Pastoral Thrust of KK Archdiocese



(Target Groups)


(Rationale for the move)


(Some aspects to begin with)


“…ongoing personal and communal renewal…”

(Diocesan Mission)

  • Clergy
  • Religious
  • Lay leaders
  • Catholic families
  • Youths
The local Church is vulnerable to influence and effects of secularisation and political Islam because there seems to be a crisis of faith at all levels.  Relativism and apathy are two areas that need to be seriously addressed by continuously re-examining one’s faith.
  •  A life of prayer nourished by the sacraments[2]
  •  Living the Word of God[3]
  • Re-evaluate one’s relationship with Jesus
  • Ongoing formation on Church’s teachings
  •  Open to the Holy Spirit
  •  Participate in renewal programmes
A diocesan team to promote appropriate resources

“A communion of Christ-centred communities…”

(Diocesan Vision)


  • Parishes
80 % of parishioners are not responsive to current pastoral programmes and structures.  They would be vulnerable to enticement of secularisation and political Islam.  Their potentials too are not enhanced and tapped.
  • Design and implement relevant and effective pastoral structures and strategies (EO-2)[4]
  • Develop renewed, reformed and committed pastoral leaders and workers (EO-1)
  • Promote efficient and responsive administration and management of resources (EO-3)




“Empowered by the Holy Spirit in the evangelising mission of building the Kingdom of God”

(Diocesan Vision)

  • Clergy
  • Religious
  • Catechists
  • Lay leaders
  • All church goers
  •  Archdiocesan Commissions
  • Lay movements
Many programmes of the local Church are unknown outside the walls of the parishes.  “Being active” is equated to involving in parish activities.  Laity is not formed “to transform the world” by living the Beatitudes.  Faith becomes a private matter in the society.  “I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets.” (Pope Francis)
  • Pastorally more “welcoming,” more “merciful,” more “compassionate
  • Promote justice and peace in society[5]
  • Attention to the underprivileged and marginalised
  • Empower those vulnerable to Islamisation due to poverty
  • Reclaim Church’s role in the field of education




[1] This Pastoral Thrust is based on elements of our Diocesan Vision and Mission

[2] Based on our Diocesan Mission statement

[3] Ibid

[4] EO=Enabling Objective (Ref Pg 23-24 of DOPP)

[5] Diocesan Mission statement

History of PAX-DOPP

 Evaluation (2005)

Analysis & Summary

Suggestions for Follow-up

Living Our Vision in Today’s Realities (2015)

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