Carolling Program, as well as the PPC Chairperson, followed by announcements and a closing prayer. – mario domingo, sandakan newsblog

New FSIC council pledges to fulfill responsibilities before Church and congregation

The General Councillors led by Superior General Sister Frances Mani (R) pledge to be servant-leaders before the members of the congregation, 8 Dec 2017, Pace Bene Purak.  The councillors are (R-L) Sister Lilian Unsoh (vicaress), Sister Calista Saliun, Sister Dariah Ajap, Sister Lucy Embayan, Sister Germaine Angkangon, and Sister Joan Michael.

PURAK, Papar – The new General Council of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC) took the pledge to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to them before the Church and congregation on 8 Dec 2017.

They took the pledge after the homily during the Mass of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the congregational feast day, at Pace Bene here.

First, Superior General Sister Frances Mani  took the pledge before Archbishop John Wong.  Then the councillors – Sisters Lilian Unsoh (vicaress), Germaine Angkanon, Lucy Embayan,  Joan Michael, Calista Saliun, and Dariah Ajap pledged to obey and collaborate with Mani in the governance of the congregation.

This was followed by all the sisters present pledging their obedience to the government.  In turn, the general council pledged to serve the community to the best of their ability.

In her maiden speech after the Mass, Mani said her service would one of servant-leadership and asked for prayers from all those present.

She then announced the following appointments: Sister Terry Loukang the Vocation Directress; Sister Tina Basil the Postulant Formator; Sister Juanah Saliun the Novice Formator; Sister Appollonia Gumpu the formator of the Juniors while Sister Alice Lopez remains the procurator.

The councillors will take turns to be the secretary whenever there is a meeting.

Mani declared the 10th General Chapter closed with the chanting of the Te Deum.

In his turn, Abp Wong thanked Father Gerry Lobo ofm for being the retreat master, and congratulated the sisters for a relatively smooth election on Dec 7.

He exhorted the new council to remember that God is with them, to focus on their mission and charism with Mary as their model in the fulfillment of the tasks ahead in the next six years.

Concelebrating the Eucharist with Abp Wong were Abp Emeritus John Lee, Fr Lobo and Father Aloysius Fidelis.

The first council meeting will be held on 8 Jan 2018.

Franciscan Sisters elect Sister Frances Mani as Superior General

File photo: Gifts brought forward by immediate past Superior General Sister Grace Deosing (back L) and new Superior General Sister Frances Mani (back R) at the Presentation of Gifts during the 75th Founding Anniversary Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing on 13 Aug 2011.

KOTA KINABALU – The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FSIC) elected Paparian Sister Frances Mani, 67, to head their congregation for the next six years.

They also elected Sister Lilian Unsoh as vicaress, Sister Calista Saliun, Sister Dariah Ajap, Sister Lucy Embayan, Sister Germaine Angkangon and Sister Joan Michael as general councillors.

The election on 7 Dec 2017 came at the end of the 10th General Chapter held at Pace Bene Formation Centre Papar, presided by Archbishop John Wong.

It was preceded by a retreat from Nov 27 through Dec 3.

After the retreat, 47 delegates (45 perpetual professed and two junior professed) remained behind for the General Chapter on  Dec 4-7.  However, all the perpetual professed sisters returned for the election of the new general government on Dec 7.

A General Chapter is a special meeting of prayer and planning held at specified times by religious congregations.  For the Franciscan Sisters, their General Chapters are held every six years since the Third General Chapter in 1975.

This meeting brings together representatives of the Sisters from all the areas where the Sisters minister and live in Malaysia.

The Chapter consists of two parts, the chapter of affairs and the chapter of election.  The chapter of affairs is a time to reflect upon the past six years and assess where the congregation has been and what have been accomplished for Christ and His Church.  Then they take time to plan where their efforts can best be directed for the next six years.    After they have a directional statement for their apostolic efforts for the next six years, they will then elect the General Government who will guide the members in their efforts.

The congregation based in Kota Kinabalu, was founded on 16 June 936. The sisters are involved in parish work, catechetics and education. They also manage a maternity home, homes for the elderly and for poor children, and hostels for poor students.

