Archdiocesan Finance Board (AFB)

The Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu Finance Board is one of the four consultative councils of the Archdiocese, along with the College of Consultors, Council of Religious, and the  Pastoral Council.  It is a required canonical body, established by the Archbishop for the purpose of advising and assisting him in financial matters in accord with the norms of canon law.

The Finance Board is responsible for (i) advising the Archbishop on the development and implementation of strategies designed to assure the financial soundness of the Archdiocese, (ii) overseeing (but not managing) Archdiocesan financial operations and condition, and (iii) assisting the Archbishop in achieving openness and transparency in Archdiocesan financial reporting.  Consistent with these responsibilities, the Finance Board will make specific recommendations to the Archbishop on policies, procedures and actions, and will monitor the implementation of recommendations that have been accepted by the Archbishop.  The Archbishop will fully inform the Finance Council on matters on which it is to vote, to oversee or to provide consultation.  The Archbishop will also seek the approval of the Finance Board on matters on which its vote is required and will seek the counsel or oversight of the Finance Board on those matters on which they are to be provided as specified in the Finance Board Charter.


AFB Members:
President:  Abp John Wong
Members: Msgr Primus Jouil, Fr Alex Sipanul, Mr Anthony Kong, Ms Monica Chua, Mr Christopher Chin, Mr Bernard Liew

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