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Pope Francis’ 2017 Intentions

December 2017

The Elderly

That the elderly, sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations.


Liturgical Feasts / Anniversaries /Observances

Dec 01: World AIDS Day

Dec 03: First Sunday of Advent B

Dec 04: St John Damascene

Dec 06: St Nicholas

 Dec 07: St Ambrose

Dec 08: Immaculate Conception of Mary (Solemnity)

Dec 09: St John Diego Cuahtlatoatzin

Dec 10: Second Sunday of Advent B

Dec 11: St Damasus I

Dec 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec 13: St Lucy

Dec 14: St John of the Cross

Dec 17: Third Sunday of Advent B

Dec 21: St Peter Canisius

Dec 23: St John of Kanty

Dec 24: Fourth Sunday of Advent B

Dec 25: Christmas Day (Day of Obligation)

Dec 26: St Stephen Protomartyr

Dec 27: St John the Evangelist

Dec 28: Holy Innocents

Dec 29: St Thomas Becket

Dec 31: Holy Family 

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