Philippine bishops’ conference declares 2018 Year of Clergy and Consecrated Persons

MANILA – The new head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines in his first pastoral exhortation, declares 2018 as the year of the ‘clergy and consecrated persons.’

The year, he said, envisions that clergy and consecrated persons become “renewed” servant-leaders “who care most especially for the least, the lost and the last.”

Archbishop Romulo Valles of Davao was elected as the new president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in July during their plenary assembly in Manila and has formally assumed his office on December 1.

The archbishop who now leads the 83 active, 5 diocesan administrators and 43 honorary members of the CBCP from 86 ecclesiastical jurisdictions said the activities throughout the year will be dedicated to the promotion and recognition of priestly and religious vocations.

Aiming at making the year, a year of integral renewal of values, behaviour and lifestyles of the clergy and consecrated persons, the Archbishop said it will be a year also of revisiting ways of seminary and religious formation.

The pastoral letter was read in all Masses on 3 December 2017, the first Sunday of Advent, when dioceses announced the opening of the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons (YCCP).

In 2013, the CBCP had launched a nine-year “spiritual journey towards the 500th Jubilee of Christianisation of the Philippines in 2021 with a different theme for each year. Accordingly, November 27 saw the end of the Year of the Parish and the beginning of the Year of Clergy and the Consecrated Persons. – CBCPNews

Papar hosts inaugural ecumenical carols by candlelight

Leaders of Inter-Church Papar with lighted candles singing ‘Silent Night’ with carollers and parishioners, 5 Dec 2017, Mother of Mercy Catechetical Centre Papar.

PAPAR – St Joseph Church here hosted the inaugural ecumenical carols by candlelight on 5 Dec 2017 at the Mother of Mercy Catechetical Centre.

It kicked off the Advent Family Visit in the parish and served as a sign of solidarity among the various Christian churches.

The theme for the event was God’s Love, Man’s Hope.

Member churches of Papar Inter-Church Council (Majlis Gereja-Gereja Daerah Papar or MGGDP) are St Joseph Papar, Holy Rosary Limbahau, Anglican Church, Basel Christian Church (BCCM), Sidang Injil Borneo, and Calvary Church.

The council has organised other joint activities such as Walk for Jesus, monthly prayer services, and Praise & Worship programmes.

In his welcoming remarks, MGGDP chairman Deacon Johnny Kunong of BCCM-BM gave thanks and praise to God for the presence of all those who came.

“The symbolic candles represent the light, enlightening the dark forces within.  May the light brighten our hearts, families, our lives, our solidarity, and this world with love from Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord God Almighty,” he said.

Other leaders present were Anglican Pastor Habismadin Uloi, SIB Pastor Pendeta Tinggih Sulog, BCCM-BM Pastor Yaelan Gasah, BCCM Chinese Pastor Tan Ping Ping and Father Thomas Yip.

The celebration began with a child bringing a lighted candle up to the main stage to light the candles of the church representatives and parishioners.

Deacon Kunong proclaimed a reading from Isaiah 11:1-10 while Fr Yip shared a reflection how harmony, peace, and solidarity in life can only be achieved through the birth of Christ, the source of merciful love for mankind.

Thereafter the people were entertained by the performances of the various carolling groups followed by distribution of gifts to those present. – William Charles Mindus, SOCCOM Papar Limbahau


CMI altar servers recollection draws 22 participants

The participants pose for shot with Fr Lo, CMI, 4 Dec 2017.

BUKIT PADANG – Twenty-two altar servers from the English and Chinese ministries joined the one-day recollection on 4 Dec 2017.

The event was held at the Church of Mary Immaculate here.

Pauline Sister Laura Anggie facilitated the team-building dynamics followed by a talk on the theme “I am the Handmaid of the Lord” by Father Paul Lo.  The theme was taken from 2019 World Youth Day theme.

After lunch, many of the participants went for confession and counselling.  The day closed with a Mass presided by Fr Lo.

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