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Sandakan English Sunday School organises retreat at Fr Mulders Centre

SANDAKAN – The English Sunday School organised a retreat for the students on 26-29 Aug 2017 at the Fr Mulders Catechetical Centre here.

The retreat combined fun, team building activities, teaching sessions, faith sharing, group discussion with prayer experiences, journaling, praise and worship. The retreat also helped the participants to enter into the timelessness of God and see Christ in their past, know Him in the present, and follow Him into eternity.

The retreat was a collaborative effort between the Sunday School (English) and Bishop Cornelius Sim of Brunei and his team of experienced facilitators, Jen, Jerlyn and Bridget (Aunty B).

Some parents were concerned whether they have made the right decisions in sending their children to the retreat and missing their tuition, extra class in school, etc, but the joyful faces of their children at the end of the retreat said it all. – newsupdatedospo.blogspot.my

KL Archdiocese establishes deaf ministry

PETALING JAYA – A ministry for the deaf has been established in the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese. With the support of Archbishop Julian Leow, a Catholic group of hearing sign language interpreters and the deaf have set up a channel to bring deaf Catholics back to Christ. This channel is called “Catholic Ministry for the Deaf” (CMDeaf).

The core objectives of CMDeaf are three-fold:
1. Demographics on the whereabouts of the deaf Catholics in the KL archdiocese.
2. Reaching out to the deaf by inviting them into the CMDeaf family.
3. Journeying with the deaf for their faith growth.

To facilitate an effective channel of communication, the group has started a website, catholicministryfordeaf.my, for the deaf to read more about them. Once a deaf Catholic logs on, she/ he will need to fill up a survey form. CMDeaf will then extend an invitation for them to get to know other deaf Catholics who are already in their community.

Currently, there are activities that have been made available for the deaf to live their faith fully.
They are:
1. RCIA — The class is conducted in sign language by trained catechists.
2. Monthly Signed Mass — The entire Mass is celebrated in sign language.
3. Weekly Interpreted Mass.
4. Preparation for the Sacraments, like Marriage and Confession.
5. Monthly Faith Formation Programme
6. Social Gathering.

In the website, there is also a two-minute video on some of their activities.

There is also a facebook page “SFX PJ reach deaf connection” to help the deaf understand the weekly gospel reading explained in Sign Language.

Brochures on the group and its objectives have been placed in the church racks.

The team is appealing for help in identifying deaf Catholics in any part of the KL Archdiocese.

They sincerely hope that with this initiative, they can bring more deaf faithful back to the Catholic Church. – herald malaysia.com

Ranau parish receives RM210k from Rome for kindergarten

RANAU – St Peter Claver Church (SPCR) here received a donation of RM210,000 from the Vatican Foundation to build a kindergarten (Tadika Kasih Bonda), currently located in the old church building (Fr Salm Hall).

Father Nicholas Stephen shared the good news during the Ranau Parish Day event officiated by Archbishop John Wong on 10 Sept 2017.

The Kasih Bonda Kindergarten, which uses English as its introductory language, started operating in 2015. It now requires its own building as a result of the very encouraging response from Christian students in this area.

To accommodate the construction of the building, the church needs an allocation of RM750.000, besides the donation from the Vatican Foundation through the courtesy of the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu. The contribution of all the people is needed to realise the completion of the building.

Meanwhile, Abp Wong also announced the construction of the Catholic Centre to be built near  Sacred Heart Cathedral building Kota Kinabalu that requires an allocation of RM9.6 million.

To complete this centre, the archdiocese is seeking the generous contribution of all Catholics from the 22 parishes and sub-parishes in the archdiocese.

If every single person contributes just RM10.00, then the allocation of RM150,000 donated by the Ranau parish for the construction of the Catholic centre will be easy, the prelate said.

For that purpose, the archbishop launched the special Donation Fund from Catholics in the district. He personally led the donation into the fund followed by Father Stephen, Father Francis Tsen, Father Bruno Yasun and local church leaders.

During the ceremony, he also held a groundbreaking to officiate the construction of the kindergarten building at the back of the church.

Among the events at the Parish Day were the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation for 265 candidates, exhibitions from 21 church committees, lunch with Archbishop, lucky draws,  and cake cutting. – herald malaysia.com

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