Extraordinary Jubilee Year

cristo-sjc-daliThe custom of calling “extraordinary” Jubilees began in the 16th century and they can vary in length from a few days to a year. There have been two extraordinary jubilees in the 20th century: 1933 proclaimed by Pope Pius XI to mark the 1900th anniversary of Redemption and 1983 proclaimed by Pope John Paul II to mark 1950 years since the Redemption carried out by Christ through his Death and Resurrection in the year 33.   In 2015 Pope Francis called for an Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy beginning 8 Dec 2015 and ending on 20 Nov 2016.

Marian Year (1987)
Year of God the Son (Faith) (1997)
Year of God the Holy Spirit (Hope) (1998)
Year of God the Father (Charity) (1999)
Year of the Most Holy Trinity (2000)
Year of St Paul (2008-2009)
Year for Priests (2009-2010)
Year of Faith (2012-2013)
Year for Consecrated Life (2014-2016)
Jubilee Year of Mercy (2015-2016)

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